Jacky Jasper Credited By The New York Times For Exposing Charlie Sheen

Jacky Jasper New York Times

The Path to Charlie Sheen’s H.I.V. Disclosure


That same year, a blogger revealed the illness in several online posts. The first account appeared in April 2014, about three years after Mr. Sheen said he received the diagnosis and 19 months before he sat down with Mr. Lauer. The posting appeared on the blog Diary of a Hollywood Street King, which was co-founded and is largely written by a former rapper, Jacky Jasper. It reported not only that Mr. Sheen had H.I.V. but that he was paying a 25-year-old woman to keep his secret.

Over the next few months, Mr. Jasper went on to post about a half-dozen items citing Mr. Sheen’s illness on the blog, which carries the motto “Brewing and serving piping hot celebrity tea and scandal since 2008!” He was emboldened, Mr. Jasper said in an interview, by seeing photographs of Mr. Sheen’s antiretroviral medicines. The photos, Mr. Jasper said, had been taken by a woman after sex with Mr. Sheen and provided to the blogger by an acquaintance of hers.

(During his “Today” appearance, Mr. Sheen confirmed that one of the people he was paying was someone who had taken pictures of his medicine with a cellphone.)

read the full story in the NY Times January 6, 2016 print edition


  1. Good job Jacky!!!, we need more hard hitting news like this instead of a lot of housewives news and ratchet stories.

    • Sooo am I the only one whom thinks jacks looks a lil sick as well or it could just be the lighting of the pic ?.!!

      • Just the lighting and a little age (maturity). You've been looking at 'young tenders' too long. The pic has too much light. background and the right side of the pic are whited out by the glare. Very few people look good under a spotlight. Its too bright its creating hard edges/angles. If you met Jacky after looking at this pic you prob wouldnt recognize him. Harsh light.

  2. Hell yeah Jacky! This why I come to this site, For the hard hitting truth! Keep up the good work Jacky!

  3. I've been a huge fan of this site for a while so much so that I quote Mr. Jasper. Don't believe me ask anyone I know. Much respect!

  4. Glad that mainstream is acknowledging u for ur hard work. We appreciate u. If only u would get rid of the pop ups & refresh(LOL)

  5. Well at least we now know that he (J.J) is still on the payroll. Good one Jacky.

  6. This recognition should get all celebs nervous, as this validates many of the claims… Now, no one will assume they are lies, they will assume they are the truth.

  7. Why do you keep deleting comments you don't like or are negative? Censorship never works, if you want to be in the public eye you must take the good with the bad. PS: STOP BEING A BABY AND MAN UP!

    • That is not just jackie…it is sasha too.

      Don't worry she'll prob delete these comments too.

    • It worries me because up until now the dems have been doing the job for them. They haven’t had to attack us.But in bin Laden’s last msg he expressed his disappointment that the dems have let them down after they got them elected last November. He seems to feel they had an obligation to al-Qaeda once they were in power.So they could very well think they have to do something themselves now. Lord knows they are giving warnings right and left.

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  8. If you don't like pop ups, just go to your app store and download ad blocker. That's what I did, and it works like a charm.

    • thanks for your support!! thats what keeps this operation going… It should be down to a minimum these days, everyone is on mobile only the majors and facebook and IG are crushing smaller tabloids like HSK, everything is served up via Apps and HSK's stuff is often so raw the main stream wont touch it until they have to or until they can steal it from me..

      • Exactly! I've been telling my people in Toronto about your site for years and they never believe the stories I tell them on your site. Your the truth unlike these other urban blogs. Keep the exclusives coming! Congratulations and your recognition is well deserved. If I ever visit Hollywood I would like to meet you and shake your hand. Take care and God Bless.

  9. Congratulations on getting the recognition you deserve. It's impressive that the NY Times publicly acknowledges you as the source of the biggest celebrity scandal of the 2000s(so far.)

    I hope this puts to rest once and for all the bullshit stories which claim that you have sold the site.

  10. No news on Janet Jackson Cancer, Natalie Cole or Dr Francis Cress Welsing, who wrote the book "The Isis papers? All trival gossip about nobodies and no real news. I used to love this site,but it's becoming like Bossip and Mediafakeout. Jacky, used to post some decent news.

    • Agreed, but I said this before, these nobodies are kept relevant to keep people asleep.

      It is like beanie babies, they are a fad, and jackie has no choice but to talk about them because the site would dry up if he didn't…all media monsters have to feed the masses what the industry feeds them…it is a part of the game and even jackie has to play it to stay alive.

    • Janet DOES NOT have cancer. Her ticket sales suck, so they are trying to make this look like it is a big deal, her last shows, etc. The Jackson elders are looking to really push that next generation of Jackson's into the spotlight.

  11. Props to you Jacky!!! You deserve and and I don't block the pop ups on my unit get your shine make your money!

  12. Congratulations Sir Jasper. A great way to start the year. 2012 is a long time ago now, ain't it?, LOL. Again, congrats!!:

  13. It's no coincidence that the Bill Cosby arrest happened days after Charlie Sheen announced his HIV status. Now the entire country has ignored Charlie Sheen and they're concentrating on Bill Cosby scandal. You better believe the Bill Cosby scandal was politically motivated.

    • I don’t know if it was politically motivated, but every time something really raunchy comes out about a white celeb or group, it is like you say, counterbalanced with a negative story about black folk.

      And, you did good work on this one Jacky, you might have even saved lives.

  14. Good job Jacky! Keep up the great work. I remember when you posted the Sheen story originally and I'm glad to see you finally getting your props. Now if only you would expose Sheen for the child molester that he is. He molested the late actor Corey Haim and a host of other young actors. Corey Feldman exposed Sheen (albeit indirectly) plenty of times but the stupid ass media assumed he was talking about MJ.
    Sheen is a bottom feeding rapist and he is a disgrace to those souls suffering from HIV and AIDS!

  15. Yes those pop ups are gangsta I know it's all about the money at any rate congratulations.

    • Hollywood Street King> Media Takeout> DL gay celebrities> Jacky making bank and becoming more famous than ever.

      Suck it asap.

  16. Jacky, I guess they obviously didn't take the Time 2 ponder the mission of a Pure Playa 2 da bone! *right fist 2 thee sky*

  17. I would agree with you Welp, the black community has a ways to go in finding oneself employed power. What are you going to do to help them since you are here bickering about it? It wasn't the black communities fault that brother Sheen contracted a disease and we are known for praying for someone to make it out of their despair and I assure you, somewhere, there will be black people angry at their own lives, but still praying for Charlie Sheen. What will you do for him?

  18. It's very sad what happened to Charlie Sheen, and I think it was admirable for Jacky (company) to let it out to protect any people out there who might have not known and walked into something. What I would like to know but probably won't' get, did they come to Jacky and try to pay him off to not post it anymore? That would be interesting to know.

  19. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Wonder what Jacky did with the hush money.

  20. Are you positive or negitive jackie bitch how many hollyweird fags u let fuck u with no jimmy i’ll wait…………………….. p diddy, the game, even fat officer ricky tapped them cheeks.

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