Nicki Minaj Gives Fans a Stiff Twerk

nicki minaj twerk

During her performance at Tidal’s Saturday night concert at Barclay’s in Brooklyn, Nicki Minaj gave concertgoers a struggle twerk performance to Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.”

In the video, you can see Nicki almost blowing her back out in an attempt to make her concrete cheeks bounce.

After the backlash and clownin’ she received, Nicki addressed the haters by first posting a video of herself practicing her stiff twerk:

Then she dropped this message before deleting it.

What do you think of Nicki’s twerk skills?


    • DR1,
      Off topic but umm…?
      Word on these streets is that HurriMatt left some folks down there in SC completely void of ALL TEXTING ABILITIES! We hear y'all don't even know WHO y'all are supposed to text!!

  1. I don't understand gibberish. No clue what she is say in her tweet.

  2. Your rehearsal was f*cked up to stop playing girl your ass ain't real so it's not going to shake like jello u dam near broke your back trying to make it move ????

  3. Nicki got 2 years left in her..after that she done.Shes a try hard now like jlo..very soon no one going to take her seriously.

    • That's news to me @uncletruth. Never thought anyone took Nicki Minaj seriously.

  4. All of the so called artist is nit worth spending money to see live.. Give me the 60's thru the 90's
    artist, when artist could sing.. somebody please help this new generation, they are ALL lost and they have no soul.. I'm going to keep my coins and jam to my old school music, when artist actually sing and had a band there.. Don't need all these gimmicks, all the glitz and no glory.. I'm speaking on 97% of all music made these days is crap.. The have to steal beats from the older artist.. Where is their creativity, they have none.. Now this is just my opinion and opinions are like asshole, we all have one..

  5. All the real singers and musicians are dead

    Even the white wannabes are ridiculous m

    A ll these singers now sound like somebody cut their balls off Drake sing like he been raped by the whole football team

    Luther was gay but he was more masculine than these homothugs

    • We have a few but they get ZERO airplay. Same with musicians.? There are so many AWESOME musicians we NEVER hear unless we travel the world to seek them out or scour sources like Pandora.

      Check this link out & tell me if she's not a classic example of what I mean. She a black female harpist but most people don't know she exist.
      Tell me what you think…

      • here's the thing most people should know when you join the industry you have to play the game even the talented the ones played the game they would not get airplay if they didn't . i love old school but they soulded out too but they had talent . also guys the entertainment industry is not making money NO MUSIC IS SELLING MOST RECORD COMPAINES BUY THEIR MUSIC. most of these artist make money tours but now the recording company wants that too

        • america across the board is broke america is getting ready to go war with russia most cuntries don't accept the us dollar the us dollar vaule is dropping day by day. and the =y trying to crash this stock martket which already have crashed and never recovered. productivty in america is down all around.

          • Yep. This is the absolute truth! Though the initial crash isn't likely to happen until 2017…

  6. 1. Uh. I don’t see what the big deal is here. It’s not that serious. Some chicks were looking for something to say.

    2. Why is the “hater” cartoon brown?

    3. The only reason why this could be an issue is because she’s Trini. Caribbean girls are held to a higher standard. She has to accept it.

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