Tommy From “Martin” Dead @ Age 52

tommy martin dead

Tommy Ford, better known as Tommy on “Martin” has died, according to TMZ

Tommy was admitted to the hospital on Sunday after an aneurysm erupted in his stomach. He was placed on life support, and his condition rapidly declined. His family made the decision to turn off the support this afternoon.

Tommy underwent knee surgery two weeks ago, but ended up back in the hospital after complications. He passed away today in an Atlanta hospital surrounded by his family and friends. He was 52-years-old.



  1. Guess who survives him as his wife? GINA SASSO!!! Now even though he writes on his imdb page that he divorced her, if the kneegro didn't go through proper channels and cut it off legitimately, you know this cavebitch is about to ca$h in.

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      • Anon @ 05:20 PREACH!!! Sellouts think this buffoonery and treachery will be tolerated forever, then wonder why they are systematically being taken out – ITS KARMA!!!

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      • He don't have any money hontey..just another self hating black man.. I'm so weary

        • You ever heard of insurance? Celebrities get those multi-million dollar policies. If he didn't divorce her, she will get it all.

    • I never knew that. I just lost all respect for him. He married a white woman? Damn, say it isn't so. What is wrong with Black men? Are these idiots under some kind of spell. Same with Michael Jackson daughter, she is dating a skin head. Where do you think MJ money is going to end up now? Right back to the Whites.

  2. Wow that's really sad to hear this has been a very hard year I seen more Deaths then anything hoping for a better tomorrow rip.

  3. I just want to say thank you for the laughter, thank you for showing a intelligent, well spoken black man, on the Martin tv show. I hope that your resting in paradise. Thank you Mr. Ford a fan of the Martin show from day 1.

      • @ 22:34 – Let me guess another rusty cheetoh nutz sellout. That's the f*ck what! Frannie has every right to question this ball headed kneegro. Pretending to be into sistahs and then sending mixed messages. E're body knows Beckies are gateway to homo-ville. And they use that tantric shit and kneegrow's weak egos to take that money back to their communities. All the while making mutts to further dilute the concentration God Particle in our community. That's the f*ck what! Stupid azz.

        • Oh shit… anon 19:26 just turned up some serious reality. But the brother did die and I liked the character he portrayed. RIP.

  4. Rip man. Does it matter who he dated? The only thing that matters is that he was happy. Hopefully his children and family are holding up well.

    It's funny, my brother and I were just sitting at the table just last week talking about the show Martin, and he was telling me about how funny it was.

  5. It's alwats the ones who you think won't die end up dying any blood sacrifice theories

  6. You mean he wasn't sacrificed, the illuminati didn't kill em. This is a first.

  7. Well I hope he didn't catch something from his love of the "unclockables" as Sandra Rose likes to call trans women. He might have gotten turned out ever since that night in Vegas during his bachelor party. But then I don't know if that was his first time. He might have been a pro by then for all I know.

  8. RiP to Tommy..I did like him as an actor. The kids will get the money..he and Sasso had two children.

  9. Awww Tommy noooo???? I always hated how everyone would crack on him for " not having a job" on MARTIN!
    Rip Tommy.

  10. his death don't make sense to me he goes to the hospital for knee surgery then comes back from complications and died from stomach pain huh? i mean they didn't give a week on life support just pull the plug. tommy made alot of money off martin he wasn't a millionalire but he was paid very good i must say. maybe his ex wife pulled the pulg so she can get those royalites checks. even if he was sacrifce would sacrfice him other than martin lawerence.

    • Stephen An aneurysm in the stomach is pretty much always fatal. They don't know you have it until the open you up to do surgery. It's even more lethal than a heart attack or a stroke. I have 2 uncles who died from aortic aneurysms.

      Just for the record, once the aneurysm broke he was a dead man. They keep you on life support until your loved ones can get to the hospital to say their goodbyes. So, don't blame wifey. The doctors told her that there was no chance of saving him.

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