Jessica White Drags Floyd Mayweather: “You’re a Woman Beater”

jessica white floyd mayweather woman beater

Floyd Mayweather’s interview where he said All Lives Matter is coming back to bite him in the azz.

First, T.I. took shots at the champ in an Instagram post where he tried to school Floyd on why saying “All Lives Matter” is damaging to the Black Lives Matter movement. And now, model Jessica White is taking shots at Floyd, too.

Instead of trying to enlighten Floyd, Jessica went straight for the jugular and asked Floyd if all lives matter, why does he beat on women! Peep her post:

jessica white floyd mayweather woman beater

Floyd and his ghostwriter have yet to respond to any of the criticism.


  1. Any man that beats up a female is GAAAAAAY.

    That being said, Ms. White, pls post copies of the police report and pics showing the assault. Also how long after the initial abuse did you leave the relationship?

    • Floyd has beeeen known to beat women though. And lets not forget how he abused Ms Jackson (whatever her name is) emotionally by humiliating her publicly her aborting his babies.

    • She didn't report the abuse, he just purchased her something expensive and she went along with the beatings.. The money he was putting out to her was better in her pea brains, than her safety.. When he got tired of her it was on to the next.. i don't know if she left him or not on her own…He gas the little man complex…

  2. I live in Las Vegas, and know the family. If you are his girlfriend you only get to use the gifts he gives you and when he is done, his assistant has an inventory and takes it all back. Then he sells it online. No woman walks away with anything from him.

    • Vet knows something because that's EXACTLY how Floyd gets down. Shantel got away with a couple of purses that she later pawned in Los Angeles for a fraction on what Floyd paid. She got $30k for a $175k bag. The house he put her mother in is said to be the ONLY thing he gave her that was NOT in his name.

      And…while folks are in here talking about Floyd jumping on Josie Harris please let me tell you the place she calls home this very moment is IN FLOYD'S NAME AS IS THE WHITE ROLLS ROYCE SHE TOOLS AROUND LAS VEGAS IN so ass whoppings or not SHE IS STILL VERY MUCH WITH THE MONEY MAY PROGRAM & not for her kids sake either.

      There are other things about Floyd most people don't know. Good things. Quality things…I will have to share later. I have to get to the gym asap.

      • What I wanted to let you guys know was this…Floyd Mayweather is partners of a popular barbershop in LV. It's not posh, ritzy or upscale by any means. It's located pretty much "in the hood." Once a month EVERY month & EVERY HOLIDAY a delivery truck full of food parks in the shop parking lot & workers hand out boxes of food to that entire neighborhood & anyone else who comes along. They don't discriminate & they don't hand out junk. Fresh produce, canned & fresh veggies, milk, eggs, cheese, sides like pastas, potatoes, certain meats like sub kits to make sandwiches, bread & biscuits…ect. Holidays he provides families with some of the biggest turkeys, cornish hens & hams one has ever seen. Floyd has been doing this for the better part of 10-15 years.

        He feeds an entire neighborhood/
        community, he also provides school supplies & backpacks to all the kids in the neighborhood where his gym is located but invites the general public to help other kids in need in addition to allowing some of the neighborhood kids interested in boxing to use his gym free of charge…boys & girls.

        So, to be the total asshole he is…Floyd is not all bad. He makes efforts to be a decent guy that people don't see & the media doesn't bother to tell.

          • I personally don't know if Floyd has ANY investments in Africa, however, I know what he does in the place in which he resides.

            Investing in Africa isn't & should not be a prerequisite or a high expectation of black people with vast revenue streams. I have a friend with an orphanage there. She desires to live there & take up ministry work there. She doesn't have the kind of money Floyd has but I view them both the same.

      • If you date white people, you're a piece of shit or a moron or sad/clueless; but most are POS.

        • ETA
          I give a pass to broke black people that live in some toilet like Montana or Nebraska. They don't have many options.

        • We're gonna compare her dating one white guy to all the other black guys she dated? From Nick cannon to neyo & so many others?

          • Look chick she has dated others, but I do not give a shit about her entire pool of dudes because I am not the original anon you were trying to come at. You asked a question I answered.

            If you want to know her history there is this site called google….check it out.

            • You're a FN hypocrite trying to check bw for dating outside the race when BM are swirl kings outpacing BW in that field almost 3 to 1 and you know it. F you.

