Kanye Ready to Break Free from Kardashian Kurse


It looks like Kanye finally knocked some sense into himself following his mental breakdown, and he’s ready to free himself from the Kardashian kurse before it’s too late!

According to sources, Kanye’s inner circle is advising him to get away from “those crazy people.”

“It’s just a curse over there. Anything with the Kardashians is tarnished and…they’re opportunistic people who completely take advantage of him.”

As far as Kanye goes, he’s well aware of the long list of male victims who have had their lives destroyed by the family.

“Even [Kanye’s] like, ‘F - - k this, I’m not going to be the next casualty,’”

Do you believe Kanye is really fed up with the K’s and ready to move on?


  1. It would be best for him to do that but I highly doubt it kanye ain’t been right in the head since his mother passed I don’t really think he gives a damn about his life anymore TBH

  2. He’ll do it, but only if he finds a suitable replacement first. His marketing benefits from the CAC prop. If he wants to keep selling goofy shoes to CAClets, he needs to find another one to follow him around.

    • What the f*ck is CAC? You people are retarded cowards who try and be slick with people, but the intended victim does not even understand. Grow some balls internet Pussy boy/girl!!!

      • @17:07 Give it up. I’ve already asked that idiot and it/he/she won’t say. Too stupid to realize that if the definition were available, there may be like minded support – or NOT, maybe it’s just that stupid and not worthy of explanation. IDK

  3. He is not going anywhere, he believes she is some kind of gift from God. He is back to spending her money on that house.

  4. Very big wishful thinking on his part. He’ll never be free of hollyweird, or the Kardashians; especially since the kids forever tie her to him. If he breaks it off and she gets full custody, that would just make it easier to whack him. What a f*cked up position to be in man. BUT, but Mr. West chose this life, and chose to be with her, so he ultimately got what he wanted.

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