Dr. Dre & Suge Knight Feel the Backlash After Michel’le’s Biopic

dr dre suge knight michelle biopic backlash

After last night’s airing of the Lifetime biopic “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le,” Dr. Dre and Suge Knight’s social media accounts have been in shambles!

Twitter and Instagram users bashed the two music moguls after scenes of Michel’le being brutally abused by both of them were aired. People are making jokes about the new meaning of “Beats by Dre” headphones, while others are saying they will boycott the rapper and his music entirely.

World class doctor, the master of seduction my ass the master that beat Michelle like she was an runaway slave!!!!

[Dre] You will beat on these beautiful black queen that did nothing but love and marry that ugly ass buff man you’re with smh you better pray for your daughters they will see hell

Beatings by Dre

@sugeknight just f*cking die you fat f*ck………. oh and make it slowly

[Dre] I can never look at you the same way again! Women beater

This is exactly what Dre didn’t want to happen, and that’s why he threatened to sue if the film depicted him as a woman beater, but Michel’le and Sony were completely unbothered by his threats. The film was ran in its entirety, and although Dre has denied the abuse occurred, what does Michel’le have to gain from lying?

Did you watch the biopic? Do you believe Michel’le’s version of events?


  1. Although I didn't see the movie(hopefully, there will be a re-run ), I've always believed Michel'le was telling the truth about Dre & Suge.

    @Crazychris, I anxiously await ur input .

    • It was good! Dre knows he doesn't have a case! Look what he did to See Barnes back in the day. He needs to sit down somewhere. How U gonna make a public apology to the women U had beat up and turn around and try to sue Sony and your son's mother for the truth? If this stupid ass Negro don't sit his oxymoron backwards self down somewhere, he too will be axed!

  2. Haven't seen it yet but I assume Michelle will be justified. He told that bogus straight Outta Compton movie the way he wanted. I guess she has the right to tell her story the way she remembers it. There is no secret Suge Knight was a bully, Dreams depicted him the same way in his movie. Ppl will see both films and fill in the blanks.

  3. I hope Michel'le is laughing all the way to the bank. LOL the social media dragging, especially on his instagram was f*cking hilarious. Im glad she got to tell her half of the story, and didn't back down even when threatened with a lawsuit. The very fact that he threatened her with one is only more proof of his guilt. Fuck Dre and Suge. They deserve each other. I can only hope that more of these male entertainers will be exposed for their bullshit.

  4. Interesting how American society is looking behind the camera now. Hollyweird wanted all of us to be so engrossed in movies of unreality. Glad this kind of abuse is no longer tolerated or sanctioned by the black community. Now, if art imitates life, celebrity coins are f*cked. I heard Birth of a Nation didn't have a great box office.

    Time to Start to Live Right!

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  5. I saw the movie and dre is a strait up bitch for how he did that woman, that nigga ain't shit f*ck dre, as for suge he already getting his pay back big psycho MF

  6. My question is for the so-called "men" around him…yeah, that would be NWA. Why didn't they intervene when he was beating her for all the world to see? Would any man on this thread allow another man to beat a woman in his presence?

    • @Mama, Just saw the movie on YouTube. U r right, none of the boys did anything when Dre was beating her down. It's as if they were afraid of him.

      The movie showed that Easy E tried several times to tell her to leave Dre. But she wouldn't

    • Dre was a big dude, and thus many were afraid to step to him. Which was kind of ironic, since they played up the whole "badass", "f*ck the police" image. Also ironic is the fact that Dre had no problem beating up on women, but wouldn't step to men.

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  7. U can clearly see the black eye in her video" Keep watchin". It's her left eye but it looks like its her right eye from our view . As well as her video "Something in my Heart". You tell she had been crying and her black eye was covered once again with make up…..

  8. Dre never fought no dudes suge had his ass beat and shot at on death row and for years Dre said nothing when suge and cj Mac and tha realest was calling him bitches

    Dre didn't wanna be gangster no more than but he e was producing Eminem and 50

  9. Listen Dre beat dee barns like she was a man, he beat the day lights outta her, i would have pressed charges on his ass but i guess the high priced lawyers and threatening tactics stopped her, why didn't Dre jump 2 pac and easy e and ice cube they blasted his ass all he did was that rap battle shit back and forth, most men who beat women is bitches that would never jump a man, why he didn't step to any of them is because he knows better, he knew them cat's would have hung his bully ass out to dry, i been knew Dre was a woman beater before the chronic hit the streets, he's nothing but a bully, he would never step to a man like he did these women never, I'm glad she went a head with the movie he deserves everything he gets, why he didn't go jump the doc? I read awhile back the doc tried to get a diamond Rolex watch useing dre's name he didn't do anything to him, if anyone try to use my name in a scam or in a illegal way i would sue them or press charges for fraud, he didn't step to him because he knew better, he's a bully ion know why these cats think beating on women is the thing to do, it only proves you a bully and abusive, i hope someone beats his ass like he did them

    • Remeber, in "Nuthin but a G Thang," he did say:"…If you bitches talk shit – i'll have to put the smack down!" I guess he was serious…

  10. Dr. Dre is gay. Just listen to "F****in Wit Dre Day" how many times he threatens to snatch a dude from the backside! Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, except when you can't come out the closet it makes you want to do things like beat your beard. #Facts

  11. Dre hates women, period. Dre even hates his own mother, according to Michel'le. He's a gay, DL dog!

  12. These are the facts about Dr. Dre:
    1. Dr. Dre beat up Michel’le

    2. Dr. Dre beat up another black woman name Dee Barnes

    3. Dr. Dre produces three albums with the group NWA that promote and glorify beating up black women, gang banging and drug abuse

    4. Dr. Dre releases a rap album called The Chronic during a time when millions of black people were being sent to prison for marijuana convictions

    5. Dr. Dre sentenced to eight months in prison for probation violation when he drove drunk in Beverly Hills

    6. Dr. Dre marries a white woman

    7. Dr. Dre donates thirty five million dollars to the University of Southern California

    8. Thousands of black people wasted three hundred dollars buying Beats by Dre headphones that are made in China for less than $10 dollars.

