Blac Chyna Shares Photo of Baby Dream


I guess Blac Chyna isn’t going to pull the typical Kardashian move and sell photos of her baby to a magazine. Instead, the former stripper introduced her baby Dream Renee Kardashian via Instagram and Snapchat.

Dream was born Thursday morning at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles via C-section. Before the surgery, Chyna had some free time and decided to do the Mannequin Challenge with her assistants, Rob, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble.

Peep the pics and videos:


  1. I hope she doesn’t neglect KING, now that they’re “Dream” has come true….

    • King’s fraternal grandmother has already been stepping in to feel in the gaps of him his upbringing. Chyna does NOT get the “Mommy of Year” award from what I hear. She’s in the group with Amber Rose.

  2. That baby is her bank u already know she’s gonna treat her like gold hopefully she will be a good mother and doesn’t show favoritism. I hope rob is happy and doesn’t find out in 18 years the baby isent his.

    • Robert himself has little money compared to his siblings and mom. But at least Kris will hopefully think of this grand child when she does her will. Robert should put everything in trust to make sure his daughter is not financially pillaged by anyone.

      • “Compared” is the key word 09:56. because while Rob has less than Kim, Kylie and Kendall, he has a hell of a lot more than most folks. And the Armenians are a patriarchal society, and sense Rob Jr is the sole male, I will bet that she is better taken care of than it may appear.

        • In fact, since Rob is the only son of the late good looking Robert Sr, there is another account that has Rob:s name on it. Mind U Rob got his trust fund like his sisters, but Robert Sr. made extra sure that Kris wouldn’t get her hands on it. In fact, I don’t think she knows about it.

  3. That baby is carbon copy of her grandad Robert. They should do a DNA test to squash all doubts. But you know the K’s will use that to bolster the show, is she or isn’t she. You gotta feel for that child born into that freak family.

    • I TOLD YALL!!! LOL!! When Chyna put that 3D ultrasound up and I said she looks like her dad and her good looking late granddaddddddyyy!!!! Ooooooweeeeeee!!! I only wished the late Rob Sr good looking self was here to this and all his grandkids!!! But Dream is Rob Sr Carbon Copy!???

      • DR1.
        You’re on money on this one.
        THAT baby looks so much like her Granddaddy until there is NO room for any denial. That nose & mouth ? shows it all.

  4. Now the marriage then the divorce then the child support don’t worry Rob she didn’t marry you for your money she gonna divorce you for your money

  5. Mother and baby are quite ugly.I see some sad ugly bedwenches on here cheering her on don’t say bad stuff about kanyetothe.

  6. That baby is dead on Robert Kardashian Sr. Awww I’m so glad for’ll give him something to be here for.

  7. ?So, uh…,WHEN’S the wedding?
    I’m asking…just to be messy because I had a few mins to kill.

  8. Wow how the hell sad bitches gonna clown on a baby whose diapers cost more than they eatn in a month.
    Dream shitting on you all.

  9. The baby is an absolute beauty. I hope her smile brightens up Rob’s emotional state. I just started tuning in on the Kardashians, but it is sad that Rob is depressed,

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