Azealia Banks: Russell Crowe Choked Me & Called Me a N*gger!

russell crowe azealia banks fight

Azealia Bank is giving up her Hip Hop beefs for a feud with actor Russell Crowe.

Russell reportedly kicked the rapper out of his hotel room on Saturday night after she made some threats towards him and his guests, according to TMZ.

Witnesses at the party say there were around 10 guests in Russell’s hotel room for a “low-key evening with dinner and music.”

Wu-Tang’s RZA was there, and he brought Azealia as his plus one.

Things got crazy when Azealia reportedly started laughing at the type of music Russell was playing, and called him a “boring white men.”

A female guest tried to step in, and that’s when Azealia began to “threaten Crowe and his guests.”

The rapper reportedly said, “You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino sh*t.”

Um, okay.

When Azealia reached for a glass, the actor wrapped her up in a “bear hug” and carried her out of the room. Security guards then escorted her off of the premises.

But Azealia tells a different story on her Facebook:

azealia banks russell crowe fighting

She also says she has “receipts” to back up her version of events.

Who do you believe?


  1. If you gonna show out and RZA, the one most likely to show out, won't, then you the problem.

    It seems to me that Azaleia looks for problems. She is really crazy and someone need to tell her to save that rabble rousing shit for when the shit really hits the fan, not for manufactured beefs.

    She's lucky that big old Commonwealth drunk didn't smack the daylights out of her. You at someone's house, invited, and you gonna criticize????

    • Read an article that was allegedly posted on here about Rza , literally tap dancing for a bunch of yte executives, in a room
      So I wouldnt put much value on Rza, lol

      • RAZ is a bed buck for white males. Most of the black male rappers are bed wenches for their gay/bi white male massas, that's the secret they don't want you to know. "A hard thug makes a soft queen"

          • Many are. Wake up. What the F do you think they're doing in JAIL. LOL. I swear some of you are so FN naive, LOL!!!

          • @ 08:52 YOU AINT NEVA LIED… Then dudes like to get up on these comment boards and talk about Ghetto Gaggers and dismiss posts like yours telling the truth about they hypocritical bullshit. YES! There is a male counterpart to ghetto gaggers, it's called THUGHUNTERS! And these black males are doing exactly what you are describing in your post. The *Niggerized AmeriKKKan Male* has lost his mind and sold his ever lovin soul! I guess it's easier to beat up on the black woman since she is physically weaker than him, but the problems with getting this community together has always been in the hands of the men. For every ghetto gagger there is a thughunter that has left our community gates open to the profane neanderthal beasts and their sick vile death styles:

    • @09:30 – FRFR!!! Either he smoked too much budha or he intentionally brought her knowing she was start some shit. Who brings a chicken head to refined dinner party??? And by now everyone including Stevie Wonder can see this chick is unstable.

  2. First & foremost…
    THIS is precisely why you have to be extremely careful who you invite as your plus one & to all events in general, big, small, celeb filled, business, pool parties, backyard BBQ…it doesn't matter. Everyone is not meant to roll with you to certain events & likewise, it's not good to introduce any & everybody into your circle of connections especially in the entertainment industry.

    Second, not trying to start up any mess but it's to my understanding RZA (who is my friend's hairstylist's cousin according to her all these years) is & has been very much married for several years now thought it was a good idea to have Miss Banks accompany him to an actor's dinner party in his hotel room….WHY? I'll wait for an explanation from one of you all but in the meantime I'll say this: "He brought her there for a very different reason & whether she knew it or not it went very bad very fast because the expectations of her presence were not met."

    • Interesting… What dealings does RZA have with Russell Crowe though? Was she there to close the deal?

    • Truth. As for the second part, I recently read upon some stuff in the industry, and how women are sometimes used to close deals. Karrine Steffans even elaborated on this in her book.

    • "He brought her there for a very different reason & whether she knew it or not it went very bad very fast because the expectations of her presence were not met."

      @Ms Reg Says – From several reported accounts, it appears the atmosphere was ripe for a sexual orgy. The intimate contact between Azealia and Russell Crowe was disturbing to me. Why was his leg resting on top of her leg while they sat chatting it up next to each other? RED FLAG! Banks' a new acquaintance, right?. There was no long-term established accord between Crowe and Banks to warrant that type of 'closeness' or physical contact. Banks admits they were flirting with each other. RED FLAG! It's no secret that Banks has had coital relations with Caucasian males, but it is clear she didn't want to engage this activity with that hairy Neanderthal-APE, Australian criminal immigrant-descendant, Russell "Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" Crowe. Russell should have deferred to RZA to address Banks since he brought her along as his guest to THAT hotel. What changed Crowe's attitude toward Banks–AFTER he tweeted an accolade about her song "The Big Beat"? Crowe should have NEVER put hands on Banks. There is NOTHING special or desirable, to me, about that Australian KRAKKA.

