Linkin Park Lead Singer Dead by Hanging in Los Angeles Home ?

Linkin Park lead singer, Chester Bennington, has committed suicide.

The 41-year-old was found dead in his home in Palos Verdes near Los Angeles shortly before 9am on Thursday. The Los Angeles County coroner confirmed they were investigating Bennington’s death as an apparent suicide but no additional details were available.

Law enforcement officials say Bennington hanged himself and he was home alone at the time.. He was found upstairs in his home by an employee. The singer had a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

He was married and is survived by his six children. The saddest part is how this will affect his children!


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      • Agreed Lovely Lady. I work in RPV/PV area and it was very quiet. Next door Neighbor sent me a notice announcing his death. Had the chance to see his home when he listed it for sale a few months back- it was a super cool place! He had his kids playing instruments with him as well. So sad to say goodbye to this lost soul. And if anyone must know- yes, I am black. We have hearts too!

        • I know I was all up and through there. They kept this real hush. I had no idea he even lived up here. Thought he lived in Malibu with the rest of the celebrities.

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  3. He killed himself in the exact same manner as Chris Cornell did on Cornell’s birthday which was the 2 month anniversary of his suicide.

    He was the soloist at Chris Cornell’s funeral. They were brothers. He was despondent and could not get out of his own head and realize that his six children need him.

    He was quite open about being sexually abused by a male family member as a little boy, so he had been fighting mental issues his whole life since then. I think that CC’s suicide was the straw that broke the camel’s back. But those kids….their lives will never be the same now.

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  5. Chester had help hanging himself another satanic ritual nobody dies on their best friends birthday unless they were either lovers or under a satanic pact Soundgarden and linkin park both served the satanic agenda

    • Well Chris, there are quite a few people who think that even though they have 10 kids between them, that they may have been more than friends.

  6. We are all Gods children and we never know the pain and sorrow of another person..
    I have empathy for his children to be left fatherless, that’s a horrible feeling for a child.. I hope he finds the peace he was looking for RIP.

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