Toni Braxton Hospitalized After Another Lupus Flare-Up

toni braxton hospitalized lupus

It was less than a month ago when Toni Braxton suffered a lupus flare-up and was hospitalized in Los Angeles, and unfortunately, the singer is back in the hospital to deal with the issue once again.

On the her official Twitter, it was announced that her Cleveland concert has been postponed because Toni had to be admitted to the hospital. A rep on her Twitter says the show will be reschedule for another date.

Toni was reportedly in serious condition during her most recent flare-up earlier this month, but her condition this time around is unknown.



    • May God bless the incomparable Ms. Toni Braxton with a swift & speedy recovery. May GodMay God bless the incomparable Ms. Toni Braxton with a swift & speedy recovery. May God's healing rain down upon her mind, body & spirit. I say it every time she has a set back….Toni is strong & will bounce back.s healing rain down upon her mind, body & spirit. I say it every time she has a set back….Toni is strong & will bounce back.

    • Seriously, I'm starting to feel like somebody has jacked CrazyChris' screen name.

    • Crazychris is this u? LOL. Interesting question. Who knows what the truth really is with these people. They don't even know the truth.

      • Freddie…
        I'm telling you….it seems like someone jacked our CrazyChris' screen.
        Take a good look at the most recent posts.

        • If it were not THE Crazy Chris don't you think he would have spoken up about it by now? Dude's the longest lasting original poster here, so I doubt he went anywhere.

          He just has a dry sense of humor sometimes. I thought the "40 acres and a mule" joke was pretty funny.

  1. Lupus is a serious disease and Toni has serious heart problems.. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  2. I know toni is on her way out aka blood sacrifice cmeing up for her she cant make the elites money anymore like she use to birdman need a major blood sacrifice right now or her sister tamar braxton just watch it those doctors those high priest mason doctors gonna kill her asap i see it her tyme is bout up winter solitices is here but hey toni sign her name in blood yall shawty lo radio raheem now that skateborder guy from cancer come on yall f*ck fame and money

    • Bullseye !!!!!!!………Hence, Why Tamar has been acting up so much as of lately. Why Birdman mysteriously was placed in her life (out of nowhere). She will probably be gone by the end of this month; if not sooner. All of….. "The Braxtons" & Vincent Herbert desire fame & money !!!!!!!

      • I know right, Frannie??

        I just can't with all these superstitious fools here and their blood sacrifices!!

        The woman has a serious illness. Why in the hell would she need to be done away with?

        Y'all need to go back to your roots, herbs and voodoo dolls with your 19th century brains.

        • Go f*ck yourself @ anonymous agreeing with frannie……..idiot !!!!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opnion

        • Ignorant a** cyber thugs………Won't bust a d*mn grape in a realtime settings !!!!!!!!

      • I was the wondering the same thing @Anonymous 12:59
        Hollyweird dont play fair and is 1 shady place
        And I dont trust Birdman either
        They are all greedy and suspcious acting, lol

      • Frannie … Toni had a drugs overdose she and her sister love popping pills the Illuminati and the dwight man got nothing to do with this!

        The more plastic surgery you get the more pain pills you'll be popping all the time …wonder why Kim K looks so drowsy and relaxed? And her young whore baby sister, too! She's popping pills, too! The Braxtons and the Kartrashians get poked and pricked as much as Micheal Jackson did and we know how he loved ihs downers~

  3. These stars and their in and out hospitalizations are so weird. Sometimes they come out all MK ultra'd. And sometimes they just change like July Alseenya. Hanging with Fly Man just seems off to me. If artists aint got their paper up then maybe this is what happens – you work work work work work.

  4. Damn Toni is one of the greats! It's sad that Baby Face and the record label raped her and TLC financially like the way they did. It's kind of disturbing that once she linked up with Birdman, her Lupus seemed to get worse and worse. Which reminds me how suddenly Tina Marie died after signing to Cash Money awhile back. I agree with 5% comment above, I too believe that her time is up bcuz she no longer make money for them anymore, she even lost her entire catalog of all her hit songs and whats crazy is that songs like "Your Making me High" was bought out for like $15,000 or some absurd amount like that. I would think her music would be worth more. SMH

    • So you're saying that when you can not make them any money they kill you?

      Then everyone over 45 would be dropping dead.

  5. This sounds like a prelude to the bad news. She's had a relapse but I'm hearing it's not really lupus. I hope she's taking care of herself. She needs a revival, starting with getting rid of that Birdman fellow.

  6. Stop resorting to prayer and just take them fake azz titties and bootie implants out. Then stop with the relaxers. Those chemicals will Fuck you up!!!

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