Jacky Jasper


Mystery Patron: Billionaire Robert F. Smith’s Link to Tinseltown’s Secrets

Unraveling the web of Robert Smith in Hollywood’s underbelly – from Deon Taylor's films to unspoken industry truths.
Leaked Call: Diane Nash Confronts Deon Taylor Over 'Freedom Ride' | Full Audio

Civil Rights Icon Diane Nash Denounces Taylor’s “Freedom Riders” Film

Civil rights icon Diane Nash unequivocally rejects Deon Taylor's film, citing historical inaccuracies and misrepresentation.

Inside the Zoom Leak: Will Smith’s Race to Outshine The Rock...

Will Smith's Westbrook: A direct challenge to The Rock and Kevin Hart? HSK delves into the motivations behind the move.
caleb pinkett spills on will smith

In Leaked Audio Caleeb Pinkett Reveals: Will Smith & Kevin Hart’s...

Remember that infamous Zoom leak with Deon Taylor? Well, the plot thickens as we dive deeper into the conversation that also featured Jada Pinkett Smith's brother, Caleb, and the determined King Bach.
King Bach Admits to Past Criminal Behavior

Leaked Audio Exposé: Deon Taylor and King Bach’s Dubious Pasts Unveiled

Leaked audio reveals Deon Taylor and King Bach's startling admissions about past scams. Hollywood's dark side exposed in candid conversation.

Deon Taylor’s Unfiltered Take on Tyrese’s Social Media Skills | HSK...

Director Deon Taylor's candid remarks on Tyrese ignite Hollywood debate. Explore the backstory and Taylor's film industry standing.

Jacky Jasper Flipping the Script on Halle & Drizzy’s Drama

Drake used a flashback pic of Halle, from 2012 and used it as cover art for new track ‘Slime You Out.
Deon Taylor's King Bach Zoom Pitch Disaster

Deon Taylor’s King Bach Zoom Pitch Disaster, Ignorance on Full Display!

In a leaked Zoom conference video, Taylor tries to make his big pitch for a TV series revolving around social media sensation, King Bach. But here's where things go hilariously south: the man seemed to have done zero homework.
Diddy Give Publishing Away

Diddy Makes It Rain Publishing Rights for Bad Boy Artists: A...

Diddy just handed over the Bad Boy publishing rights back to his Bad Boy artists.
Director Deon Taylor is the "Fake Friend" Jamie Foxx was referring to.

Deon Taylor Exposed: The ‘Fake Friend’ in Jamie Foxx’s Scandalous Post

Deon Taylor, self-proclaimed "the hottest Director in Hollywood," has a reputation for not just dropping names,
Deon and Roxanne Taylor must answer claims filed against them in Federal civil lawsuit.

Deon & Roxanne Taylor Face Lawsuit: Legal Drama Unfolds!

Betrayal, Fraud, and Unjust Enrichment Cast Shadows Over Hidden Empire Holdings

Hidden Empire’s Troubling Connections and Litigation Nightmare

Betrayal, Fraud, and Unjust Enrichment Cast Shadows Over Hidden Empire Holdings