Women in Shawty Lo’s Fatal Car Crash Stole His Money

shawty lo accident women stole money

Shawty Lo’s cause of death has been determined as blunt force trauma to the head, and the injuries were sustained when he was ejected from his Audi on the night he crashed the vehicle.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner also found a prescription bottle on labeled “Promethazine,” but it was full of Percocet and Vicodin.

But get this, Shawty was riding in the car with two women who were treated for non-life threatening injuries. TMZ claims the women asked cops on the scene if they could take a bunch of cash out of Shawty’s pockets…and the cops let them do it!



  1. So he's laying there dead or dying, and the cops allowed them to take his money? How did TMZ know this little detail? This is some off the wall shit.

    • TMZ are nothing more than gangstalkers who track these celebrities every move. This is especially backed up if like you said, they know even this little bit of detail.

  2. Well.i would have did the same thing somebody die around me I'm going through the pockets

  3. Didn't I just got done telling y'all that Spaghetti Junction exit off into Cascade Road was a bad luck spot. Look at how many people done got in accidents on that exit alone!

    • DR1,
      On our way back we were on a flight with two guys who said folks in SC had problems with texting correctly before HurriMatt came through & y'all just using him as an excuse. Word is y'all been texting the wrong folks for years!????

  4. I blame all the drugs he was doing not gonna say somebody killed him car wrecks happen everyday

    Do these guys throw satanic symbols yes and when these wizards unleash negative energy it comes back on the artist sooner or later

  5. Maybe they were strippers and hookers and needed to get paid.

    If you got 11 kids by all these women, but you feel you need to be in an environment of strip clubs and bars, well, these are the people you meet.

    He's dead and gone. Like someone said above, he couldn't take it with him. Next.

  6. Shawty lo was killed by those body snatchers the police dirty cops and the ? did that u see those 2016 2017 cars all is control by computer it can make u crash ur car he was blood sacrifice by gucci mane and t.i soon as gucci take off his ankle braclet shawty lo dead and shawty lo and gucci use to be boys and shawty lo say he didnt see gucci mane when he got out of jail recent gucci took that oath in jail before the blood sacrifice is carried out the people must be out of town gucci mane was in new york t.i was in. Africa when that shit happen to him gucci sold his soul now he use to diss jay z now he taking pics with jay z lol jay z got the keys f*ck gucci and he took pics with the game to they all part of the brotherhood jay z use to get gucci sent to jail prior jay z is the male al Sharpton of hip-hop u see how kanye west is dissing jay z now check t.i glad shawty lo dead lo was a real street cat n couldnt be control or nobody puppet like gucci mane t.i jay z gucci saw what he was up against in jail and they broke him down then he gets out of jail out of the blue lol he sign that oath and is ready to do those rituals etc real tlk t.i owe uncle sam like five million n that jewish cracker jordan tower had his hands in shawty lo death to get bck on he was pretty big prior yrs bck peep game i bet that jewish cracker jordan tower didn't even go to his funeral in when they was in da car shawty lo and jordan tower they almost got in a car accident watch jordan tower start doing more shit now sense shawty lo dead with other rappers like he doing now with him in mreck tv etc jordan tower talking bout getting yo gotti on da show now lol they traded they soul for riches

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