Janet Jackson Officially Announces Pregnancy & Baby Name

janet jackson pregnant

Back in April, Janet Jackson took a hiatus from her tour to start a family with her husband, Wissam Al Mana. She never officially announced she was pregnant…until now.

In a statement to People mag, the 50-year-old singer said:

“We thank God for our blessing.”

A source close to Janet said, “She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well.”

According to OK magazine, Janet and Wissam have already chosen a name, and it will be in dedication to her late brother, Michael.

“They have already chosen a name. [The] first or middle name will be Michael.”

Janet is due in late November.



  1. When will she come out and admit her other secret child because we all know so why she hid it so this one she wants to make public because she got married and had a child when she was young what a load of bullshit.

  2. Most people expected this day & photo to come. I lost the bet. I swore she wouldn't take it this far…but okay. I'm still withholding comments/judgements for a later date.

    • I did as well. But something done smell right. I know what a pregnant glow looks like and she doesn't have it. And them titties don't match this is the same today she had before that milk should be coming in by now LMAO SMH

  3. If she's pregnant then so am I..If I was pregnant we're all rich because I can't have anymore kids.. it was reported that her daughter was pregnant..lThese people lie so much, they don't know the truth themselves..

  4. I never was head over heels about Janet.

    She has too much intrigue and lies. She doesn't know when to stop.

    And, if, she is pregnant, which I highly doubt, that is the worst thing you can be when you are perimenopausal. The dramatic surge in estrogen is sure to cause cancer.

    • I with you on that one. Janet just never came across as genuine to me, and that she always had something to hide.

      Also she looks like she's have some plastic surgery here.

    • That's a shitty thing to say, anonymouse, wishing cancer on someone. You're fuked for even mentioning that. Plus it is not true. Don't believe the lies of the JHEW media.

      • Don't think he/she was wishing cancer on Janet. Think he/she was saying because of her age and changes to her body anything is possible..

        • They did not say anything is possible…they said one thing specifically. One horrible thing specifically.

      • Thank you Freddie Mercury! Some of these Janet fans are worse than the Beehive!

        Now how did I wish cancer on the girl? Stating scientific fact is not wishing a misfortune upon someone. If I say, So and so smokes and a heart attack is the most likely outcome of such a habit (that's right y'all, if you smoke a heart attack is much more likely to occur than lung cancer), how is that wishing illness on someone. Look up the playwright Wendy Wasserstein and what happened to her having a baby at 48 or 49. Her child is now an orphan (a rich one, but an orphan nonetheless).

        Anonymous, If anyone is fuked, it is your Janet worship.

        • I am not the anon above nor a stan, but get real. Do not act brand new. Unless you are a complete idiot you know words have power and what you said is LIKE wishing something on someone. Who puts shit like that out there just because? We all have access to medical info, so unless you are her actual MD, you do not know if she is at risk for anything.

          So what if it happened it that woman's case. there are still plenty of women all over the world who have children late in life. Whether they should or not is not up to you or anyone else except them.

        • I'm not saying I'm a Janet fan. it's just shitty to wish that on any older pregnant women, Janet included. I had my last at 49 and he is healthy and happy ten years later. And so I am. Stop propagating the lies of the jhew media that says that you can"t have a health child older without the fear of cancer. Only God in heaven determines that. If you take good care of yourself and quit exposing yourself to the chemicals and other crap that fuks with your body, you can have a healthy child older than you think.

          • What a Kool Aid drinker you are. So the Jhew media is propagating lies about medical risks? Having babies at 49 is a safe and healthy idea? Have you ever heard of autism? Never mind, you probably think that is a fake condition made up by the evil Jhews.

            If you ever are so unfortunate as to end up in the hospital in need of a coronary bypass as I was, you better hope that a Jhew doctor saves your life.

            • Thank you.

              And I also come for the Jhews hard on here, but science is science and these folks cannot handle information.

              Emotion, superstition and hysteria keeps us losing!

              We are stating fact and they think that we are saying curses over this superstar. The stupidity of folks is breathtaking, ain't it?

          • I am glad you and your child are happy, healthy and doing well.

