Chris Brown’s Side Chick Gets Revenge


Keeping Up With Drake?

Chris Brown’s manhood was recently posted on Twitter by a girl who goes by the handle Aloni @therealalonig. Of course, only if you believe the person in the photo is Chris Brown.

The user came for Karrueche Tran, ridiculing her for thinking Chris Brown is faithful. In a tweet saying “Chris knows where home is” she insinuated that Chris Brown was after her.

We’ve been through so many things
— Aloni. (@Therealalonig) November 8, 2014

Her wack ass thinking he faithful, that nigga for everybody
— Aloni. (@Therealalonig) November 8, 2014

Chris know where home is
— Aloni. (@Therealalonig) November 8, 2014


  1. If you got em’ like that, then why all the posting?? Is someone a lot INSECURE. I think so…

    • Yeah dude in the pic is Chris soze before stress and jail. He needs to drop weight

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