    Dr. Dre has been a major detriment to the black community. Mr. Andre Young has done nothing to help the black community. Mr. Andre Young has only helped to destroy the black community. Similar to a parasite, Dr. Dre exploited the pain and suffering of black Americans, marketed it to black and white America, made several deals with the hollywood devils, became super rich then completely turned his back on the black race. Other black celebrities that have damaged and devastated the black community include Ice Cube, Ice-T, Halle Berry, Stacey Dash, OJ Simpson and Michael Jordan. The time is now for all of us to boycott and blackball any black celebrity who uses us as a step ladder to become rich and famous, then proceeds to pledge allegiance to the nazi Amerikkkan society.

    • He's HELLA childish too. He left DOC penniless when he owes half his success to HIM!

      • The DOC is one of the greatest rappers of all time. He is definitely in my top ten.

    • Of all those old school rappers cube the only one who never been arrested since he was anti Jew and kill whitey back in the early 90s

      Halle berry is just a sex slave for whites always had been

      Oj is where he belongs prison with a white boyfriend like he always wanted

    • Boycotts are for people who follow the rules. If you want real change, then you must take real ACTION.

    • Truth @ NBA. But look how well turning your back on your kin worked out for OJ and Cosby. What these turncoat Negros don't get is that every dog has his day. The system they serve was not built for them.

  13. Let's not forget Dre punched a white rapper named Tairre B. She did an interview years ago that Dre was upset with her about something and cold cocked her. Dre's a savage beast!

  14. In the wash remember Dre acted gay by rejecting that girl while snoop was getting busy in the closet and Dre was l listening in rubbing his dick like he wanted to f*ck snoop

  15. Not surprised by what I saw in the movie….most closeted homosexuals are very angry and violent towards women and flamboyant gay man…….they hate women because they are really not who they want to be with, and hate flamboyant gay men because they are out of the closet, and can be themselves freely…#orlandomassshooter #facts

    • True. When you read the description of how he BEAT Dee Barnes and that white girl, that's when you realize this guy had a problem. I remember the Dee Barnes incident when it happened, but I did not know that he beat her like a man would beat a man! I thought he may have just slapped her around. Odd that he husband was in Snoop Dogg videos after…

  16. Either she's mixed or Spanish. Dre stole her from her first husband Sedale Threatt. Bitches ain't loyal.

    • I saw pics of her. Her behavior will be shown on her face as she ages and it won't be pretty.

  17. He wants to live the rich corporate life and being a woman beater does not fit that narrative. You can't erase the past. He is threatening to sue but he will have a hard time with that. At least she didn't accuse him of rape.

  18. What dray did to Michelle was very sad news she was the DAMN FOOL FOR STAYING WITH HIM

  19. Dr. Dre, Floyd Mayweather, Puff Daddy, Ronald Isley, black women have been severely abused. My heart and most sincere condolences go out to all black women who have been victims of physical and sexual abuse. I strongly encourage all black girls and black women to take martial arts classes. Sistas, as soon as your daughter is able to walk, enroll her in martial arts classes. You must learn kung-fu and goju so you can taekwondo these male hoes! Learn to defend yourself and fight back against any woman beating coward who tries to put hands on you.

  20. I saw it and was not any where as bad as SOME people claimed. The girl who played her was cute, but too bad she got naked. I am sure Michel'Le left some shit out for the possible causes of some of her beatings. Daz said she was 'slinging p*ssy,' so maybe that was it?

    I know one thing, like Tariq Nasheed said, there was not explanation was Dre first started to beat on her, he just did it. From her own mouth and from what we can figure out, she stayed with Dre because he was the top man making things run. Suge came in and he was the top man and could stop Dre. She rolled her dice and lost on both counts. Now it's hard for her to find a man because no man wants to get involved in craziness that might lead to death.

  21. I'm not defending him at all, but why did she wait this long to tell this $tory? Why tell the $tory in this way? Why not go after him way back then?

    Dre has admitted to what he did, several times. He expressed shame. And people have always known about this too. It's not a secret.

    I'm not defending him. However, this was like 20 years ago, and she didn't seem to make an effort to tell the story over the years, or be an activist. Was he buying her silence? Was he threatening her?

    I'm not defending him, but imagine someone bringing up 20-year-old dirt on someone. Not 5 years, 2 years, or 10. The other thing is that this is being used to demonize black men. In "latino" culture, domestic abuse is rampant. Many "latin" women love black men because they don't hit them. Do a movie about that. Get out of his closet. Stop trying to "Cosby" people.

    • Black women have the highest numbers as domestic violence victims… more than double that of white women, and far in the lead of latin women. Who do you think is beating and killing black women? Latin men? Think again. When there’s a story about how beautifully black men treat latinas then you can make a movie. Right now the story is Michel’le’s. It came out now because Lifetime CAME to HER after NWA’s bogus movie last year.

  22. @Anonymous 14:47 there are plenty of black men who have hit Latina women. Abusers don't discriminate.

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