Tyga Exposed as Pimp in Prostitution Ring

tyga pimp prostitution

Tyga has been exposed by the woman in the photo who claims the “Rack City” rapper is nothing but an undercover pimp!

The woman submitted her story to The Dirty, along with receipts claiming she sent a message to a profile called “FindingAMatchForMyBoss” on a dating website.

After contacting the profile, she was asked to send her phone number, and she received a text from someone named Jamie. Jamie sent the woman a video of Chris Brown dropping a few Instagram names to follow. She was told to follow the very last account, @charlesincharge101, and to send the account a DM saying “Jamie” sent her.

A bunch of back and forth went down, including Tyga FaceTiming her for only 5-10 seconds before disconnecting. She said Tyga was in a “dark room with only the light from his monitor showing his face. But it was very clear who he was.”

Tyga and Jamie gave the woman the run around, and even though the rapper sent her a text asking, “F*ckin?.. Yea or no,” she was still confused as to what Tyga’s motives were LOL

The rapper tried to get her to fly to Houston to hook up with some guy, and when the girl asked Jamie if she had to have sex with the guy in Houston before sleeping with Tyga, Jamie replied, “Its more than just that girl. Its almost like a Taz Angels.” And we all know what Taz Angels is allegedly all about right? Pimpin!

Tyga eventually told the girl, “I got my n*gga who can book u on licks. U keep 50%. If u trying to make money.” She asked what “licks” meant, and Tyga replied “F*ckin 4 bread.”

You can read the entire ho tale here.

Are you surprised Tyga is trying to pimp women to pay his bills?


  1. Cyber pimpin'? WTF?

    Sad part is some of these dumb bitches would actually do the shit.

  2. SOME!? I think they have a LINE of hoes ready to go to Dubai to get shit on. Worst part is these hoes have NO SHAME about it anymore. They post pictures of the stuff they bought and act like they're proud of the come up. This shit is getting ridiculous.

    • Tyga is a batty boi and he gonna end up sacrificed for running his big ass mouth … He f*cking with a serious ring of selling p*ssy going On here , this top notch shit !

  3. Is this something we don't know already? When he first took his underage bae out of the country it was sposed to be so she could learn the music industry. That's what they said…..

    • The parents knew what was going on, so no way will Tyga be exposed to the authorities without exposing that family as well. He's playing with fire and I hope he keeps playing with it.

  4. Yeah but who the f*ck orders some bitch they don't even know to go across the country/ world over skype and the bitch does it? smdh….

  5. White industries do it all the time. Blacks just playing catch up.

  6. I don't care who did it first…it is some ratchet ass shit….made for the lowest of the ratchets.

    • Im with you on that one! XD

      Who knew he had the touch of an ice-cold pimp running through his veins.

      • A lot of pimps tend to be gay or bisexual. That's why it's so easy for them to be cruel and violent with the prostitutes; they truly hate women.

        • Truth. After all, Ive heard many times that it's been said in the past that a "true" pimp will get down on his knees and suck that dick if he has to."

        • Also forgot to mention that gay men are sometimes TWICE as misogynist as regular straight men, and are likely to put hands on a woman; due to them already being influenced by the feminine, as well as having an outlet for taking out their frustration for their compromised manhood. Thats why a lot of the gay jews in hollywood, and men in the industry in general are so abusive towards women.

  7. Actually most pimps love women but they see them as business so they don't fall in love because that affects the money train. Pimp mentality is 'get another one' if this one leaves. The ho chooses her pimp not the other way around. We aint talking about kidnapping and rape here. Pimpin is bizniss!

    • A lot of pimps ARE actually bisexual, and in the old days, if a prostitute was unable to service a client, the pimp would. Many pimps themselves were the victims of child trafficking, or were victims of sexual abuse, so they re-offend. And yes many pimps do hate women do to their upbringing and other factors, and they see women as merely products that offer a service. Look up a pimp from Pomona, CA named "Suga Free." Also, go watch the documentary "Pimps up, hoes down." Yes some hoes do choose their pimps, but MANY girls are trafficked from young ages, lured in and then turned out; put on the hoe stroll. A lot of pimps who traffic girls are very brutal and abusive. Bishop Don Juan came under fire for a players ball years ago where other pimps were bringing in underage girls. A pimp may have a carefree attitude as to whether or not his hoe leaves or stays, but they are not above "disciplining" a bitch to keep her in line. Pimping isn't black and white, and as many would say- "the game is to be sold, not told."

  8. No wonder Kris allows Tyga to be around Kylie he knows people who pay top dollar for white p*ssy and Kylie will be top choice along with blac chyna who is s known hooker already and Rob being pissed yes it's starting to make more sense Kris exploited kim for TV sucess

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