Wyclef Jean’s Haiti Charity Shutdown for Mishandling $16 Million in Funds!

wyclef jean yele haiti charity shut down

Wyclef Jean’s shady Yéle Haiti charity has been shutdown and is severely in debt.

The charity has been accused of mishandling funds for years…$16 million to be exact!

The shadiness all began following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The charity was small prior to the disaster, with only $37K in assets.

But after tragedy struck, the money started to pour in, and Wyclef said he raised $1 million in 24 hours after urging his Twitter followers to text in their donations.

But instead of funds going to the charity and its cause, the org spent most of the money on “offices, salaries, consultants’ fees and travel.” The remainder of the millions were given to Wyclef’s family, friends and his defense attorneys.

The charity has been accused of “improper use of funds,” including spending $30,763 to fly Lindsay Lohan to a fundraiser that raised only $66,000, and spending $57,927 on private jets to fly Matt Damon and other celebs out to Haiti.

Wyclef also pocketed $100,000 to perform at a charity concert, and his family enjoyed hefty million dollar paychecks for unspecified work.

Another person who benefited from the charity was Wyclef’s mistress who received payments over $100,000.

Prior to shutting down, there was just one employee left, Derek Q. Johnson who acted as the chief executive. He announced his resignation and decided to close “the organization as a whole.” Wyclef already disaffiliated himself from the charity back in 2010 when he decided to run for president of Haiti. He was disqualified from the running because his primary residence was in New Jersey.

RIP shady azz Yéle Haiti


  1. Haiti is truly hell on earth.

    The stories I hear from y friend whose entire family is still there would make you never complain again about your own life.

    • CACs ruin places like that so they can buy cheap resources, and get cheap labor from them. When people resist CACs and their Haitian stooges, all sorts of things happen.

      What's happening there is no different from what's happening in black America. Black communities are flooded with drugs and guns, so CACs can lock AA up and get free/cheap labor. It's also so the economy of black America stays f'd up, so CACs can get cheap labor.

      • It is completely different from what is happening here, and you are an ignorant fool to claim differently. You wouldn't last 2 weeks in Haiti, You'd come back to this country and kiss the f*cking ground when you got off the plane.

        Haiti makes the poorest parts of Africa look like the south of France.

  2. Uh. CACs do this shit all the time. It's common knowledge that these orgs are BS. However, there are some exceptions, like some med charities where actual medical professionals drop everything and give free quality care.

    Frankly though, we have a *rich black man* trying to help a *black nation* here, do you *really* believe he's not a target? I buy that the spending was off, but I don't believe everything. CACs and corrupt people in Haiti's government don't want someone like Wyclef there.

  3. I've BEEN saying this for the longest. So, the truth is finally out. He was never for Haiti for the standpoint of helping to makes difference. I'm surprised Sean Penn's name hasn't come up yet.

    • I'm sure he did go there wanting to do something good, but then he confronted the reality of CACs ruining the place (so they can exploit it). And he confronted the reality of their stooges. It happens all the time. There are lots of Wyclefs that try to do this. He probably just gave up (after threats), especially since he doesn't know how to fight that. He's a regular guy. He doesn't know about that stuff.

      • I've also been saying for years now…
        It seems like there has been a sinister plan to wipe Haiti out as we know it & renovate it into an island for the ultra wealthy leaving any survivors to be reduced to servants/
        slaves. Haitian people have had their it bad. This is why the ones who make it here in the states are so cutthroat & don't dream of ever going back to Haiti for any reason.

  4. Where all the other haitian celebrities like Garcelle Beauvais, Gabrielle Union, Monica, Usher, Solange Knowles. They need to start a new charity and make sure the money gets into the rights hands of the people who need it.

    • Wow. Again, the reality of Haiti is that CACs are deliberately ruining it so they can exploit it (cheap resources and cheap labor). They pay Haitian stooges and criminals to help them (proxy army).

      Unless those celebrities are able to clean the stooges out of the government, clean the CAC-backed criminals out of Haiti, and form a strong army (with nukes) — there's little they can do.

  5. Haiti apparently has a *ton* of oil, and how much CACs ruin their country is directly related to their resource wealth (obviously). It's not just about oil either (they have plenty of gold and other stuff). That's why Wyclef's charity cannot work there. It's like having a charity in the middle east.

    • Haiti has a ton of oil???

      Oh my aching sides!!!! They don't have anything. They don't even have drinkable water.

    • Haiti actually has gold and precious metals but does not have the resources to mine it. The one resource that they do have that is cheaper to utilize is their timber and they already depleted it. Pretty f*cked up there because other nations pledged millions after the earthquake and then reneged when the press died down. Nobody cares about the Black folks in a 3rd world country unless there is money to be made.

  6. Let me tell you the truth. Haiti is in this mess mostly because of HAITI. The government is corrupt. I see this here in Africa all the time. The government officials who have COMPLETE CONTROL over funds choose to take bribes from western governments & companies to implement projects & contracts that leave their people poor. Haiti shouldn't need to survive on charity. He government knows they are prone to natural disasters so for the last 5 yrs they should've been investing some tax funds in a disaster relief fund. But why would they when the west is paying them bribes to allow them to take Haiti's natural resources for a fraction of the price they are worth? African countries are rich AF but the government sells everything to the highest bidder at the expense of the poor. I see wyclef Jean was trying to be like them. He couldn't be president. He couldn't handle just $16mil, how was he gonna handle an entire country's fiscal budget?! Its time we start holding out own accountable when they do shit like this.

    • lol

      Haiti is like this because of CAC-financed, CAC-supported terrorism and corruption because CACs want cheap resources and labor. Haiti would be doing very well for itself on its own resources if CACs weren't in their way. CACs also have nukes pointed at Haiti along with the extreme storms and etc. CACs have been engineering for over a decade.

      Major natural disasters are not common in Haiti. The extreme weather over the last decade or so was engineered by CACs. Yes. It's possible to engineer weather and environmental conditions. We do have that technology. Respected members of the scientific community agree.

      • I agree with what you are saying, but Wycleaf f&cked his own people. The whites cannot operate without black complicity, period.

        What he had here was his own little Clinton Foundation ripping off Haiti.

        • Way to tell it Anonymouse! Several organizations who once used to raise money for Haiti on a regular basis stopped due to not wanting to.be associated with Yele Haiti Foundation. He's been pocketing & skimming money funneled through that foundation as almost as soon as it started but more so over the last 7-8 years. Even some of his celebrity friends have spoke on how he rolled through donors contributions for his own luxuries but he's far from alone.

          What's worse is how Sean Penn's foundation is dealing with more or less money & is doing "a lot of the same things" but they're not on his & Sanela's ass…yet. We work with J/P Haitian Relief Organization twice a year. Some of their events & parties top $300k all paid for by the foundation but all the media does is push the image of "Sean Penn jumping in bearing life & limbs to help Haiti." People not paying attention missed the funneling/mismanagement of funds by HIS foundation & don't think for one minute Sean Penn doesn't have his eye on becoming president of Haiti one day…just saying?

          • Very true Ms. Reg, which is why we must look behind the curtain because the main stream media ain't being straight up.

  7. if they are going to snutdown his charity they should shutdown susan g komen, bill gates foundation, etc becasue most of these organization are scams and invovledin the stock market and they use these foundations for tax breaks.

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