Israel Houghton Fesses Up to Outside Babies

israel houghton outside babies

On October 14, Bossip leaked all of Israel Houghton’s tea and revealed the gossip singer had fathered two children outside of his 20-year marriage.

Israel is being hit up for child support by his 31-year-old baby mama, DeVawn Moreno. She is claiming Israel is the father of her 4 and 2-year-old sons, Kingston and Khristian.

The docs were filed in June…just three months after Israel was frolicking with his man t*ts all exposed out in Mexico. It was the first time he and Adrienne were photographed together.

Once the child support docs were leaked, Israel’s rep gave an exclusive statement to Bossip, confirming that he IS the daddy!

“Mr. Houghton has been financially supporting the two children since they were born but hasn’t been served with the suit because he is on tour.”

That makes 6 kids for Israel.

How much you wanna bet Adrienne is still going to go through with the wedding? She seems desperate for that “wife” title.


  1. I'm sorry but I would rather be single, than to put up with all this mess.. He has six kids and the children comes first and foremost.. Just how desperate is she is to want to be a stepmother to six kids.. I'm sorry I don't have the patience to do it. That's too many for my taste.. I suggest she rethink marrying this man that can't keep his zipper zipped… Is he that wealthy that he could afford to support 6 kids and a new wife..He will have child support and alimony to his ex wife and the same for his mistress.. Girl I suggest you find a man without all this baggage….or is she that desperate to be wired up…

    • Right! She can do so much better. She's young and she has no kids. Why would she willingly marry an adulterer with a shitload of babies? Don't make no sense!!

        • This is why the wife stayed, knowing she had 2 stepchildren out there… Money and fame opens a lot of doors. Money and fame = power!

      • IKR but money talks and BS walks.. To quote my dead mother " if you marry for money, you will earn ever penny he gives you". I would rather be poor and happy, then wealthy and miserable.. I wouldn't want to be a stepmother to all those children.. Now that's just a fact, it's a responsibility I don't want..

  2. No sympathy for Adrienne at all. This is what happens when you mess around with a married man. Let's see what happens when the so-called love wears off. He ain't got no money, cause all of it is going to child support and alimony.

    He can always call Joel.

    • If he has "no money" who paid for that huge engagement diamond Adrienne is wearing? Of course, he has money. He's touring, he has recording residuals, etc. Why do you think the mistress filed a new child support order? Every time Adrienne and him post, the baby momma is watching…and counting. They would do better, to keep their private life off of social media, considering his situation. But, we know Adrienne lives for social media and attention, so the baby momma and ex-wife will always have dirt on them.

  3. Pure nastiness all the way around. The things that women do for money is astonishing! I'm quite sure she could find someone else.

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