Alexis Arquette’s Cause of Death Cleared Up

alexis arquette heart attack

After news broke that Alexis Arquette had mysteriously died, initial reports stated she passed away from HIV-related complications.

But now, Alexis’s death certificate has revealed the cause of death as cardiac arrest. She suffered a bacterial infection three weeks before her death, and HIV was also noted as an underlying cause.

Alexis was just 47 when she passed away, but she had been living with HIV for 29 years, according to her death certificate

At the time of her death, she was writing a book set to expose the DL celebrities in Hollywood. Many believed her death was at the hands of powerful players in the industry who didn’t want their homosexual secrets to be spilled.


  1. Uuuuugh, we don't give two f*cks about this freakishly ugly, f*ck boy!….God bless the infection, that took him out!…If you get plowed in your ass, doo-doo, and the bacteria from the doo-doo will get inside of the tears, and then travel through the blood stream and make you septic!…Now again, the chosen lifesytle, that's not only crazy, but it's unsanitary, is what killed it, even if an equally gay, industry goon helped him along, so be it!….GOOD! ✌✌

    • BQ, you have accurately described how anal sex causes blood impurities, including HIV. I hope folks heard ya'.

  2. Wow so she's been living with the virus since she was eighteen. I'm surprised she never became an advocate for the disease like magic Johnson.

      • I agree w/both of you. IMO, that's the only positive note about this whole Alexis story, to learn that he lived for 29 years w/hiv. It's another example of how ppl now are living longer lives w/the virus. That's encouraging. Like I said before, instead of outing ppl, it would've been more like right if he told ppl how he'd survived for a long time w/hiv. Like what was his regimen, meds he was taking, etc. Many would have found it helpful. A Dr. was talking about the importance of keeping the virus surpressed w/the help of the right meds, etc. That decreases the likelihood of spreading the virus. Once I do more research, I'll start posting about what different ppl are doing for treatment, etc. #Educateyourself #Spreadknowledgenotdisease

        • He never would have shared how HE got to live for 29 years or how Magic got to live with HIV for 25 years. These folks, had elite and very quiet foreign medical care. These guys got HIV before protease inhibitors stopped the mass die off from HIV. He would never have shared that and neither would Magic. Because at the end of the day, we are all peons and they are upper crusty.

  3. Ain't no telling how many men he f*cked black or white

    Charlie sheen bitch ass still spreading it

  4. I told you all that things can be accelerated on an earlier article on this subject, but that post was deleted…. how can you live with HIV for 20+ years and just die from cardiac arrest on 9/11? Truth is a dangerous thing.

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