Rob Kardashian Under Investigation for Threatening Blac Chyna’s Side Piece!


Rob Kardashian is in trouble with the law after getting crunk on Blac Chyna’s side piece!

A picture was revealed of Chyna tonguing down an actor named Pilot Jones. People are saying the pic was taken during one of Chyna and Rob’s “many breaks.”


But Rob is feeling threatened that Chyna and Pilot have rekindled their “friendship” and are spending more time together. Rob allegedly threatened to beat Pilot’s azz once he saw the picture of the two of the kissing.

Pilot got so shook from Rob’s text messages, especially the one that read, “Leave my wife alone. I’m not playing with you.”

LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is investigating the allegations.

Will Rob be locked up for his daughter’s birth?

What a damn mess….


      • DR1,
        You know I’ve been off the grid a week or so. So, what happened? Did fluffy-ass Rob knock the black guy’s block off yet or was this story full of crap? (Yawning-typing?)
        I’m guessing NOT!!!

  1. I don’t even watch those FN shows and its clear that photo is fake and this is a PR stunt. The things that family does for shine and to stack coins.

    • Like hell he isn’t! That is all his! When they posted that baby ultrasound on IG, that little girl looks like her good looking late granddaddddddyyy Robert Kardashian Sr and Rob himself! Damn Rob Sr was fine! Dn, that was a good ass looking man!!!

  2. Rob seeing why bm date out.blkchina some vile ugly duck looking creature..I feel bad for that dude kissing her.I don’t feel for rob though. Feel bad for blkmen having the misfortune of kissing her.

    • You should change your name to Uncle Tom obviously your to ignorant to understand that not all black women act a certain way and not all black men date outside of their race. You’ll talk bad about blac chyna but praise Kim kartrashian what a disgrace u are.

      • You’re the disgrace.. Being bottom of the barrel women.making excuses for how’s like chyna…u bet she’s your role model..the world now seeing the problems with blkwomen.. Azeala..chyna..etc yall are soon to be extinct.
        At least Kim k had a blkmans child kanye seems happy with her…kanye must a had some vile experience with blkwomen.. He avoids them.

        • You’re disgusting, Uncle truth. A black woman made you. I guess she was bottom of the barrel too. Which makes you the muck under my shoe. Sad that you think that. As a white woman I would never want a black man that is a traitor like you to their own race but you would still try to chase me, you loser. You’re weak.

        • Its a shame u weren’t swallowed. Your probably not even black (hopefully you aren’t) I feel for your mother.

          • Uncle Truth

            I agree with you that Kanye does seem happy. Of course no one here wants to admit that because the hate for Kim is so strong, but she seems to put him first, and that’s more than most women (of any race) do.

            It’s unfortunate that it is taboo to say a word against women on this site, because there are valid criticisms for women that nee to be heard.
            And just because you criticize one does not mean that you are shading all.
            There is a herd mentality here that if you criticize any little thing about a BW you are automatically an Uncle Tom who hates his mama.
            That was the way it used to be on Tommy’s site, but in the last year, that has changed as many BW are waking up to see that Tommy is right about things which need to change.

            • There is no herd mentality here. Whatever the f*ck you are you must be on that one-sided train, because I for one get on anyone who shades black women or men.

              And aunt tom, is one who has says some really vile shit about black women on the reg…so know of what you speak before you do.

            • @10:31 If mental instability, Delusions of Grandeur and fits of “Talk Salad” are all your idea of seeming happy, you are more f*cked up than you are aware. That dude is NOT happy. He is INSANE!!!! That’s the only way you can live with yourself knowing you tasting every dick in the NBA every time you go down on your wife!

      • @ 22:29 He should change his name to Uncle Ruckus. I know that fool been slapped off the chair plenty of time by his disapproving, abusive daddy!

  3. By the way, I respect all black women. They go through hell but still remain strong, smart, tough, and focused. I hate that that their are so many black men who don’t see the value in their own women, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Blkwomen go through hell due to wrong choices..and stupidity get banged by thugs then rain curses on bm when they no longer want ur washed ass.white women can be trash to but they still slightly better.