      What I DO know from observation and experience is being in a setting with Caucasians where there's an indulgence of drugs and/or alcohol is NOT good for a Black non-participant. Problems WILL develop within this type of atmosphere that stimulates and elevates the Caucasians' natural animalistic sexual libido and provide them an excuse for their inappropriate behavior and language use. I can imagine the VERBAL exchange that took place in that suite that caused Banks to be expelled.

      Banks is attracting the WRONG forces. She must go into solitary and re-center through deep mental concentration.

      I do not understand the antipathy levied at that tiny woman. In my assessment, Banks is no where in the caliber of individuals who are evil, corrupt and CRIMINAL–the REAL value destroyers and troublemakers on the planet.

      • You said a mouthful. Banks was brought to be a party favor, set up by the black male to be serving the white man.

        • Sad that the sellout stocking cap wearing azz kneegros are the new Slave auction block for their own women! Then they have a nerve to demonize and criticize the black woman. Well according to prophecy 6 out of 7 of these knee-geriized AmeriKKKlown males will be dealt with by karma's hand!

  3. Maybe it's me. But a gathering in a hotel room just to listen to music and eat seems really ODD.

    • White people have dinner parties with music in the background, nothing abnormal about that.

      • ERIN,
        You're so right…
        All the time. Even executives who travel a great deal do this as well. It takes the monotony out of having to return to the suite & dining alone. It's not uncommon at all. Difference is they invite their colleagues & professional escorts NOT ghettobusters like Ms. Banks.

  4. Nothing new when James Belushi and pac finished filming gang related pac introduced Belushi to spice 1 and kokane for a new drug connection

  5. She's a ghetto gagger smh it's so sad this girl actually had talent and wasted it. no one is ever gonna take her seriously she needs help

  6. Trick gone wild. The fact that they were in one of those tacky suites should have been a clue that this wasn't a dinner party.

  7. A thug hunter homothug, RZA, set her up to look bad in front of those white men. Everybody knows Russell Crowe is a racist so what the f*ck is mr blackity black RZA doing kicking it with a white racist actor? Damn, black males sure do love their white boys.

      • Perhaps now, but lets be honest- All entertainers have had to trick themselves off in order to make it to higher levels within the industry. That's how the game is played. Put nothing past no one.

    • Nothing you write makes anysense whatsoever. Stop choosing thugs and you'll be happier in life loser.

        • You are so FN lame with your ghetto jailbird bitter black male routine. You know damn well I don't date BM so I'm not dating thugs, LOL. Fuck outta here.

    • Right! People have known for years Russell Crowell is Racist, but he could just be like most people and can't stand ghetto acting loud mouth bitches that have 0 home training and he's not exactly racist. I don't know him I wouldn't know. Her on the other hand f*ck that bitch the only problem I have here is he should've keat choking her ass. She's a low self esteem jealous talentless hater that loaths her dark skin or former dark cuz she bleached it. She does a lot of shit talking to dark skinned girls and people in general and I wish she would shut the f*ck up. She's more racist than Russell Crowe is and I don't feel bad for her if she came to my party ideas choke the bitch and kick her black ass out my shit too.

    • Rza isn't a homo thug, he's a straight, intelligent black man. Russell Crowe racist..hmmm, that's the first time I'm reading that, since you don't have any single fact, I'll assume it's just your assumption. He urged the Australian government to lift their ban on Snoop, one of his good friends, from entering Australia. Anyway, let's say Russell is racist and Rza is a homo thug, still that doesn't miraculously make Azalea Banks an angel. She's a horrible individual, evil to the core who hates everybody. Just Google her, that bitch has rabies or is demon possessed. Even you would want to choke her out if you had the misfortune of encountering her. Watched her interview, she's so annoying, I've never seen someone who's attitude & speak just made me wish I was the one interviewing her, so I couldn't slap the shit outta her

      • No one gets along with her. She is a bipolar mess who doesn't take her meds regularly, and when she doesn't she goes off.

      • You made some excellent points and n your comment. I've already discussed RZA & the fact he is absolutely NOT a gay/homo thug of sorts. Unlike most black men in his age group in the industry RZA married a beautiful black woman & they've been married for a good while now. Like you said NEVER had I ever once heard of Russell Crowe being racist. What I do know of him is that "he has no problem hanging with black people, especially in certain settings with no problem at all."

        I believe RZA was the middleman/pimp who brokered a deal for that evening & more was asked of Ms Banks than she may have expected if she knew at all. I can't prove it but that's what I believe happened. I've already heard a few tales of how she was getting down long before she "retired from rap"? Seeing as how I didn't even know who she was for the longest let alone anything about her career but…okay!

