Arrest Warrant Issued for LHHATL’s Karen King

karen king arrest warrant

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen King has found herself in trouble with the law once again.

Karen allegedly stopped making the payments on a Maserati she bought back in 2014, and now, the cops are after her!

It has been 5 months since she paid the bill, and the repo man has been looking for the car for months. Since they’ve been unable to locate the vehicle, the judge signed off on a warrant to have her arrested.

This isn’t her first run-in with the law this year. Back in May, she was arrested during a club appearance for identity fraud. She is facing up to three years in prison for that crime.

While she’s out here scammin’ and refusing to pay her car note, she has no problem dropping a couple G’s on a tummy tuck.

Priorities, people!


  1. What kind of foolishness is this? What state is practicing this kind action over trying to repo a car? Depending on what state she lives in the bank/finance company violated that state's & the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practice Acts. They can be fined for this kind of conduct. The fact that this issue has now hit social media is a separate issue that can be used for law suit against the bank/finance company. She needs a good ass lawyer.

    I'm almost certain the warrant is for Grand Theft or if the company she's dealing with is extremely petty, Theft of Services but not for skipping car payments.

    • You took the word right out of my mouth.
      I know people that have done way worse and some who had cars they weren't paying for way longer than 5 months and the cops didn't show up looking for them.
      How do we even know she wasn't making her payments? People don't lie or try to make shit up ever? Chris Brown knows what I'm talking about, just because they say she hasn't paid that doesn't mean much maybe she can prove somehow she has been paying I feel like she should also be able to sue for false arrest. Doubt that's going to happen because her ass probably hasn't paid but before it goes this extreme they should have to prove that. Just because you commit 1 crime doesn't mean you truly commit every crime you're accused of. What happen to innocent until proven guilty? I don't care what she's done anyway I like her. She's a no nonsense kinda broad that'll whoop you ass for disrespect and you can come up missing if you push it. To top it off she looks damn good
      Get em KK I pray you get out of this shit (but you probably won't )

      • BlackAssNinjaTurtle23,
        Tell you what….I didn't finish law school years ago do to lack of focus, desire & diligence but ^^^THIS^^^ has the potential to be a real meaty case that should include several filings IF ANY OF THIS IS NOT TRUE. If nothing else I hope she gets an attorney to nail the bank/finance company for defamation. I'm so sick of these companies "telling BLACK people's financial business" in an effort to get them to pay & humiliate them in the process.

        I don't know this lady, I've never seen a moment of her show & I wouldn't care if she bought a billion dollar car…that's her business & the of the bank/finance company's job is to get their money &/or their vehicle back.

        • Right cuz every other minute I hear how all these people with money dobt pay bills not 1 paid a tax. How is this even possible? They will go get you over tax money (Though were not legally bound to pay taxes but dont get me started) though and i dont see anybodys name all over tv for it but somebody well known they put all the business in the street. What if its not even true, to bad the damage is already done ans thats slander. Wrong wrong wrong

  2. If you cannot buy a Maserati with cash, you have no business buying it. The upkeep on those things is horrendous because they break down constantly.

    She is a stupid woman. A stupid woman with bad credit.

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