Video of Robbery Aftermath Exposes Kim K’s Fake Jewelry Heist!

video kim k robbery aftermath fake

A new video has been released by Radar Online that exposes some major holes in Kim Kardashian’s alleged robbery.

The video is taken after the jewelry heist went down, and the police are in Kim’s apartment to check out the scene of the crime…except, there’s nothing for them to investigate!

Kim said a gang of thugs burst in on her, bound her with tape and zip ties, dumped her in a tub and helped themselves to her cell phone and millions worth of jewels before escaping on bicycles.

But in the video obtained by Radar Online, Kim is seen video chatting on a cell phone. Kim said her phone was taken during the burglary, so this must have been her backup. Right…

She’s not crying or “terrified” as initial reports suggested. Her assistant is seated on another couch as cool as a cucumber too.

There seems to be NO trace of a violent crime taking place, with the door frame showing no signs of forced entry, and room lamps and furniture in perfect condition.

The Kardashian’s said “no comment” when asked if they were filming during the heist, but in the video, you can see the apartment is equipped with KUWTK cameras. Kim’s assistant is even wearing a lapel mic during the entire ordeal.

What’s surprising is how calm Kim and her assistant are, but the bombshell comes when Kim is placed in a vehicle, and there aren’t any visible injuries were she was allegedly zip tied.

Peep the video.

You can watch the video here.

According to Radar, this whole stunt was a way to help get Kanye out of debt.

Will this finally be the end for the Kardashians?


  1. If it really was staged, yes. It is the end.

    The public doesn't like fakery which insults their intelligence. I really thought that Kris was smarter than this. She is considered the shrewdest manager in LA now, so this defies all logic.

    What is the point of gaining 20 million in an insurance scam if it ruins your brand which is making millions every month? I still am not completely convinced that Kris was behind this.

    • Do they though?
      It takes a lot of overhead to keep that family relevant. You figure attorney fees, payola to various tabloids, paparazzi, regular household bills on top of plastic surgery, hair and make up. Last but not least there is Uncle Sam. Yeah they have some money but not as much as they want us to think.
      I still don't see this scam was for anything other than attention. I don't want them to die but I sure wish they would disappear.

        • Cheese: Every word you said is right. As Dolly Parton famously said, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!" And they have a full time team of hair and makeup artists. Of course, all their clothes are comped, and at this point(unlike when their "empire" was in its nascent stage) they don't have to pay off the tabs to cover them 24/7.

          But, and I cannot divulge my source, show biz managers and other industry flacks say that they have never seen someone with the magic touch of PMK. The arrangements and deals she has structured for their every waking moment have set a new standard in Hollywood as to what can be promoted and sold. Even those who loathe her an her family declare her to be the Einstein of celebrity promotion and management.
          I have been told that the family's cumulative worth is equal to Tom Cruise's
          and Steven Spielberg's. And, regardless of what is said here, lol, they ain't over yet. So, as they reach the billion dollar mark, I would have to say that money will never be a concern for anyone within the Klan, from Kim all the way down the chain to Tyga.
          Because, you know that PMK has invested their monies in a very shrewd manner, and I'm sure you know that one billion dollars of worth is very difficult to lose(with the constant accrual of interest.) A dude who runs a hedge fund once told me that a true billionaire would have to actually make it his full time job to run through that much money within his lifetime.

          And because of all the above, I simply don't believe that PMK was the architect of the robbery IF it truly was a scam. Now, if it was some boneheaded idea which Kimye devised in their little pointy heads, all bets are off.

    • They ain't making no millions every month. That s why they do all this fakery. Hopefully this shit done for good.

    • I agree somewhat but she scammed people with that wedding to Kris H. and we were like that's messed up…Give me more!!!!

    • That's what happens when you dance with the devil in the pale moon light

  2. I don't believe this was to get Kanye out of debt. Kris/Kim have more than enough money to pay off his debts. Anything to stay relevant.

  3. Have any if these thugs been arested how u gonna Rob kim k and you hear of nobody getting arrested come on a rapper gets robbed thugs gonna brag about it in the streets you think if a thug robbed kim k he's gonna gonna tell Kanye hey man cone get your JH jewelry back

    • If they were professional European jewel thieves-cat burglars they are very smart and they deal in art and jewelry capers of this magnitude all the time. Those sort of folks don't talk, and their fences and buyers are extremely discreet. I bet that the Lorraine Schwartz diamond ha already been recut in order to disguise it. Those people know what they are doing. If you can steal a Rembrandt from the Rjjiksmuseum in Amsterdam, you can sure as hell steal a ring from Kim Kardashian.

  4. And this time last year, Lamar was soaking his dutty head in some white pu$$$y! The Kartashian rushed to his bed side, because of the attention he was getting, that family are rotten to the cure!
    Finally now, their reign of terror will end, or will they need more fresh black d!ck to carry them up top?


  6. If this plastic whore witch was a Black women she'd be in jail already for filing a false police report.

  7. She better worry they don't banned her stupid ass from the country! With false accusations as this, she can be banned from entering France altogether. And this is a very damn good reason right here.

  8. I wonder what will be said on Judgement day when they face GOD? How long it will take to get through all the things that were done?? ( guess I will be joining them in hell for saying that)

  9. Has anyone noticed the news & media outlets no longer say a word about the "robbery?" No word on suspects, no info & no charges against Kim for suspicion of insurance fraud?

    • Yeah and Radar got threatened with legal action and had to remove the video.

      Does anyone else smell that?

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