      • @UncleTruth – We, Blacks, are the most dynamic people on this planet. We are the ONLY autochthonous group who APPEARED! Everyone else was FORMED! It is without question that if Black women didn’t exist, no other people would either. You truly are unworthy of having black genes. May I remind you and every other living, breathing entity that nature/universe is ETERNALLY BLACK and feminine? If you have an ‘X’ in your chromosomal pairs, that is the VALIDATION. Your stupidity is highly recognizable.

        You are USELESS to any woman–coily-haired autochthon or straight-haired human APE.

        • You are correct…. the oldest bones found were from and are from Africa. Actually, utensils were and other stuff that could be carbon dated were found recently 75,000 years

      • I’m Uncle Truth, I think U need to think before U speak. The real and not reason why Black men and Black women don’t get alone because their is a lack of respect among us!!! That’s right! No respect whatsoever!!! We birth yall, but where is the respect? When the white man was raping us, where were y’all? Again, NO RESPECT!!!

    • Thank you. Im just happy that all men aren’t like this Uncle Tom asshole because then we would be lost for sure.!

  4. You ain’t no white woman beach.I know you wish you were typically.get your weave off and look for a white man.there patient enough to wife lost.

    • @UncleTruth – You are a pitiful representative of the Black race and Black manhood. You do not resonate intelligence nor AfRAkan cellular frequencies in your writings. It is obvious there are some ‘other’ genetic interferences that has DOWNGRADED your thinking potentials to the point that you do not have an affirming mental self-image. Your thinking MIRRORS Caucasian pathology. It is understandable why you have an affinity for bestial, straight-haired human ape females. That IS your mental, emotional and physical complement. It would be interesting to know what your blood type is.

      You are wasting your time denigrating Black women. Be productive and direct your mental forces and actions toward developing healthy, long-term, romantic relationships with white women and leave Black women alone. You will NOT be missed. Black women have much better male suitor options within the Black race—the denominator. We are GLOBAL and the most genetically diverse.

      If you are honorable, you will do the Black race a great service and breed out. Don’t defile a Black womb. It would be very tragic for you to pass your inferior, low-frequency, hybrid sperm, downgraded genetic material and anti-Black mindset to undeserving Black progeny. It is advisable that your progeny erase every gene code connection to AfRAkan DNA and NEVER re-infuse that genetic slop back into Black bloodlines. We have enough TRASH and genetic defections among us.

      Good riddance!

      • Well said Daisy but unfortunately broke high school drop out jailbirds like Uncle Tom CAN’T SWIRL cause other women don’t want no scrubs! At the most he’s slobbing on white penis in rest stop bathrooms that’s how those self hating tricks get down.

        • All ur posts are retarded. U are a retard.nothing u write seems intelligible.. You are a picture perfect modern day blkwoman.

          • You’re the average pissy queen simp male who got raped as a boy sucks to be you.

      • Oh shut up..blkwomen are done write a Bible all you want
        no body takes blkwomen seriously anymore..imean nobody..

        • Yeah you do or you would not waste time here with the unintelligible comments you make.

          BTW, that is how you use that word, learn some grammar skills.

        • @UncleTruth – If you despise Black women, you despise Black people. Do not toy with my intelligence. The BLACK OVARY-occupant possesses the ROOT DNA and ORIGINAL O-Blood code from which ALL Black ethnic groups and nations–who ARE autochthons and collectively called AfRAkans–derived. It is an incontrovertible non-deception and fact that ALL conscious life is an extraction of the BLACK OVARY-OCCUPANT’s GENE CODE.
          There is too much Caucasoid dog sperm in your DNA, silly Black American “akata” male. Your mentality is VERY different from and sub-par to non-U.S. Black men and even from other culturally-conscious Black American males. Your current-state inept thinking will be your demise.

