Mary J. Blige’s Estranged Husband Asking for $100K Month Spousal Support

mary j blige kendu spousal support

Mary J. Blige must be realizing it would’ve been cheaper to keep her estranged husband around, because now he wants a fat 6-figure check from her during their divorce proceedings.

Kendu Isaacs filed for temporary spousal support in the amount of $129,319 per month, according to TMZ. He says Mary was the breadwinner during their 12-year marriage, and he’s now accustomed to living a lavish lifestyle.

Over the last two years, Mary made $1.5 to $5.1 million, and Kendu says his income was $0 – even though he was her manager at the time. She later fired him after she filed for divorce.

Even though the couple had a prenup, Kendu doesn’t think it should be upheld because it was signed without a lawyer present.

Get a job, Kendu!



    • Until you've had a no good nucca sit up under YOUR roof, eat YOUR food and ALLOW you to buy him clothes without even trying because of some self imposed sense of entitlement – you will never understand. But maybe one day you will. You sound like a prime candidate to attract the likes of a deadbeat like that.

  1. Ummmm…You idiot. You still signed it. Cant wait for a judge to DENY him. Keep it pushing nigga!!

  2. Man, I pray Mary gets a judge who:
    A. Is in good with her legal team
    B. Is NOTHING like the judges Halle Berry & Britney Spears had.

    I pray this man receives not one cent of Mary's money. He should be able to live quite comfortably off all the money he already stole from her. Oh wait…?
    My bad…he spent all that already?

  3. The judge should uphold the prenuptial. I don't believe him when he says he didn't get paid any monies at all.. I'm sure he was well composited for his job., If not you enjoyed living in the lap of luxury and you had the nerves to disrespect your wife.. Your lazy trifling ass don't deserve a penny..
    Mary is not making money like she once did and you are asking for 100K a month. Give me a break and find a job.. I would fight him until the end, to not give him a dime of my hard earned money.
    I hope she comes out with a new song to celebrate getting that piece if lead, off her neck..
    I know for a fact divorcing someone is easy, but the financial part is the hardest.. Mary I'm hoping you hired one of the best top divorce lawyer there is, because he's not going away without a fight..
    Good luck, I'm looking forward to the new song you will be writing. Some of your best songs , were after a bad breakup… They been having issues per an interview she gave, stating he always looking and flirting with other women..You are a Bum Bitch and I hope she fight you to the end.l You should only get what was stated in the prenuptial…

    • As much money as he stole from her he should be grateful the prenuptial agreement is still on the table for the judge to honor.

      I'm with you guys…I hope his ass gets nothing from Mary but a hard ass way to go.

    • I never liked Kendu, but let him get his bank…Mary was forewarned about him and she chose to ignore everyone….Blah, Blah, Blah what's wrong with him wanting to keep the lavish lifestyle he's grown accustomed too..

      • Nope law is LAW. He signed the prenup, baby! He was in it for a long game and we all know that. Sometimes the player gets played, Miss Mary will come out of this like Mariah over Nic Canno. Always protect your paper, ladies, too many of broke males out here wanting you to support their bastard kids and their daddy, too.

  4. Kendu, you living in Los Angeles….as long as you got an asshole and throat…you should never be broke….ol simp ass…get it how you live it!
    How you gonna try to get support from a woman..Lol ol bitch ass broad!

  5. if ah officer stops u…..always be politttteee,… an neva NEVA run awaayyyy, – Mary J. Blige

  6. All that 'I should remain in the lifestyle I am accustomed to' is some straight bullshit. If there are no minor children – live how you were before you snagged a star. He shoulda been setting something aside. The average person is worried about the electric and gas bill not no damn massage!

  7. Mary, like many of my sistas, got caught up with a con artist with 'pretty eyes' he sweet talked her due to her obvious low self-esteem due to her dysfunctional and toxic early life (ask her about that scar under her eye!), she was a walking open wallet easy to be exploited but at least she had lawyers covering and protecting her from this sort of thing.

    If he's such a good damn manager he'd have tons of clients lined up. That simp had her doing that coonish fried chicken commercial, also, he forced her to lay hands on him in public for cheating on her.

  8. Her lawyer was present he just didnt have one. All this time they have been matried he could have had that prenump redone. He could have also gotten a lawyer.

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