Stevie J Released from Rehab

stevie j released rehab

Initially, reports stated Stevie J was locked up behind bars, but the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was actually in rehab dealing with his cocaine addiction. Finally, Stevie is a free man…but his legal troubles aren’t over yet.

According to Bossip, Stevie was released so that he can appear before a judge and plead guilty in his $1 million child support case.

Instead of going to trial, Stevie will admit guilt in not paying the court-ordered $8,557 a month for his son and daughter for several years. As of 2014, he owed $1,107,412 in back payments.


  1. Already released, but he just went to rehab a second ago. LOL

    • Now that Joseliné left, I wonder who is going to help him get that child support paid? He better hope that Faith can help h out. We all know how Diddy don't want to pay his artist.

  2. This is one 1/2 ass BLACK man…
    Whoo, Stevie J is the best poor example for any young man!
    OMG…he and his trannie Josephine are made for each other…
    Long Live Dumb and Dumber!

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