Ray J & Reggie Bush Were Both Sharing Kimmy’s Kakes


HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Ray J, claims he was still smashing Kim Kardashian when she was dating NFL running back Reggie Bush.

The drop:

“Ray was smashing the sh*t outta Kim when she used to date Reggie Bush. When Kim got with Kanye, she told Ray she can’t f*ck with him no more.

Ray got pissed and released the song I Hit First.”


  1. I’m not surprised by the cheating because Kim has always been a whore like her mom Kris and the rest of her sisters. If she cheats on Kanye I cant imagine what he might do.

  2. Dont particulary care for Kim but I dont believe this story
    Ray J is a big mouth litle bytch and he most certainly would have did more to embarass Kim then make a bullshit record if he was truly phucking her post sex tape

    • Ray Gay is another 1 that needs to STFU. We all know that Kim, her mom & sisters r SLUTS. He’s just trying to stay relevant cause nobody cares about his non talented a$$.

  3. Are you shocked? I’m not those 2 wasn’t the only ones, what you expect from a pro ho? She’s been taught well, from the biggest problem nut swallower of’em all her mother I’m not surprised I expected it to be more lol I am not the least bit surprised

  4. Oh but you all see how Reggie finally dropped that tramp like a bad habit, got him AN ANOTHER non black woman with some sense who was NOT in the limelight nor was/is she trying to be. She replaced Kim easily & with NO problem. She got pregnant pretty quick. Now she rests, dress & take care of Reggie’s son. He put the cart before the horse but he married her this summer. They have what seems to be a nice life.

    So Kim can keep that ugly gay thing she married of whom she does not love. She couldn’t bait Reggie into marrying her because Reggie’s mom wasn’t having ANY of that & STILL talks bad about her everytime she sees or hears of her name!

    • I know right. Like how adult celebrities like Timbaland and others pine over the late Aaliyah’s teenaged box.

  5. Heads up, I’m invading all the posts looking for an answer. Please help!

    Totally off topic, but can someone who has knowledge of JZ snitching to the higher ups about an all black music label other artists wanted to create, tell me a bit more please.

    What artists wanted to form the label and what transpired next. Thanks in advance.

    • Who hired you and how much are you getting paid to dig up info on JZ??? FOH
      and take your @ss back to MTO/TMZ with that fabricated BS. You’re not looking for an answer.. your trying to start rumors.

      • Sorry boo but these “rumors” are in fact truth. Don’t associate with MTO/ TMZ or any other type of trash which is why I won’t be responding to the likes of you from here on out.
        Good day and stay blessed.

        • I have to come back to retract my statements if in fact those “rumors” are true. The details regarding his role/involvement may not be 100% factual but i’m sure you’re headed in the right direction. My apologies.

          • I’m sorry, shouldn’t have called you trash. There’s a discussion over at LSA about this and no one has further info. I visit this site often and know that the posters here have great knowledge of a lot of things that happen and have happened behind the scenes in the entertainment world. Just wanted someone to fill in some blanks.
            Completely understand why you thought I had ulterior motives trying to hijack multiple posts. Sorry to anyone else I might have offended.

    • Dame dash suge knight irv gotti j prince around the time 50 and ha was beefin and when I’m sure but close around the time supreme went to jail and and j mention they had a talk on put on remix what you sayin is true

    • Irv Gotti J Prince Suge Knight and Dame Dash..wanted to cut out the Middleman in regards to Distribution.. Jay Z sang likr Ella Fitzgerald.. This is Old Tea..Where u been?

  6. Eurgh stop! I am sick of reading about Kim Kardashian-Pest West and lest we not forget that this gangreen, bruk down used up tramp learnt her hoe game from her coke whore racist mother. I cannot wait for the day they are no longer relevant every got damn news site you go on it’s always her eurgh!

  7. Not Suprised She Was Cheating With Rayj While She Was Still Married To Damon Thomas (Her 1st Husband)

    She Had The Nerve To Tell Kanye Not To Reach Out To Amber Rose Beacuse Of Her Divorce With Wiz

    • The apple obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree since her mama is said to have been a big groupie h^e back in the day…Like mother like daughter…

      • @Missk

        Your Right, Also It Was Reported That O.J Wanted To Kris To Visit Him In Prison. She Said No Meaning She Feels Guilty Or Something

  8. I wonder if Kim takes it up the ass, I luv to put dis 13 inch Kentucky oak wood up her bootyhole! Then afterwards make her suck it without wiping it off! Lol

  9. @crazychris he said that she had that bomb_baby,he said she is down for whatever whenever, he even said that she gave him dome for 2hours straight so yea that lol nigga is still sprung

  10. can somebody make a statue of kim kardashian.

    she has the best p*ssy in the universe.

    somebody give kim an Oscar for having the best p*ssy in the woreld.

    can some sick ass black man call her a goddess so they can worship her.

