Rapper Shawty Lo Killed in Fiery Car Crash

shawty lo killed car accident

Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo was killed early Wednesday morning in a fiery crash in south Fulton County, according to the AJC.

Shawty’s brother confirmed the news on the rappers official Twitter account.

The crash happened about 2:20 a.m. when Shawty’s white Audi went over a guardrail, hit two trees and burst into flames. This is reportedly a photo of what was left of the vehicle after the accident.


The rapper was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead on the scene. Two women who were in the vehicle were injured and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Hours before his death, Shawty posted videos on Instagram. He spent the final hours of his life at a strip club with a drink in his hand.

Shawty was well-known for his song “Dey Know” which debuted back in 2008. He also made headlines in 2013 when the Oxygen network announced plans for a reality show
including his 11 children and 10 baby mamas. After backlash and online petitions, the show was cancelled before it even aired.



  1. Never heard of him. God rest his soul. So who is going to benefit off his death?

  2. I remember that reality show idea with the many baby mamas & kids. Who's gonna raise those kids now that he's gone?

  3. Waiting on one of yall to say the illuminati set this up

    Not gonna blame everything on them

  4. ay was an eventful day, to say the least!….RIP Bruh!…His died exactly like Lamont Gently from the TV show Moesha, with Brandy!….He played Hakeem!….Also, Master P's brother C Murder, was found dead in his jail cell!…

    • Typo!…Today is an eventful day!…Love and Light!….I hope that everyone that's still here, has an aboundant, healthy, and lovely day!…Peace to all of my crazy, funny, and opinionated fellow shit talking people in the comment section!…Have a blessed day!

      • e absolutely correct! Thet internet recycled an old death hoax!. And I helped spread it like the herpes!..!My bad! Disregard that bullshit????

        • Naw you just running your f*cking big ass mouth wishing death on ppl with no receipts … Big stfu … QUEEN LIES ! Google ain't your friend !

  5. im going to say this i know people gonna get upset i know LOL shawty lo could have been a sacrfice as well becasue he was friends with a lot of niggas. i mean look this way a lot of these clebes family members have been killed manily cousins

    • i said maybe hell look at some of his videos he be throwin up the 666 and all of that the winter solstice is coming up and then halloween

      • not just celebs will be drying but everyday who enjoy these occult rituals hoildays people are going to be dying all these pagan are holidays are evil

        • Oh I hear you. The tell tell sign will be when two more celebrities drop dead. All we have to do is wait and see.

      • No doubt. Celebrities (major and especially minor) seem to be dropping like flies. This is probably just the beginning … ?????

  6. Damn RIP to him, and I send my condolences to his family. It sucks his kids are gonna have to grow up without a father.

      • Naw they gonna have to do fund me's to bury this fool and to raise his kids his ass should have been at home with at least one of his kids!

  7. That asshole has 11 kids and should have been with at least one of them that night! I got no pity for him just another selfish self-centered black male thinking of himself and not his family.

    Illuminati my ass!! That bish was high and drove wrong.

    Attention Sasha R. I don't know what the stats are but now, I don't read this page on my iPhone!! always get a virus or some silly popup when I read HSK on my cell which is a damn shame. You and Jacky need to handle this shit. I read others saying this at HSK Facebook. So I read this at my desk and not my mobile, isn't that cutting off your nose to spite your face? Don't you want readers period?

    • He was drunk back when I was young and foolish I rode with drunk drivers that was many years ago they are reckless but it's also a stage 4 suicide attempt at any rate.

  8. Only the two survivors know the answer. Why didn't he have his seatbelt on. Even if he was drunk why would they get in the car with him.

  9. That car is totaled — looks like a drunk driving accident to me.

    How f&cking irresponsible, to drink/drive with passengers (who will more than likely sue his estate) and 11 kids?

    And I doubt life insurance pays out on drunk/drug driving.

    Fool azz country bama azz negro. No sympathy for him now that 11 kids are fatherless.

    And there prolly ain't much he left if he was LEAVING A STRIP CLUB.

    This guy never grew up. 11 fatherless kids, because they daddy was a manchild and not a man.

  10. Whats with brehs and strip clubs..that can't be rappers only outlet for recreation. Strip clubs now corny as hell. Pay some ho to pretend to like you everyday. should a been with his kids in Disney or some like that.I'm sick of this striper era…strippers are now becoming the standard for womanhood.. Thanks to these low intellect athletes and rappers.drunk driving usually comes next after leaving the stripclub..now dudes dead..he died a stereotype…well it don't matter how u go..once u gone u gone..Rip.

  11. Jordan towers blood sacrifice shawty lo the jew who he was doing youtube vids with jordan towers youtu e show gonna blow up full swing different rappers bigger rappers now different levels to this shit shawty lo was on the phone with him last n plus shawty lo wasnt driving he was on the passenger side they probably injected him or shot him then blew up the car two women was with him jordan towers was the last person to tlk to lo at 1am do yhe math blood sacrifice shawty lo jordan towers youtube shows will blow up bigger now that evil jew he did a rip vid for lo couldnt even show his face fake tears that's y he got paid millions off that blood sacrifice

  12. Possible but Ti was in South Africa and contacted YouTube to post his condolences or to let the world know it's done I'm out here nothing to tie me up !!! Cuz everytime there's a rapper dead in atl somehow he is in the building or abroad serving his master Lucifer !

  13. His IG will tell u who he is and he was a man who loved his kids! He claimed all of them and let the world know how much he loved them. ATL & strip clubs go hand in hand. It's just extra sad becuz his dad passed a couple of weeks ago too. RIP Shawty Lo. As folks stand in the judgement seat, don't forget that your time will come too.

    • Talking about loving your kids flossing a photo isn't loving your kids. Loving your kids is protecting them with LIFE INSURANCE. He's too damn old to be at the strip club and if a sista had 11 kids and was out partying she'd be called a hood rat a thot and worse. He was a seflish bastard who paid the price for being selfish he lost his life.

    • His father suddenly dies right before his reality show ??? … What goes around comes around is right? … He took out dad and got took out his damn self Ha !

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