              • BM are not "swirl kings." They're hoes. It's male biology. They do any chick (or fleshlight or toilet paper tube) with like no standards.

  3. Vet says the gifts are inventoried??? Damn
    It's got to be hard to be on blast publicly forever.

    • Oh he will buy lots of clothes, shoes, bags. He will put them in a house and when the girl's time is up she walks with what she came in with.

      • Actually, after much thought given I realize that Mayweather is smarter than I previously thought. Using his methods prevents gold diggers from thinking that they will leave him as women of means. And I can guarantee that he has the pregnancy issue on point as well. I imagine that having a baby with him may not be the golden ring which it is with most celebs and athletes.

        • He did not come up with that idea on his own. His dad or team did.

          He really is not that smart.

        • He is street smart, he knows they are using him. He wants them to look like money. A bitch cannot accompany him to a high-end establishment wearing Forever 21. He knows where to send them to shop, he does have good taste.

  4. Everybody knows, regardless of color or income, males who lay hands on women are down low/bi that includes Oj Simpson & Sean Penn. Str8 men don't beat women that's like pissing in your own soup.

    • Um lots of str8 men beat women. Domestic abusers are usually straight married men. Industy men who beat women are probably more likely to be DL though. I guess. Usually I agree with you and see where you're coming from.

      • We can agree to disagree. I don't know one str8 man who makes a habit of kicking lady ass but I know bi and closet gay men trying to pass as str8, who beat lady ass!

    • You got to be stupid if you think beating on someone has a sexual preference. Gay dudes be the once fighting women the most, straight men beat on a women and gay men beat on women just as some women beat on some men or beat on children even to death, the prison system is full of women that have beaten little children to death and also men do get battered as well… It all depends on the situation.. Men and Women should keep their daaam hands to themselves… I don't see battery as something that should be solely on men, its on any gender period. if we acknowledge that only men beat women then that excuses the fact of women that hit on men and take advantage of those situations in many cases or women that beat on children, Beaten is wrong regardless of gender, every daaam person keep their filthy hands to themselves.

  5. She look like she provoke men …I saw that show on e channel. She stoodup some dude like it was nothing.typical heartless blkwomen syndrome.she gETs beat cause she heartless.she 4ks tomcruise need to realise these women ain't loyal

  6. The way some of you defend domestic abuse reminds me of how some cops defend shooting black men down like dogs and due to the lack of empathy for BW from the Black community, I don't protest police shootings, yall don't protest domestic abuse. Works for me.

  7. Hey you guys….
    No matter what state you live in & no matter what economic status you hold WE ALL SEE HOW NEGATIVE THE WORLD AT LARGE HAS BECOME. If we didn't know any better we'd all swear legalized slavery was on its way back.

    So, at least while we're here together on HSK can we all find it in our hearts ? & keyboards ? to be at "decent toward each other." I see a lot of "bickering & ugly words being exchanged & none of us need that…especially on our beloved blog. I've had some very bad verbal bouts so I'm far from exempt in that area but let's all try to do better & be better towards each other.

    Good things start with US!?

  8. Im glad floyd give turkeys gifts and other stuff to ppl in need thats a good thing in fact if i had a hundred million dollars id do the same thing not only for the warm fuzzy feeling inside i would get from doing something altruistic but also for the good tax write offs too…but what that got to do with him beating on women…kuz he gave someone in yo hood a turkey we should give him a free pass i dont think so…as for what started all this floyd need to just comment on boxing or marketing leave the critique of blm to someone else

  9. In fact i suggest. Most rappers stick to talking about their music so when their overlords want them to talk about politics for some odd reason they dont put their foot in their mouths and i suggest most athletes do the same…of course all lives matter thats why we saying black lives matter…as in our lives matter also not that the only lives that matter are black…not sure why that so difficult to comprehend

  10. And for the guy who said she looks like she provokes men and thats why she gets beat gtfoh so if a woman gets all in your space yelling at u u gonna hit her? I hope not ..why not remove yourself from the situation or dont get involved with a woman who intimidates u like that in the first place

  11. Sistas let me give you some advice, once a man has hit a woman, he will hit another woman. There is no cure for bitchassness and woman beating. If a man beat you once, he will beat you again. Never ever forgive or stay with a man who has put hands on you.

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