          I question your mental capacity when you espouse that no one takes Black women seriously. This is not a concern of any competent-thinking person. Black American males are certainly not exempt from being marginalized in a white hegemonic society. You are naive and delusional.

          In closing, I assert with the upmost confidence that in ANY star system that has a carbon planet in 3rd orbit from its sun, the BLACK OVARY-occupant will APPEAR! You are clueless and whitewashed to the core.
          AfRAkan FACTS will prevail.

      • @09:25 Daisy Dooks, Girl you done hit on em now!!! Here Here! and I second that – so eloquently spoken knowledge! The mamzer hybrids and genetically weak self-defeatist kneegro-ized AmeriKKKLown type of black males will come out with pitchforks and torches! Get em, Sistah!

  5. Blak Chyna just trying to bring that Kardashian money back to the black community. Rob let her watch too many Brother Polight videos. She’s on some “sexual Harriet Tubman” type shyt!

      • mo i would not get wooped by chyna now yes i will hit it but no i do not settle down and impregnate women who i know is gonna f*ck around on me.

        that marriage will not last rob’s a squARE RICH BOY AND CHYNAS A BISEXUAL STRIPPER ESCORT

      • Who would be a simple for China???? Nobody wanted her but everybody had her. She wasn’t hot before the nose job and bleaching. She just kept herself out there by her trademark wig, piercings and Ho game.

  6. We tried to tell him you can’t wife a black ho and expect her to be loyal . ugly nasty bitch don’t know the first thing about being a wife

  7. What’s Rob gonna do…eat him? He ain’t built for that. He is built for having a 3some with Ben and Jerry

    • Branch Dravidian ! What kind of screen named is that! ?????? I haven’t heard that named sine my Hugh school senior of 1993! U gotta be a white person. No black person would come up with that crazy ass sucidial name especially named after a cult leader David Koresh! ??????? Dammmmmmmmmnnnnn, Branch Dravidian????????

  8. What happened to HER case down south or wherever where she was escorted off the plane for being drunk and disorderly and then they found a pill or something? Was that all BS, like this?

    • Pimp mama Kris is Rumpelstiltskin and a fairy godmother. She makes money happen and problems disappear.

  9. Lol blkwomen are lowest on earth cops shoot.then.least married.loud mouthed..sperm banks
    successful blkmen will keep dating out and nothing you weave wearing ghettogaggers gone do about it except bitch on the web till you become extinct. Blk women lost.!get it Insults WOnt change that.look around you successful blkmen don’t want y’all.whitemen only use y’all for guys are done.

    • @UncleTruth – Are you Black, mixed race or straight-haired human APE? Something’s off about your online persona…

        • uncle tom is a broke and bitter jailbird typing from jail and HSK seems to be co signing with his mental illness. It’s clear he’s just another crazy black male.

  10. Yet you are here talking shit about us, so you must care.

    Everything you said applies to you too, just ten times worse because you all are not only getting shot dead by police, but by other black men on the regular, so what makes you think your life is worth more of a damn than ours?

    How about you take your fat, nasty low-grade not worthy ass on somewhere where you do NOT have to worry about interacting with black women, then we will really see how much you are not concerned about us or what we do.

  11. You hoes sure love drowning blkmen with insults but hate facts
    1.blkwomen least married
    2.babymama Queen’s
    3.infantile approach to picking accurate partners ie love of thugs
    4.loud mouthed that’s why white cops shoot yall..they don’t tolerate the kinda shit blkmen been going through for ages with it stands we given wm freehand to manhandle you wenches.
    5.can’t raise kids right.

    Blkwomen s life can be sumed up as they made wrong choices In men now society gotta pay the price with y’all loud mouthed low IQ apes.

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    • N*gga you barely know how to spell facts let alone know what a fact is.

      You can keep that BS to yourself no one is reading it!

    • @UncleTruth – Aha! I sensed you had KRAKKA tendencies. Your mask came off while you were typing in ‘black face’. Please stay out of Black folks’ business.