    I wanna see black mwen jkill rams and goats over her since shes not human but a goddess.

    somebody start her a rel.igion kim is our god.

    kim’s pregnant and her and kanyes gonna create the moonchild.

    kim is the holiest piece of white ass on earth.

    kim created the black man she is the mother of all creation.

  11. I read somewhere that Reggie was never over Kim and thats why he got himself another armenian chick who they have a baby together. It seems poor little old Reggie got himself a doppleganger. Lol.

    • he has his own little kim.

      when black men ghet turned out by white women they are never the same.

      white girls are more open to anal sex.

      they love letting black men shove their dicks up their asses.

      • Chris love you like a play cousin BUT I’ve seen plenty of black men go over to the othet side and gut them hoes out every which way all day then get downright sick of em or homesick then try to get back to the good good but most of the time we eithier giving em hell or straight not having it cause now they got that stank on them

      • You know every white woman in the world to arrive at this conclusion? I have difficulty taking anyone who generalizes seriously. STOP IT! You know damn well that there are many black women who are into that also, and I’m a black woman. By no means do I like this woman. She represents someone who has done nothing noteworthy to earn fame/fortune. I’m not impressed by women who have gotten known or famous solely off who they f^cked and s^cked, and last I checked she was not really known prior to that sex tape with Ray J..He too is a thirsty wanna be. I however also blame media outlets that choose to keep sharing news about these thirsty chicks and dudes. If you really want them to fade away stop reporting on their every move!

  12. This will be more news worthy when you find a Black male celebrity who hasn’t f*cked with Kim. That girl has had more nuts pushed up in her than the Planter’s Peanut Factory.

  13. Kim must have been best p*ssy rayj ever had dude can’t leave her out his mouth a real man f*ck hoes dont catch feelns

    • Ray J is not concerned with Kim K’s p^ssy.Ray J is upset that he didn’t gain more fame than the “unknown ” chick Kim K that he f^cked on video..who has made a name for herself and gotten famous off a sex tape that he was a part of!Its an ego thing. He is a wanna be just like her and they are both thirsty to remain relevant in entertainment.. Why do you think that women like this latch on to famous and rich men.. even have their babies! They get to extend that 15 minutes..reignite the dimming star before it goes out. I would have never imagined over 10 yrs ago that it would be so easy for anyone to get famous for nothing! Of course the reality shows have helped many of these people also!

  14. I just don’t understand why so many stupid black men love this bitch! There are other beckys that are much more attractive than this porn star bitch! Damn! Satanic hollywood can market a average looking becky to black men and they go ape shit! I don’t get it!

  15. Kris K, running that Media company, makes sure a Kardashian is in the news EVERYDAY.

    Notice how the Kardashians dont have ANY crazy stalkers, nor do they have Security.
    except for Kanye.

    All of this ish is Made up. I do t even believe this APP is making all that money either.
    The 15 minutes has been over, but Kris, keeps it alive with all rhese stunts.
    As soon as they are about to disappear, here comes the naked pictures.

    Kanye…. And thats your wife..LOL

    • You talking about that photo shopped to death pic of her naked ass on that cover? Khloe was getting a little too much attention so you know she just had to do something talking bout she did it cause she’s gonna have another baby but I heard He ain’t tryna hear it and who could blame him

  16. Look at the eyes on this bitch. She look just as demonic as ever. And Kanye actually reproduced with Satan’s wife? Let him have it/her.

    RayJ dicked her down and she has more respect than he does, Reggie Bush lost his Heisman and Kanye lost his f*ckin’ mind.

    But there are prolly 50 more black dicks waitin’ in line to push up in that peasant practicing witch.

  17. 41: It is so true. I am seeing more of people’s inner darkness. They think the are hiding it, they ain’t

    • You know TB you and anon are right about these demonic celebrities. I had a horrid dream where all these celebs were literally burning in hell and guess who was left, right and centrefold? ^ Yep Madam Kris and her prized pigs, that family are in some deep occultism that’s why they’re always featured everyday. Just look at their expressions no emotion nothing they are straight up witches ever noticed that Khloe loves to keep the long talons [just like a witch] and Kylie has the same thing to. 1 john verse 15 and 16 all day every damn day.

  18. Why are all of my comments deleted except this one. HSK has really gotten shady. I do not believe JJ is running this site anymore, something about it is very strange.

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