        • NEWS FLASH – any kneegro celebrating Christmas, Easter, New Years, Halloween, ThanksSTEALING, and going to church on Sundays are practicing WITCHES AND WARLOCKS – and you can take that to the bank!

    • This isn't the first time I heard about RC being a racist. He's f*cking crazy. He bully some producer and beaten a hotel staff with a telephone.

      Bared Wire, spill the tea on RZA and RC.

      • The tea is birds of a feather flock together what the hell is RZA doing with a racist white male actor, hmm? DL black males get more white dick than I do. Lots of black males are bed bucks for undercover white males.

        • Whoa. Maybe a sex ritual went wrong. What about the wu tang? Do you believe RZA is AB pimp?

          • It's possible. Quite a few entertainment moguls are really just pimps and madams, with the label of being an "executive" or whatnot. Diddy tricks his artist off as well, so I damn sure would put it past RZA.

      BLACK men use to watch white slave catchers rape their black wives and do nothing.

      So I am Not surprised

  8. I want receipts. Everyone is always giving black men the benefit of the doubt and I will do the same for her. We automatically rush to the defense of the black man but never for the black woman. Shits disgusting to back up a known racist. Gtfoh with that bullshit.

    • I am a black woman and I say f*ck that bitch. She talks way to much shut for sympathy for me. I knew she had low self esteem but when she went in on dark skinned girls she really lost me not that I knew who she was in heard her name 2 times then all the bitter and hate flew out of her right by she started bleaching her skin cuz she was dark as f*ck herself and that self hate white girl envy showed itself. FUCK THAT BITCH I HOPE HE CHOKES THAT BITCH EVERY SINGLE TIME HE SEES HER Annoying headcase she needs to sit the f*ck down somewhere quiet away from the rest of the world.

    • @Wicked THANK YOU. Yup, coons are always given the benefit of a doubt by mammies and bitter fatherless simps. Russell Crowe is a known racist. Azealia does what rappers do and that's TALK SHIT. Oh, I've forgotten, only black males can talk shit and swirl. Gotcha.

    • @Wicked – Your commentary is appreciated.

      A number of Blacks take white folks' word for face value and do NOT require or ask them to authenticate THEIR claims. It's no wonder Caucasian mastery of creating deceptions has changed our thinking completely upside down and opposite to what is logically and scientifically EVIDENT in nature. Our perception of this world, ourselves and others is totally WARPED. I despise white pathology and it effects upon the neural network of Blacks who continue to unwittingly be abused, exploited and genocided by those who do not exercise self-accountability.

      The thinking among straight-haired parasitic criminal immigrant descendants makes them a menace to all autochthon nations on this planet. Their nature is to invent and commit crimes…and blame-displace Blacks for their frailties and insecurities. Racism IS a criminal pathology.

      The Banks/Crowe incident is a mere distraction. Banks must call upon ancestral forces to intervene on her behalf in this matter.

  9. I'm still trying to figure out why the Crow and RCA made a movie together! And why is Assailia getting invites when she is only famous for starting shit on twitter?!

  10. See what how running to the arms of a white man has backfired. A lot of people in general are not going to feel sorry for her, especially in the black community due to her comments about black men. Shit has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass. Now I believe her, but the question is- what type of party was this, and where was it? It's been known that parties in hollyweird are just upscale "tricking " events, so I wouldn't put it past the RZA like one mentioned earlier, of her being an escort under his wing.

  11. Was she there to have a train ran on her, I'm just curious why she would want to tag along knowing it was going to be all "Boring White Men"…

  12. I don't know if Russell Crowe is racist or not….however, I have seen this broad in play. She is everything people say about her. One of them loud mouth NY types……first one to get their ass kicked. She started some shit in a Miami club and some local chick was going to wash her up real quick. Azealia is like Foxy Brown…one minute she gangsta…next minute she's valley girl. Fake ass busta. She was popping shit for half an hour and told them to call the police when shit got LIT. Russell should have paid a Chinese bitch to stomp her.

  13. I don't know why several people here have declared that Crowe is a racist. He is generally known to be an asshole, but he does have a rock band and he hangs with a lot of musicians.
    The one time he got in trouble was when he threw the phone at the gay desk clerk at a hotel in Soho. And that took him from an Oscar winning A+ list actor down to a B+ list actor.

    If he had been known to throw the n word around I think we would have heard about it. The media and paparazzi hate him.

  14. Azalea said she dates white men for money but she can't stand white men

    Ok I hate you but I want your money I get it

    She might as well sell p*ssy she ain't selling records

  15. Azealia is a RAPPER. Don't rappers act wacky and do outrageous shit?? She's following the script but since she's a swirler, like KANYE, BP hate on her. This page shows the racial hypocrisy blacks have against swirling bw, like, the worse thing a BW can do is swirl as of course black male swirlers are ass kissed and lauded. Black male swirling is normalized. Blacks are so lost and mentally ill.

