Lil Wayne: “My Life Was Saved by a White Man, I Don’t Know Racism”

lil wayne racism white man

Lil Wayne got dragged after appearing on Fox Sports and saying he “never dealt with racism.” Now he’s clarifying his statement by telling a story about a “good cop” that saved his life.

When Weezy accidentally shot himself when he was 12-year-sold, the police arrived to his house. The black cops rushed in, stepped over his bloody body, and started looking for guns and drugs instead.

“Them n*ggas that hopped over me were blacker than me.” – Lil Wayne

A white cop, who Wayne calls “Uncle Bob,” was the only one who cared about his life. Uncle Bob went to the hospital with Weezy, and didn’t leave his side until the doctors told him he would be okay.

“Yeah, he was a cop, and my life was saved by a white man. I don’t know what racism is. I know a good n*gga named Uncle Bob, though,” – Lil Wayne

Peep the interview:


  1. My position on all these people at this point is "I don't buy their records, or contribute to their networth, so I don't care". Let them sing away like canaries. My kids won't even be exposed to people like wayne so whatevs.

  2. Wayne is not a businessman. He's a random kid from the hood who got put on. He follows orders. He's also tasted fame and power, and doesn't want to let it go for just being rich. He knows what he's saying is BS, but there's someone cutting him a check and promising that he gets to be Wayne a bit longer.

    • I believe this. I've noticed a lot of white people think Wayne is the pinnacle of rap and that every black person listens to him. So someone paying him, thinking he has infinite influence on black people is possible.

        • In order for propaganda to work, someone of actual influence needs to be spreading it, which white people believe is wayne. We know he is not but they clearly don't. Eg they wouldn't ask some random to say this shit & think it'll be effective.

      • Yeah make a song talking bout how u want your dick sucked we love u Wayne

        We love how young thug trans ass punked you out and became baby's new boytoy

  3. Sometimes we can't separate isolated acts of kindness (in this case life saving) from the actual system of racism. We can only hope that people come to identify it instead of being confused by it.

    • Wayne is from the hood. He may not see the bigger picture, but he knows what he's saying is bs. Honestly, I question if his story is even real. Someone literally is cutting him a check to say this.

    • tbh one black person cannot dismantle systemic racism. Just like it takes way more than one white person to uphold it.

    • The reason why it is called systematic racism is because it is INGRAINED in the system and there are no clear parameters on how to prove it is occurring.

      Think of a mentally unstable person saying they see bugs crawling on them. They believe and know it is happening, but no one else can see it.

      Systematic racism is a form of psychological warfare, meant to make people who bring it up seem crazy.

      • Bitch Please…you need to get a real education and stay off of shows like empire, orange is the new black and any other fag related BS.


        You have no clue of what you speak and must have been dropped several times on your head as a baby…that is why you think people like wayne are geniuses…f*cking imbecile.

      • I never thought of it that way @frannie, but it sounds like he does advocate for them

  4. LOL. What do the bitter fatherless simps who ride my bra strap have to say about this? LOL!!!!!
    As usual, nothing, cause they're afraid of other males.

  5. Seems the thugs blk women love end up being the biggest SIMPs. The proper men like mking..Malcolm x. Type brodad the real soldiers aint man enough for blkwomen.. Blkwomen endorsed the Etc the weakmen that cower at any wm. Y'all getting wat y'all endorsed. When trouble comes yall are toast .no one to standup for y' endorsed thugish sissified men . now rip wat you sow.

    • Here I was thinking the doodoo of the day was wayne. Turns out I'm wrong and it's actually you.

  6. PSA: Uncletruth is a bitter man who threw a tantrum a while back because he can't rape without consequences like white men do. He literally went on in an entire post about "Why they allowed to rape but we can't?!" Nothing but bitter white man wannabe.

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      • Where do you live? Why have your loved ones not gotten you the psychiatric help you need? You having a meltdown?

        • Go find someone to marry ur oldass.I bet ur ass single and angry.that explains the hate.

            • Sarah ignore that EBT section 8 down low jailbird! He hates women cause his daddy left him with his mama and he got butt banged as a boy. I see this alot with bitter black male onlines frothing at the mouth like crazy he bitches.

  7. "I don't know racism" LOL But your ugly Ass knows Satanism,Rape,Molestation and Gibberish!!

  8. "Them n*ggas were blacker than me"

    Wayne hates his dark skin and ain't tryin' to hide it. He is a demon-possessed, drug-addled POS that pollutes the minds of young kids. His shit ain't new, it was all done in the 1970s by white groups like KISS, Allman Brothers, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath. They make him do anything because as long as he can pretend to be white, he will do anything.

    Isn't this the one with seizures and lean? Anyone know his sacrifice expiration date?

