Mariah Carey Gets Dumped!



We knew there was trouble in paradise between Mariah Carey and her fiancé James Packard after Mariah lost a ton of weight and started posting thirst traps on Instagram. And, now it has been confirmed that their relationship is over!

The singer’s reality show seemed to be the main issue in their relationship. James hated the show to begin with, but you know Mimi does what Mimi wants, right?

There’s reportedly a scene in the show where Mariah has a “rendezvous” with one of the dancers in her Las Vegas show, and it ticked James off. He’s also fed up with her “extravagant spending”…but if it’s her money she’s spending, why TF does he care?!

Mariah threw a Halloween party over the weekend, and James was nowhere in sight. But guess who did show up? Nick Cannon.

Early Halloween Family Flow! #Ncredible

A photo posted by Nick Cannon (@nickcannon) on

As soon as we heard Mariah was engaged, we knew it wouldn’t last. The two had only been engaged for seven months before pulling the plug on their relationship.



  1. Wendy Williams’s somewhere right now doing the cabbage patch and talking about, “I told ya so! I told ya so!

  2. This was all a PR stunt they weren’t going to marry and you know why? White men don’t like to take care of black male’s kids and I don’t blame them. He’d have to be dealing with chump Nick Cannon all the time, but that shit was fake from the jump. And she’s half white anyway, not a BW.

  3. A PR stunt and a last ditch attempt for this old hoe to try and remain relevant through whatever means possible. Mariah’s days in hollywood, as with any celebrity; are numbered.

  4. It wasn’t her money she was spending. She made that clear in many interviews.

    He did not dump her because of her kids. In a marriage like they would have, he would never even come into contact with them.

    • When a millionaire female gets involved with a billionaire, it is his money being used in an effort for him to impress her. Like he can pay for this or that. She was probably hemorrhaging money and he saw what was coming. Also in a split, she would take him for all she can even though she has plenty of money on her own. That didn’t matter, if you have plenty of money and spend plenty of money, you still need plenty of money and he was smart enough to finally get it.


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