      • Bitch I’m blk.dosnt stop me from stating facts.blkwomen are destructive to the diaspora blks.

    • Uncle Down Low Tom He Bitch
      You bed buckssure love drowning Black WOMEN with insults but hate facts
      1.blk MALES least married
      2.babydaddy kings’s
      3.infantile approach to picking accurate partners ie love of hoes and scared of hard work
      4.loud mouthed that’s why white cops shoot yall..they don’t tolerate the kinda shit black WOMEN been going through for ages with black male simp he bitches like it stands we given wm freehand to manhandle you BEDBUCKS.
      5.can’t raise kids right. WON’T RAISE HIS SONS

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      • Barb Wire,
        OMG ?….Thank YOU!!!
        I’ve been gone a lot lately due to work & hadn’t seen too much until now. What Uncle Truth came here & said should not be tolerated.

        That fool forgot who & what his

        • That fool forgot who & what HIS mother, grandmother, aunts & sisters are.

          He came to HSK to cause division & arguments among us & we will not allow him to do that.

          Can’t you tell he hates his mother???

  12. Y’all losers will keep losing that’s your know this …no one takes blkwomen serious. I applaud your ability for delusion. Its good survival Instinct.delusions Wont save y’all ebony c*m buckets.

      • The only cumdumpsters here is you and your cosigner…

        You really should have been thrown in a trash can and left for the maggots.

      • lol I think blkchyna would fit right in there..I feel bad for tygas son..but then these dumb thugs praise these defunct women thus creating more of them ..vice verse the trashy blkwomen go for these thugs who praise em.thus the blk race gets to be the world’s cum dumpster like you@16:24.

        • If you are not black…thank gawd.

          Should have known someone as stupid as you had to be a trailer park pig-humping bubba…and if your dumbazz happens to be just a self-hating jizz sack you just admitted you are a cum Fucking moron and a complete waste of flesh.

  13. Africanf*
    Exploited black
    Ghettogaggers. Com
    Exploited African

    Blkmen bettet wake up lol..your women are trash…
    Blkchyna of all people is who they are caping for lol. No same man will date the modern blkwomen 45 below.I’m not against mature blkwomen who did right in their lifetime but these current blkwomen ain’t women they females.


  14. 90% of blkwomen/blkmen are sick other wise these ppl like blackchyba and tyga would be ostracized from the race.@14:38.


    You are allowing a sick and bitter black male queen “Uncle Tom”, above to denigrate and lower your page to trash level with his mental illness and down low homosexual hatered of bw. This bitch goes completely off topic hating on BW. WHY DO YOU ALLOW IT AND NOT DELETE HIS CRAP? DO YOU COSIGN?


  16. So let’s put this into perspective she had a child with a trans chaser and a fat arab!and somehow black men are to blame? if chyna was from the middleeast no man would come near that.

  17. I agree with uncletruth black women be slacking these days.I see black men get dissed here every time no one says sh#$.

    • BM been dissing BW for 30 years with rap. You’re another simp. Thats why I and millions of BW don’t march or get mad when one of yall get shot by the po po. More and more BW are turning away from black bums. Good luck swirling, you need money for that and black males are the brokest males period.

    • GTFOHWTBS…if you were worth a damn and protecting your own maybe society would have respect for you.

  18. Barbedwire is a typical hoodrat who thinks she something special because she swirls check her oldest posts you’ll see she supports blkwomen “swirling” as these lost women call it.those sites I posted wasn’t just fantasy these swirlers do those stuff with wm then come online and chat shit about blkmen in interracial relationships.. The hypocrisy and low intelligence is outsounding they think bm are stupid .they hate bm with a valley berry and Kerry Washington can do movies playing love Interests to wm…a bm do that they say boycott that film if y’all bm don’t see a pattern here then you dumb.

  19. Why is this white man who is clearly with issues given a pass to show out? His whole family pimps and gets pimped so basically this is just more of the same. He learned this behavior.

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