            But you only strengthen my point by stating you lived a healthy, chemical free life.

            With all of Ms. Jackson's plastic surgery, do you think that applies to her?

            Nevertheless, I stand by my statement, extreme rises in estrogen can cause reproductive cancer and extreme rises in estrogen due to a late age pregnancy increases the possibility of reproductive cancer.

            • You do not care about her yet you know and obviously care enough to write about on a blog every move that bitch makes, with her body?

              Bitch please…all you are is a f*cking hating ass stan…lol.

              • No, bitch please to your superstitious, ignorant shit-talkin', shit-startin' azz. You're the kind of bitch that is prolly queen of the he said/she said bullshit.

                You defend someone who wouldn't spit on you because you are too stupid too live and dinner to your EBT ghetto ass is a happy meal at McDonald's.

                Shut your stupid fat ugly face with what I care about because you cannot handle information. Stay silent bitch and don't announce how dumb and inadequate you are.

            • LMFAO, Why are you talking about yourself?

              All you are is a miserable hatin' ass STAN, STAN, STAN!!!…LOL

              • That's right, default to non sequitors because you have been totally and thoroughly checked.

                Next, because you have been dismissed.

                Save your little petty sophomoric corny quips, because you know you are a little know nothing, about nothing, well, nothing.

              • Yo Stan, stop talking to yourself. I stopped reading anything you actually posted when you showed what a true STAN you really are, lol.

                All up in Janet's snatch like you know her…lol.

  5. Well.. Well. Ms. Jackson.

    On a side note Tommy Ford from Martin Show has died.

  6. I am not a fan either, but I def would not put the possibility of cancer out there for her…jeesh.

    • It is called sharing information.

      Our folks be so damn sensitive, one of the reasons we are so damn uninformed.

      • I do not need your feedback on reading comprehension.

        Maybe you should learn how to word something as to sound like a compassionate human being and not a bitter sow.

        • No, my writing was not lacking in compassion or drenched in bitterness. It is you, non-live having old queen heffa who lives vicariously through an icon, who could give a shit if you live or die. You are pathetic and cannot handle INFORMATION. Oh yeah, that makes you ignorant too.

          • LMAO…you are the ignorant NO LIFE having BITCH who has to put hate-filled comments out there on people who you supposedly could give a shit about.

            What a f*cking hypocritical blinded by stupidity backward no logic or sense making sow you are.

            And since you cannot read I already said I am not a fan, so add illiterate mental midget.

            • No you are hate filled because you are envious at those of us who possess intelligence which is why you immediately jump into a vulgarity filled rant.

              So, back at you BITCH.

              My people die for a lack of knowledge. You would rather everyone stay at your low-end, low-down, low-lying, low-level position and reap the deficits of a pathetic life such as yours.

              If there is any diminutive posture on literacy, it is you, you common, gutter, ignorant trash. It is called the internet and information will get out, whether a petty common ignoramus like you likes it or not.

              • Bitch please…all you are is a bottom feeder.

                Come up with something original. Wait mental midgets can't do that.

                Why are you here on my comment if you are in the right? You aren't and you keep coming back because I called you on your BS…this is why you are a bitter sow.

                Grow a brain and walk away, because the only thing a scum-bucket ass bitch like you can do is stay LOSING!

              • Yeah, lowlife, you got read, checked and dismissed so you stoop to what only an ignorant piece of trash can grasp: vulgarity.

                I have a brain and you have a malfunctioning brain – a brain that cannot deduce, reason or understand. You are lacking and you know it. You need to walk away and go read a book or any publication to increase your knowledge beyond the second grade.

                Thank goodness the elite have a plan to eliminate the stupid like you.

              • The rabid. flea infested bitch is still yapping…LOL.

                Too bad your mother did not use that wire hanger she beat you with to drag you out of her uterus instead…lol.

              • Okay, so let me give a country old fool like you something to worry about. You constantly coming at me, trying to build your very small vocabulary with my responses.

