Tommy From “Martin” on Life Support

tommy ford life support

Tommy Ford who played Tommy on “Martin” is on life support in an Atlanta hospital.

According to TMZ, the 52-year-old actor had an aneurysm that ruptured in his abdomen, and he’s not expected to make it through the day.

Initial reports stated the actor had died, but Tommy’s wife confirmed to TMZ he is still alive, and his “family is still praying for him.”

Comedians Anthony Anderson and Martin Lawrence left messages for Tommy on their Twitter accounts:

Two weeks ago, Tommy underwent a knee replacement surgery. His new battle seems to be a result of that initial surgery. He has been in the hospital since Sunday, and his health has been declining ever since.

Prayers up!


  1. Damn… That really sucks. I would hope by divine miracle that he recovers…
    Looks like it's "that" seasons again…

  2. Man damn, Tommy is my dude. With his no job havin' ass. 🙂

    No disrespect, hope he's a'ite.

  3. He completed the show. Even when Gina was gone (didn't miss her) for a while, the show was funny because of Marti and his boys. Tommy know he was dressed on that show.

  4. Aneurysms are always fatal. All the prayer in the world could not save him.

    Nice guy, may his family be comforted by the love of others. RIP.

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