Michel’le is Unbothered by Dr. Dre’s Lawsuit Threat

michel'le dr dre biopic lawsuit

Michel’le is completely unbothered by Dr. Dre’s threats to sue if he’s depicted as a woman beater in the biopic “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le.”

Dre has denied ever putting hands on Michel’le, and he said if the abuse really went down, why didn’t she report it to the police?

Dre’s lawyers sent off a cease and desist letter to Sony Pictures, the makers of the film, and Michel’le went on TMZ Live to say they won’t be backing down!

Peep the video.

And here’s a trailer for the biopic. Will you be watching?


  1. Dre wants to block the movie because it's true. Get over yourself, u gay a$$ MF.

  2. Well Michl lé said to Wendy Williams that they will be served with depositions. I must admit, she is smart as a whip!

  3. Great! Gurl continue to remain unbothered while still grabbing dre by the balls. She's indeed a smart woman. Get him for all it's worth.

  4. Oh shit, she really sounds like that!

    This is really karma for that nasty DL woman beater! To have your net worth threatened by a woman who sounds like this!!

  5. Dre apologized to the women he hit already anyway he just didn't say any names except i think dee barnes so he already told on himself so he needs to stop denying it ijs

  6. Michel'le is a good old creole girl. She is smart and beautiful. I'm glad to see her winning.

  7. DRE BEAT TAIRRIE B A WHITE FEMALE RAPPER BAck in the 90's somehow the case was never made wide guess jerry heller gave her hush money.

    when dre beat dee barnes eazy, ren, and yella said she deserved it.

    when cold 187 dissed dre he called him gay and said he scared to diss cube.

    pac called dre out and dre never said nothinfg back he was all aftermath, im moving on from that era.

    suge dissed dre and dre never said nothing back.

    dre never dissed nobody by himself when he dissed jd he had eminem, timbaland and xzibit.

    just like when ja rule was beefing with eminem and 50 dre wanna jump in it i was like dre stfu

    when luke, eazy, choice, quik, and the deathrow posse called you out you said nothing to them.

  8. Everyone already knows he's a woman beater..Some men love beating the weaker sex, but when a man run upon them, they STFU like a bitch.. He will get back everything he dished out..Everyone has their day, his is coming..

    • The movie was good. I never knew Dre beat her like that. Michel'e was brave in telling her story. There are probably others who were paid to keep quiet. To beat a woman is the lowest of the low.

  9. His response is..why didnt she go to the police?
    The money has gone to his head.

    He knows why. snitches get stiches.
    And you would be in JAIL – she took a lot off this man.

    Her Aunt was wrong, telling her that "that's how men sjow they love you"

    NOPE MA'AM thasts not true

  10. Dre need to do a public service announcement and truly own up to what he did and give this woman a real apology…insteadhe wanna downplay it and try and sue her for tellung her story kuz it might f*ck wit his bread my nigga u weak as f*ck

  11. Dr. Dre, Floyd Mayweather, Puff Daddy, Ronald Isley, black women have been severely abused. My heart and most sincere condolences go out to all black women who have been victims of physical and sexual abuse. I strongly encourage all black girls and black women to take martial arts classes. Sistas, as soon as your daughter is able to walk, enroll her in martial arts classes. You must learn kung-fu and goju so you can taekwondo these male hoes! Learn to defend yourself and fight back against any woman beating coward who tries to put hands on you.

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