                You're a superstitious old country gutter low down whore so you falsely accuse me of wishing a curse on Janet (which of course you failed), well here is a curse:
                Curse you nonexistent sperm donor, your illiterate fugly mother, your five kids with six different drug dealers, your stupid, ignorant, dumb ass mind and may the daily breakfast at McD;s, lunch at Wendy's and dinner at Popeye's well into a cancer upon your obese diabetic hypertensive ass so that the black race can rid itself of knowledge-hating garbage like you.

                Now, that is a curse so go you little step-n-fetchin- mammy kneegrow and get your rabbits foot.

                BOOM, YA DUMB BITCH!

              • LMAO…you really think you are saying something?

                People who say the shit you do live that life…that is why you know so much about it…talking about yourself and how much you suck is all you have….lol.

                And if you really think I read all that, you are dumber than the look you have on your face right now after reading this post…LOL.

  7. Janet come out the closet dyke ass saying she kiss her girlfriend and go to bed together and wake up with her girlfriend but they are each other MN

    I know your sexlufe is your business but you wanna know why we call these fools gay they tell gay shit then take it back

  8. These one size fits all pregnancy prosthetics are hilarious. Always the same shape. I was through with her when she abandoned America for some 'far off land' in a suspect culture. Was she sold to her husband? GTFOH Ms Velvet Rope!

  9. Of course its OK for be to date and marry it. Let that be a bm..married to an Arab women.

    • Negro Uncle Tom STFU! BM are the swirl kings chasing non black women like dogs and the biggest hypocrites about it. Name a popular BM celeb or baller, chances are they're swirling you can't say that about BW, they swirl the least. You sound petty as hell.

      • I laugh at the hypocrites pissy at swirling BW while they lust chase and marry, if they stacked their coins, that is, non-black women. Always demonizing swirliing bw while victimizing swirling bm, it's so tired and I'm glad more bw are woke to the #hypocrisy

        Fools ought to be kissiing Janet's ass for all she's done for BP. Ungrateful hoes.

      • Blk women date out equally as bm…stop being silly you hypocrite.
        Diana rosd
        Sha Jackson
        Alfre woo
        Tamara Mowry
        Paula Patton
        Minne ripperton
        Tinna turner
        Thandie newton
        Alfrewooward etc
        Be actuall date out more you dumb idiot..u just mad and hateful of bm.@barbedwire

        • That's a small list. If you were to list the bm who swirl you would take up the whole section. We'd be reading thousands of names. Shut up, uncle truth.

    • Like Kanye's, Kobe's and Donald Glovers money ending up with ww? Oh and Micheal Jordan, Harry Belafonte and Syndy Poiter? Dr. Dre, etc. Black money in white hands. #hypocrites

    • anonymous 12:58 Yes it will, and Michael must have wanted it that way. He hated his family, and he not only swirled, but he made sure that he had WHITE kids for heirs.

      He is getting what he wanted. I just don't understand why black folks still have love and support for him. Some kind of Stockholm syndrome brain damage I guess.

      Take comfort in the knowledge that when the very rich Sandra Bullock, and the slightly less rich Charlize Theron kick the bucket, their monies will be going to blacks since neither have married.

      • Both those CAC's money will end up with CACs. Their kids are messed up, and will marry CACs.

          • A low down gutter skamp mexi-ho…and those poor children came out looking like hairy beasts…all mixing is not good mixing.

            • I'm just trying to imagine what goes through a black person's mind when they actually decide to date/marry a mexiCAC. How much drugs do you have to do to think that's a good idea?

      • I like miked music that's all his personal life was crazy and we'll get nowhere debating

      • Anon 22:1– he had those kids for white ppl cause he knew what his blood would be in for. He was a legacy that was pimped out by his dad to nefarious individuals. Do you doubt that his biological kids would be in for the same?

        • And Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron's kids will keep that wealth for a generation–until the marry white, which they are conditioned for.

            • Money has nothing to do with this conversation.

              Those kids are completely wrecked by being exposed to CACs their whole life. They will marry CACs. They'll do drugs too.

  10. I read this on another site today: some delusional Jackson stan posted, "I know that Janet really is pregnant because she has those unmistakable pregnancy lips."

    The next reply said, " Chile, those aren't pregnancy lips. That's Juvederm an chicken grease."

