The Game Reveals the 3 Kardashians He Had Sex With

the game kardashian sisters sex

Remember on The Game’s song “Sauce” where he revealed he had sex with three Kardashians? Well, he has finally spilled the tea and revealed who the lucky (or unlucky?) Kardashians are.

On an episode of the “Wendy Williams” show, The Game confirmed he smashed Kim, which really isn’t a surprise since the two dated in the past.

He also said he had sex with Khloe. His reason behind it was, “Sometimes it gets late at night, and you know… and it just, people… I don’t know,”

And as for the third Kardashian, Game says, “It gets a little tricky… [Blac] Chyna ain’t married yet.” he said.

So there you have it. The mystery has been solved, even though the family swore only one of them was desperate enough to sleep with Game.

Peep the video.


  1. Like I said before…six degrees of separation with these Hollywood types. Too close for comfort.

  2. You know!…He's a waste of skin!…He should be focusing on building, so that he can leave his children something!…This is our legacy in the end right?….It's all about who's f*cking who, when people are being murdered, displaced, starved, unemployed, and about to go back into physical slavery!..But what do I know, I'm just a dreamer!

    • Yeah!….He's Finished, that dick is done!…There ate so many women in he world, why those women?…That's soooooo nasty!…They all just pass eachother around! Disgusting!

  3. The real question is how nasty is khlochewy for sleeping with her sister's leftovers?

    Any black men who f*cks with that grimy skank is losing all day everyday!

  4. Kim isn't shocking neither is Khloé but now we know why Rob and chyna having issues because she sleeping around with other dudes damn but Rita ora said years ago Rob ain't worth a damn in bed

  5. The only thing Game is good for now, is cracking jokes & kissing & telling like a real butch, about who he fukked or lied about fukking…..why don't he just go somewhere far far away, & he should take his pathetic stand with him, they are relentless!

    • If he didn't want to admit who he did or didn't dikk down, the MITCH should've never made the lame ass song….

  6. So Khloe was f'king another woman's fiance. Not surprised at all. These bytches love to start as sidepieces.

    • i remember she was trying to get with russell wilson while he was engaged to ciara
      telling ciara she better start sexing russell b4 marriage
      i think khloe was trying to slide up to russell on the low cus that was none of her business

  7. Isn't he half Mexican?

    He's half Mexican, ex stripper, tongue ring wearer, appeared on Change of Heart, and tries hard as hell to convince us he's a gangster that girls like…Bye

  8. Okay we been knew game slept with Kim and Khloé and to think Kanye is the laughing stock how many more dudes gonna come out and day oh yeah I f*cked kim

    As for blac chyna who else gonna come out and say they have ad her they say her and Tyga still f*cking

    Rob another laughing stock along with Russell Wilson she made him wait til she marry him to give up the vagina

    She didn't make 50, bow wow, and future wait

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