Tamar Braxton Calls Past Friendship With Toya Wright “Unhealthy”

tamar braxton unhealthy friendship toya wright
Tamar Braxton is defending herself for ending her friendship with Toya Wright – calling the relationship “unhealthy” and saying Toya wanted to live her life!

In her Instagram post, Tamar goes off about God showing her who did and who didn’t belong in her life…and obviously, Toya didn’t make the cut.

She says she has never kicked anyone out of her life, they walked away on their own.

Peep the message:

Tamar’s response comes after an excerpt from Toya’s book, “In My Own Words…My Real Reality”, was posted online. In the book, Toya says she tried to get on “The Real” for two seasons, but she was never able to. After Tamar was fired, Toya’s publicist was able to get her a spot on the show, which she thought was “strange.” Toya basically believed Tamar was blocking her from being on the show the entire time.

What do you think Toya really did to get the boot from Tamar’s life, or is Tamar just being petty as usual?


  1. Tamar your whole life is unhealthy by the way you look like a straight up witch and I am assuming when you say your god I am pretty sure which god you are talking about.

  2. How could Tamar call her relationship with Toya unhealthy when she's married to an abuser. Tamar needs psychiatric help immediately.

    • I think that's a Halloween costume. It has to be.

      That or she has just joined Marilyn Manson's band.

  3. Nobody wants to say a thing about Toya?? Like how this ish should be in mourning for her dead family members but instead is trying to peddling her shit for fame? Yeah right, you know she sacrificed those fools for her career. Tamar is telling secrets in this post. Some people will either try to take your essence or will kill you for fame so you need to cut them out.

    • Ikr she just lost her brothers i thougjt they were close smh yep she sacrificed them something bout Toya i never trusted anyway ijs

    • That's what I said…I mean her grieving was over in 2..1!

  4. Toya sacrificed her brothers and look now she has something to talk about in her book besides her baby daddy Wayne.

    • sacrifice or drug deal gone bad you decide.

      rumors are saying toya left wayne cause he was too gay.

  5. I don't know..good for Tamar. I mean I've done the very same thing, asked God to do the cutting. Sometimes you don't know but you have a feeling something ain't right. Bye Toya

    • Me too. Maybe Tamar know something that we don't. Toya is thirsty. Best to get rid of someone like that before you end up in the obits.

  6. Tamar doesn't know sh*t. She's arrogant and a narcissist. Toya is better off. Who needs frenemies

  7. Question? Why would "The View" invite Toya on their show? Has she ever been in a group, in a movie, on a TV show (besides Wives of WTF?) No! She wrote a book? For what? Did she invent something? Become a Doctor, a famous lawyer a successful scientist? Paid homage to God? Anything of signifcant in the world? Absolutely "Hell Naw". So, why would she write about Tamar Braxton not helping be on a talk show? People kill me with this entitlement crap. She need to take a seat, and stop trying to act like to Maya Angelou. She and the lot of them are insignificant. Say, what you want about Tamar, but she comes from a talented family, has a talented husband, and she can sang! She may went hollywood with the fake face/body parts but who hasn't in hollywood?

  8. Honestly they are both "TOO DAMN OLD TO BE THIS PETTY""….Grow the hell up and handle your own business. Tamar stop throwing stones when you live in a glass house and start bob and weaving more, I hope the reason you keep messing up your face and getting that Michael Jackson nose was due to Vince hitting you with a two piece to the face and chin….and Toya outside of f*cking someone famous and hanging around someone famous, you have nothing to say, so take several seats, Toya and Tamar the both of you need to take some self defense classes with the dudes you two hook up with….guess you believe K.Michelle now..Toya, you knew she was telling the truth.( I know your not that good of an actress) seen it on marriage bootcamp.

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