Kim Sues Media Takeout for Lying About Her Robbery!

kim kardashian sues media takeout robbery

Kim Kardashian is sick and tired of people claiming she lied about getting held at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewels. Out of all the publications and online sites that expressed doubts over her story, she’s pointing the finger at online gossip site… Media Takeout!

In the federal lawsuit, Kim claims MTO made three posts about her ordeal. In one post, they alleged there was actual evidence that Kim “staged” the robbery. The site also reportedly used “random people off social media” as its sources. LOL!

MTO also posted a story about the “French authorities” suspecting Kim had “let the robbers in” to her apartment. And lastly, MTO claimed Kim “faked the robbery,” and by filing an insurance claim, they said she was “committing a federal crime.”

Kim is demanding the three posts be removed from the site, but she hasn’t received a response yet. If MTO doesn’t comply, Kim is ready to take them to court.

This should be interesting…


  1. Lordt kill these flies already! We know kris is the one who circulates these fake stories to keep attention on her whorehouse of a family.

  2. Kim and her family is built on fraud. A publicity stunt as usual before the next season of their horrible show.

  3. She will ride this b.s. story until her next sex tape drops. Fake. Fake. Fake. She can sue MTO, but they can come back hard and the Koven are terrified of the truth. I will sue TMZ for continually pimping this broads

  4. Typical white b!tch syndrome, cry like a little b!tch because you got found out! This family are a bunch of witches, that make money off black men's d!ck and black women's looks! These strummy dummies not on sympathy here!

    • Kim does not look like a black woman and you know it. She looks like a gypsy. And I bet she has a lot of gypsy blood too.

    • If she faked the robbery she will face a lot worse than a civil lawsuit. She will be facing prison time in a French jail. Interpol don't play, and the Kardashians have no juice with them.

      That's why I don't believe that it's fake. You really believe that Kim would risk going to prison over 20 million dollars? ni88a please. Her 19year old baby sister just bought her 4th house for that much cash.

      • She STOLE money from brandy. Committing crimes isn't new to her. And white privilege is a stronger drug than heroin…ask ryan lochte

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