Israel Houghton Exposed for Fathering 2 Kids Outside of His Marriage!

israel houghton two kids during marriage

Gospel singer Israel Houghton already fessed up to cheating during the 20 years he was married to his ex-wife…but he forgot to reveal that he also had two secret babies during the time he was married!

The Texas State Attorney General’s Child Support Division has sued the gospel singer and is asking him to pay for the two children he fathered.

He’s on the hook for back and current child support for two boys, Kingston, age 4 and Khristian, age 2, as well as medical expenses and health insurance.

The state is asking Israel to provide tax returns, checking and savings accounts statements, 401K docs, proof of health insurance coverage and income history to determine the amount of child support to be granted.

45-year-old Israel has already admitted he is the father of the older boy, Kingston, and he filed docs to acknowledge paternity. But it has yet to be determined through a paternity test if he is the father of Khristian. Both children have Israel’s last name.

That makes 6 kids in total for Israel.

You think Adrienne Bailon is thinking twice about walking down the aisle with him?


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  2. Men who make outside babies when they cheat are another kind of reckless I'm not trying to get close to.

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  6. I see the babies were born under "The Kardashian Effect." Khristian?? Kingston? What's next…Khristmas?

  7. You get them how u lose them. I'm guessing Adrienne thinks she can be the "one" that can change him or whatever she needs to talk to Ciara.

  8. Eerily they look like brother and sister to me. Karma will find them both soon enough

  9. God didn't discriminate against bastards? Didn't David's bastard son die simply due to how he was conceived? Oh yes, God has discriminated against bastards.

  10. AMEN!!!!!!!!! @15:15. I was born a bastard child and fatherless and sure do pray that
    The Most High God forgive me for being born that way and please have mercy on me
    I try my best to do good to make up for it and i hope he will pardon me and let me into His kingdom 1 day
    I wish ALL folks would get married before producing a child though

    • That sin is not on you, you are an innocent child.. That's your parents sin, just do what you can and don't do the same thing…We all fall short of his glory, but he's a loving and forgiving father.. Bless you sincerely

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