      • You don't like it? Who FN currs? I've been here for years. What are you gonna do about it? Nothing but simp and stalk.

    • No one hates when a black woman dates white men what are you talking about? No one is hating on her for who she dates we hate her cause shes a annoying shit talking headcase that needs to take that money she gets from white men and buy some self esteem. She can date and f*ck who ever is that desperate and can stand to be around her. I date white men I date every kind as long as I like him f*ck what anyone else likes and Who anyone else dates black white makes no difference because its not my relationship so not my business. Shes a bitch that needs choking. Stop all this coon bs I feel like you are her cuz your backwards coon swirl talk missing the whole reason people are talking shit and thats cuz shes a bitch. When male rappers do dumb shit when they're assholes guess what we talk shit about them too.

      • You're FN nuts and I seriously doubt you're swirling. You might be on your knees in somebody's car but that ain't swirling thats hooking for free.

  16. Sorry but if he choked this nut I have to give him a standing ovation. Good job Russel.

      • @13:47 – I'm sayin! A kneegro actually praising a neanderthal for abusing, demeaning or hurting a Original earth dweller – no matter how bat shit crazy the Original person is, is some pathological shit. Kneegerized AmeriKKKlowns who have lost their ever loving minds condone shit like that. We can understand why a sistah or a brotha goes mental in this shitboat Titanic of a corporation: US of KKK. Opression for just about 400 years and abject torture would turn any peace loving Original insane, but a neanderthal allow to continue their villainy, planetary terrorism and torture and be praised for doing it, by fellow kidnapped Original…. I JUST CAN'T…

        • Yup that's where we are as a people today, pitiful. BW are the race women protecting unloyal hoe black males while rich bm swirl at high numbers and still expect bw to support and coddle their asses, while they take legacy money out of the community to non black women. I'm not surprised at all the sell out coons denounced Banks while kissing the ass of RZA and Crowe, down low punks.

  17. (As I stated above)-For all of those saying RZA is straight, he may be that way now, but all, ALL of these entertainers have had to trick themselves off in order to get in, and stay in the game. You don't make it to the level RZA, Diddy, Dre, or Snoop is at without crossing "certain" lines. After a certain point of making it, entertainers/moguls begin to groom and trick off their protege's, and other artist under them as a way to close deals, and for referral fees. RZA's been in the game for 20+ years, and he certainly know's how it's played.

    • oKAY! Folks be acting brand new up in here when it comes to their favorite "rappers!" shit, they bowed down and took the peen just like everybody else!

    • You are 100% correct. The same goes for Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Will Smith and Samuel L Jackson.

      • NOT correct! I know for a fact that Diddy GAVE the peen to a highly placed recording executive many years ago. Y'all don't seem to realize that MOST gay men like to bottom(yes I understand that there are exclusive tops) and therefore, no every white man wants to f*ck a BM. Most want to BE FUCKED by a black man.

        • Everything you're saying, Anon, I'm hip to. Except no, many want to F and denigrate the black male as a bed buck, have you seen thug hunters thats the black male ghetto gaggers for down low gay black males?

          Most gay WM like to TOP BM.

      • @ NBA is Fixed, I just finished watching the Boondocks Episode 8 of Season 3 – These shows always tell the truth about what goes on behind the scenes in a laughing (more easily "digestible") manner – I think we all know who's being portrayed in this episode. LOL You ain't lyin

  18. Azealia Banks files a police report against a rich white male celebrity, nothing happens. A ugly white woman calls the police on Chris Brown and it’s top story on every single television news network in Amerikkka. The corporate owned news media says nothing about Azeaia Banks, but the media go out of their way to defame and destroy Chris Brown’s image and legacy. This country really hates us. This country really hates black women!

  19. I don't believe that Crow called her the n word. He just about lost his career when he threw that phone at a gay dude in NY, and he has been watching his Ps an Qs ever since then. Do you really think he is stupid enough to ruin his career over a bitch like Azaleia? She lies all the damn time on Twitter, and she lied on an airline steward ho she said called her a ni**er and the passengers said that he did not.

    • I think Azealia is unstable but I also think he knows that everyone who was in that room is going to back his story and not Azealias. I don't even understand why she was there. She is nowhere near his level.

    • Yes I believe Russell Crowe spin on her and cussed her out he's the same fool who was drunk and high and threw a telephone at a hotel staffer. Remember that?! Plus this whole story is a FN set up! Why did RZA take her in the first place??

  20. The entertainment industry is a bunch of drug dealers and prostitutes masquerading as artists.

  21. What I mean is that Azealia is not in his social circle, not that she's unworthy. I've never heard of them being acquaintances nevermind friends who party together. You can't deny that the two of them at a private intimate dinner together is weird.

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