Brandy Norwood’s Grandma Left Broke & In The Dark!

Willie Norwood's Family Shame

Decoding Deceptive Doings?

HSK Exclusive – Brandy Norwood may have been raking in the dough during her five-year run as the starring face of a successful sitcom, but that doesn’t mean her own grandmother had the resources to witness her granddaughter in her glory – much less know about it. That’s because HSK has exclusively learned Brandy’s grandmother, Cecil Norwood, didn’t even have a television set to watch her granddaughter act as “Moesha” – until the second season of the sitcom.

According to a source it wasn’t until 1997 when the now deceased Cecil Norwood – a then-senior citizen of Mississippi – was equipped with a television set, reported gifted to her by the UPN television network.

We’re told UPN made the decision to give Cecil Norwood the T.V. after they learned – through a National Enquirer publication – the nearly penniless grandmother of their starring face didn’t even know Brandy Norwood – whose net worth at that time was listed at $12M – was acting as “Moesha” in the leading sitcom.

Here’s the drop:

“Brandy’s mother Sonja, kept her husband Willie away from his mother Cecil. Sonja had Willie spending all his time with her mother.

Sonja is ashamed of Willie’s family, she turned him Hollywood. When Willie came back to visit Mississippi, he never stayed at his mother’s house. He stayed at Sonja’s mother’s house, until Sonja moved her mother to California.

Jacky, I’m going to send you a hospital form from a Chicago hospital proving Danyelle Brown is Willie Norwood’s son.”

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Willie Norwood Hospital Records


  1. I think Sonja Woods did keep him from his momma,Brandy was suppose to sacrifice her baby to the illuminati.Sonja is a free black mason and she doez not give a damn she is the money maker in that family.She was very upset wuth Brandy when she did not go through with it,she wants Brandy n Rayj to have lightskin kids ewith good hair,she will not even allow Ray j to date a black women,Kim Kardashian was Sonja assistant but Kim stole from Sonja for watever reason or another because Kim was wealthy herself but she was not known back then its only until Rayj made that sextape with her is when she got her stardom.So Brandy never went through with the sacrifice and that’s y rayj had to participatr in

    • I believe she may have kept him away from his family too and I can believe some of what you stated here. In fact Sonja seems to posses the spirit of Jezebel, but her only wanting, “Light skin grandchildren” and “Allowing Ray J to only date lighter skin women” seems a bit far fetched. We are talking about the same woman who quit her day job and went on to manage her daughter’s career big she was being picked on and outcast by Thea because of her looks. She was not even happy about Ray J marrying Princess and as far as Kim K is concerned. She was not rich when she worked for Sonja. Like you said the sex tape is what got Kim’s state of fame. She was only Ray J’s girlfriend no one knew her and barely knew of who her dad was at the time.

  2. To participate in the sacrifice of Whitney Houston i can go on n on about this family but i do not have the time.But when u r dealing with a person like Sonja Norwood u r dealing with someone who is pure evil and would do anything to get fame n money even.if she has to sacrifice her own kids and herself to Satan.For what prospers a man to gain the whole wide world but lose his soul.

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