Sole Took Ginuwine To The Cleaners

Ginuwine Sole Divorce

R&B singer, Ginuwine, is close to bankruptcy, and most of it is thanks to his divorce from wife, the rapper, Sole.

Ginuwine, whose real name is Elgin Lumpkin, is currently being sued by one of the executive producers, Robert Reives, from his first album.

Here’s what the New York Daily News reports:

“Rieves claims that he is owed royalties from Ginuwine’s $1.25 million, five-album deal he had with Sony. He’s looking to be paid $250,000. Ginuwine says that he doesn’t owe Rieves anything.”

Here’s what Ginuwine’s lawyer Bruce Beckner had to say:

“Ginuwine doesn’t have the money to pay because most of it is going to his ex-wife. He owes my firm a ton of money and a bunch of other people a ton of money. He owes Uncle Sam 300-odd thousand dollars in back income taxes.”


  1. Karma! U shoulda helped your daughter out when she needed u but instead U taking care of Sole’s other kids from a previous relationship. Putting on a pedestal. Doesn’t feels so good when U hit rock bottom does it Ginuwine.

    • She stayed with him a long time. Now that the money & fame as faded, the kids are a little older now…she can shake the spot, get rid of him & take whatever cash he HAD with her. She’s nice looking enough to pull another man in the entertainment realm & surely she’s not above the “reality show” game plan if she chooses to make an effort to revive her own supposed rap career OR simply to gain exposure. She could play it either way or remain quiet as she’s done thus far.

      • Sole was a Lil’ Kim & Foxy Brown clone, rap-wise, so she’ll look ridiculous going the comeback route even if she reinvented herself.

      • sole was’nt all dat as a rapper she phukked old ass jt money back in the day.


  2. I’m not surprised Ginuwine is going through money problems. He has like 9 kids so how could he really take care of them while married to greedy Sole. I hope he doesnt go through a deep depression because suicide runs on his side of the family.

  3. All I can say was he wasnt very nice to his daughter when she reached out to him 4 help

  4. I didn know they were divorced lol. Ginuwne is my boo thang he made it this far he’ll b ok.

  5. Sole is a very smart wonan. She went to college and looks good for having 4 kids. I think she’s a fitness trainer too. I guess Ginuwine has to find a better hussle because he still has to pay child support for the two little girls. Sole will definetly want alimony, spousal support, etc.

  6. he aitn been the same since Aaliayh died tho. and his fine-ass used to be on top of the world. now he’s being reduced to mush. but nonetheless – i still love him tho. oh well. we all endure super-duper hardships in some juncture in our life, but manage to bounce back – because look at Flex Alexander and wife, Shanice — they’re slowly but surely trying to make a comeback. I usually dont recommend this to celebs/singers that I like, but hell, get a reality show Ginuwine…due to that being the outlet to convert to when all else fails in life. and good luck man. sexy-ass muhf*cka.

  7. I have no pity for a simp , allowing a female to prosper at their expense . everybody knows these hoes aint loyal you was just another trick to her

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  9. Sole is not latina her mother is black and her dad is native american. She used to date Sam Salter back in the day. I’m wondering if Sole’s older kids Cypress and Dejan are by him.

  10. One thing is certain, Sole is fine as hell and she has some big ass tits! She is over 40 and I would still smash!

  11. I don’t think Ginuwine owned his album catalogs. That’s one of several reasons why he is broke. Being a celebrity doesn’t pay as much as you think it does.

    • I remember a few years back this ashy bum nigga Ginuwine got in his feelings because Timbaland cut him off and started fcking with Justin Timberlake saying Cry Me A River should have been his song.That song was Pop friendly and would not have been a hit for Gina wine just like Pony wouldn’t have been a hit for Justin.When will these so called celebs learn that marriage is for broke people and the longer the woman stays when you’re rich the more advantageous it is for her in court.Ask Michael Jordan.

      • BA,

        Tell THAT right there! Didn’t Juanita play that smart? She stayed with Michanel through ALL his cheating, gambling, secret babies & all. She used HIS money to have him investigated & still stayed marriaged to him an extra 5-6 years because Michael didn’t want to pay her but he ended up doing just that anyway. Just the income she receives in “Furture Earnings” annually is enough to keep her in an ultra luxurious lifestyle not even including everything else she received via her divorce settlement.

  12. The only group of people who walk away Scott free after divorces are the less fortunate.People of means should stay away from American Marriage because in the end you’ll pay mightily.

    • Stop telling people to stay away from American marriage! If its not for you than YOU stay away. Marriage isn’t for everyone but there are many couples who are happily married and don’t have the issues with marriage that you do. Some people marry for love.Some have questionable intent but don’t label everyone the same. If a man or woman for that matter is that concerned with protecting their financial and material assets than there is a thing called a PRE-NUP.. If they choose not to use it than the outcome is what it is! These men have more money than the average man (some more than others). There are more average regular men crying over these male celebrities money than they are! Worry about your own money! I have read stories about how Sole and Ginuwine treat his daughter/children from prior relationship and if true that isn’t cool. I also know that these 2 have been together for a long time at this point, so its not exactly a fly by night relationship. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. If he’s not blaming her than it must be because he knows what he was out there doing. Life goes on!

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        • BA is right. There are two separate marriages. But with any marriage 80% of it is mostly sex. Hell, Imma need to get married then cause I love sex! Lmao!

  13. Like Sheree Fletcher, Sole will easily find another man to pay her bills- should that be the route she takes. Old THOTS know the game and are prepared to play- baggage and all.

  14. I didn’t know they were splitsville, is the before or after his semi-pedo stripper comment towards his step daughter pic where she surrounded by a pile of money?

  15. He wanted that non-black woman and I came at a cost. But he would be the very one to say that black women are gold diggers.

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