Azealia Banks Selling “Baby’s First Bleaching Kit”


Back in June, Azealia Banks admitted to using a skin cream called Whitenicious to bleach her skin, and now she’s bringing her light skinned secrets to the masses in a product she calls “Baby’s First Bleaching Kit.” Smh.


The rapper even setup an online shop for customers to take orders. I’m no skin bleaching expert, but can’t you by all those products separately for much cheaper? And who the hell wants to bleach their baby’s skin?!

The kit will run you $79. Who’s buying?



  1. Wait…this is for BABIES?! WTF?! Azealia was gorgeous when she was dark skinned. What the hell is wrong with her?
    But anyway a lot of these female celebs lighten their skin secretly anyway…

  2. For babies? daaam that bitch done lost her daaaam mind, babies? like what the f*ck? Is she really on some hard drugs? cause thats the only rational explanation to explain this smh

  3. How ironic she makes a song called liquorice in which she talks about how white women are jealous of dark skinned women and how white men love them then this bitch turns around and starts selling skin bleach to children!? Theres no defending this dumb ass coon and the sad part is she’s talented but no one will ever take her seriously her career is over!

    • white women are not jealous of dark skin women and she knew that

      she is insecure and a miserable person, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t do this

      # live honestly

  4. This is from Azealia’s Instagram page. I’m not a fan of hers nor would I buy this but she explains what it is……azealiabanksMedia takeout is stupid. It’s called BABYS FIRST BLEACHING KIT, because all of the products are WAAAAY mild and are usually the first things every person who is even remotely interested in lightening any area on their body go to! why must this continue ? Why would I make someone lighten their child? The kit is for people with dark on the outside of their arms and light on the inside, or people with acne, dark underarms, dark groin, dark build-up on neck. This is not for children.

  5. She was most likely being sarcastic when she posted this LOL. She may have some issues with herself, but even so, no one would be seriously in their right mind to advocate such a thing for children.

    • As usual you are bringing it 100, but you will be met with condemnation here.

      Did you read about that Jhewish dude who donated his sperm to over 50 women who wanted babies? Most were lesbians an they were ALL black! You should have seen them with their little green eyed soft curly locked light caramel babies! The mamas looked like they had won the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes.

    • Shit all black males want is a light skined baby 100% FACT !! they swirl more than any other race of men BED BUCKS and LOVE giving their legacy mother to the daughters of the police that kill them and expect BW to carry their FN slave rape movies while they take the millions back to BECKY and her fathers …THE POLICE.

      What else you got? BRING THE FACTS AS I HAVE. LOL

      • Bullshit. Most self respecting blue collar black men want a unicorn… you know… a beautiful DARK SKINNED black woman with ZERO TATS, and doesn’t obsessively go to church OR the club… you know… that creature that seemingly doesn’t exist?

        Give me a f*cking break… I’m not into generalizing other demographics, but you sound hurt asf, and your only issue is not having been confronted by sane black men who had stable, middle-classed dark-skinned mothers AND fathers at home. But, oh wow… there you go… here’s one now.

        Shut it. You have no facts.


    Clearly Azealia’s mentally ill having a psychotic episode if this was a little white girl her people would have her locked down in rehab by now! Doesn’t she have any people, anybody who has her back?!

  7. Are you out of your mind ? I am a black woman that married a black man and a beautiful black daughter. She is a 23 year old college educated well adjusted with a masters degree.. Not to mention a job in her field paying 6 figures. Therefore do not generalize what black woman want?

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