Nick Cannon Reveals the Best Sex He’s Ever Had & It Wasn’t With Mariah!

nick cannon jessica white song

Nick Cannon just released a new track dedicated to the woman who blew his mind in the sack.

“Jessica” featuring Ty Money is reportedly about Nick’s ex-girlfriend, model Jessica White.

“Jessica, I gotta talk to her. I gotta confess that your p**** is better than the rest of ’em … cuz when we f***, I bust a n*t, I put that whole 12 in her. Jessica, she model, professional, sexing butt naked in the back of the whip,”

Then Nick gets graphic and talks about Jessica’s sloppy toppy skills:

“The type you might want to wife and get pregnant … psych! I got on protection though. She’s the best in the bed when it comes to the head, that sh*t is exceptional. I don’t know that b**ch name, but I think it’s Jessica.”

Well, alright then.

In case you forgot, Nick is currently dating Chilli from TLC. I wonder what she thinks of this track dedicated to his ex’s sex game?

nick cannon jessica white best sex

Peep the track.


  1. Nick Cannon is so korny!…Yuuuuck!…Why did he wait until he had children to start telling his dick stories?.. Sheesh

      • ???? They believe that these sexcapade stories, will catapult, or at least jump start their withering careers!

    • Nick is a 6 incher fully hard… me ladies he is nowhere near a 12 incher. He is a liar if he says otherwise. I know one of his ex-girlfriends and she said he no challenge in bed. She said he came up short. She was expecting him to be packing more. Very disappointed when he dropped his pants.

  2. I must be real damn old because to me, everything you do and everybody you do, shouldn't be public knowledge. Why does Nick and the Game feel the need to "out" everyone they sleep with? This shit is SO high school.

  3. All these bitch made nigs needs to learn how to keep there private life private, dirty bastards.

  4. This guy just enrolled in Howard University, supposedly full-time. Why does he have time to talk irrelevance?

  5. Sorry but….one would think Nick would make better use of his time. Seems he totally forgot he fathered a daughter (not to mention his son) who will undoubtedly hear this unnecessary foolishness one day.?

  6. All of this coming from a preacher's son and a father! Smfh and ain't this nigga close to 40. ? I feel so bad for the next generation nothing is pure anymore grown ass ppl putting their business out like they are in high school it's so sad.

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