    • Don't care bout Wayne servong satan he did no worse than the others

      Rock stars and singers have a tradition of serving satan some claim it's for the money and publicity rock stars always wore tight pants, makeup and wigs or long hair nothing new cross dressing ain't nothing new so f*ck young thug who recently went full trans

  9. Frannie….one person cant dismantle systematic racism…obama cant make it illegal or lower the bar to prove it that would probably b unconstitutional and he would b impeached…something im sure he understands as a constitutional law lawyer that you do not..and speak for yourself im black and did not vote for him so he could only do that…i voted for him kuz i wssnt votin for john mcain or mitt romney and maybe as a secondary thing having a blac president/role modelfor kids….the prez aint got pull like that…real rich powerful psychopathic ppl run the world they kill literally and figuratively anyone who get in their way…learn somn bout that… and the only nigga stopping systematic racism will b me (i aint waiting for noone to save me)and anybody else who truly wanna b free….

  10. And im a teacher i see how important is that for the last 8 years all races and classes ofkids have seen a black man as their president even if he didnt do all the things that some who voted for him wanted him to do…he is happilly married raised two good children and well educated our kids could do much worse for who they could look up to …in fact they usually do…so im not gon hate him kuz he didnt magically snap his finger and make every niggaz life suddenly betterbetterol ol gtfoh…man thats yo job…ive been homeless and half dead still got a degree and good job now..cant nobody's save u but u

    • Anon 27:26 That is exactly what I have been saying for the last 8 years!! But you said it much better and with your credentials as a teacher it is much more credible.
      Black folks complain constantly about what President Obama HASN'T done for black people.
      They refuse to educate themselves and learn that with an obstructionist Republican Senate he cannot do one tenth of what he would like to do. Even so, he has done more than any other president has in many years.

      But even if he had done NOTHING, the fact that black children have seen and experienced a cultured, powerful and respected black man as the most powerful man in the world is so historically important that in itself it is a major boon for this generation and many to come.

      But sadly many here put themselves and their needs above everything else and they completely miss the big picture.

  11. Let's try to make all this clear and simple…Lincoln didn't free slaves, he was forced into it! The government killed the kennedy's, malcolm and mlk, jr…obama has no power just like all the other presidents..they are nothing but pawns…there are higher white mason powers controlling this world… finally lil gremlin wayne is no different than the house negroes of years ago just like barkley and many others…they will lick the soles of the massa's boots if you let them and totally be oblivious to their very own nation and plight of their very own nation of people…they are literally brain dead!

    • Tin hat alert!! And don't you just feel so special and smart because YOU know that!!

      Conspiracy theorists are the saddest and least enviable people in the world.

  12. Wayne nothing but a drug addict who let birdman f*ck him I. The ass

    Young thug said he sucked birdman dick

    Rich gang

  13. I like many 'hits' by Wayne. Went to his concert in Detroit about 5 years ago and thought the audience was going to be black. Wrong. After that concert I started analyzing hip-hop/rap differently.

    • Please share your thoughts with us. Because Wayne, Drake are definitely a different breed of rap.

  14. Well, tbh, he was a kid when he got shot in the chest. So Uncle Bob showed him that type of concern and kindness for Wayne. Racism is taught not born with. Even though Uncle Bob is a white cop, nonetheless, he is Wayne's hero. So with that being said, he probably and that's the keyword now probably don't know what racism is. U do have folks who had never experienced it. So in this case, Wayne made not know what racism is. Again, racism is not born inside of us, it was taught to people.

  15. If it really happened that way, I can understand why he feels how he feels. Those black cops can be 1000x more racist than the white ones (sometimes). However, I also think a lot of black cops feel like they have to impress their white comrades and prove they're "good blacks" by trashing other black men, so technically Weezy still experienced racism through colorism.

    • To each their own…I have never had an issue with a black cop, although I do know there is an unwritten blue code of silence.

  16. The major lack of accountability from black males to other black males is why coons like Lil Wayne feels bold enough to LIE about race. His dark black ass knows damn racism is alive and well! I am close to some whites some do me good favors and favored returned. So?! I still know racism is alive and well just like he does he's just COONING

    E-thugs need to be talking about the Illuminati when this sort of bullshit comes up but they get silent. Lying about the lack of racism hasn't stopped white on black male police shootings has it?!

  17. Lil Wayne has turned into a super coon! I guess the white people in the music industry are forcing Wayne to say this stupid shit! I don't care, he isn't that good of a rapper anyways. I don't know why so many kids like him, Lil Wayne sucks!

  18. I get it. I'm from the same area as Wayne, and we didn't face it, or see it in our schools because we were always intermingled with other cultures. Now; I live in a rural area of Louisiana and I see it daily. Wayne needs to come and check out these side towns to really see how life is.

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