Beyonce Gives Bloody Performance After Ripping Her Earlobe!

beyonce rips earlobe

Beyonce didn’t let a little bit of blood stop her performance at Saturday night’s Tidal X 1015 concert in Brooklyn.

The singer was performing her song “Haunted,” and whipping her fake ponytail back and forth. But the pony accidentally snagged on her earring and ripped it right from her ear!

At one point, Bey touches her ear, notices the blood, but she keeps performing without even missing a beat!

Peep the performance.


  1. Let's see, Prince was getting ready to drop dead and he performed an entire concert. Beyonce pulled her earring out and it makes the news. REALLY ppl. Did she drink her blood? Girl bye

    • Thank you, that shows a true artist..Prince will not be forgotten, his music will live on..
      I liked when he came out and told people, the reports about him being dead was wrong.
      Save your prayers for later..

    • And why did Beyonce try to upstage Prince after his death by getting a Minnesota day before his.

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