    No one is buying this. I am embarrassed for her. It shows that she has ZERO self awareness. In her own mind, she is still 30. Funny how she and Michael seem to be in a perpetual state of arrested development.

  11. Why such hate for Janet? Damn, yall go hard on folks up in here! LOL If she didn't post a photo folks would have something to say and when she does everybody is up in arms. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    And for those of you talking about her having a baby at her age…there are grandmothers around the world that are stuck raising kids that these lean sipping, party hopping, multiple baby daddy having ass young girls have abandoned for their next high, party, man or jail cell.

    Older women raising kids in our community is REAL. So what's the difference in that…and her taking her time to plan a family when she felt the time was right for her?

    No, late 40's/50 is not the optimum age to have a child.

    My problem is that we'll throw a baby shower for an unmarried, half-educated, jobless 15 year old having a baby, when we should perform the the last rites…but denigrate a grown, married woman (with multiple resources) for making a decision she felt was in her own best interest.

    SMDH at the stupidity.

    • Mama I do believe that 50 is not too old psychologically to raise a child and do it well. It's the age the makes many of us question the physical aspects of having a child. If she jst came out and said that she froze her eggs at 35 I might believe her, but they likelihood of any woman getting pregnant with her own eggs the natural way at 49 is dam near impossible.

      She isn't the first celebrity to try to fool the public though. And when the divorce came later, the truth came out. The father testified that they child was HIS biological child only due to donor eggs being used and so he should get custody and child support.

      While he could never ask for child support, I bet when Janet and Wissan inevitably
      divorce someday, the truth will out.

  12. If yall female hypocrites would investigated the issues of it dating you're in for a surprise blkwomen dated out more and are used more for financial benefit s than blkmen by other races..I wonder how this lie became truth that blkmen sellout more. Y'all women can't hide your hate for bm..experience brodas like me know the truth.yall see the odd blkman celebs dating out here and there check out b or c -list celebs that's were you'll see the full coon nature of blkwomen.4kouta here hating as hypocrites lol.blk women

    ated out first blkmen now paying yall back. All blkomen celebs of the 60s were banged silly by wm.godamn lying Ho's. Lol we geting y'all back now.

    • What bullshit are you talking, uncle truth? Keep lying to yourself about how Black men coon themselves out for white females more than black women when they get a little money. Hell, they do it even if they are broke, clown. BW swirl cause her own man treats her like shit, but treats becky like her shit smells like roses. So again, please shut up with that mess cause nobody is buying it.

      • I don't know wat world you all live in..but many nonceleb blkwomen do spend their every penny on nonbm more so than bm.

        .the bm hate by you women is insane.bm would rather you date wm than express this hate constantly. Its just creepy.
        Google ir dating and see who dates out more. Many bw celebs date out a lot.just date out and stop molesting us..like I said we finishing wat bw started in 50s/60s even till this day..iman..Minnie reperton..Halle.. Dianaross..google is their stop being stupid.y'all are illogical wen it comes to your ir dating tendencies
        Fyi the reason some bm celebs don't date blkwomen is cause they know wat blkwomen do to make it in the biz. Rumors are everywhere take Halley berry wat sane bm u think gonna wife that? After monstersball? Halley and Janet are goodblkwomen.they went over and stayed over.unlike nialong that 4ked crusty balled Mick Jagger and still coming near bm.foh.

        • Uncle Tom, that Obama phone you're typing on at your mama's house needs an upgrade to spell check. You're another lame FN hypocrite. I know you're a broke babydaddy the way you never speak on black males who swirl outpacing BW almost 3 to 1. Google that, broke bitter simp. Luke Cage, Donald Glover, Lil Wayne, Kobe, Kanye, Mike Jordan, swirling. You bitter simps bring up Janet and Halle, LOL. But you're too broke to swirl.

          • Wat were experiencing here is the unquenchable quest by blkwomen to dethrone bm.it ain't happening..so they taking it out on blkmen..bm will win at the end. Blkwomen ain't got much value.
            Blkwomen support shows like scandal then boycott movies if the blkmen is involved with ww.yalls time is up you don't lost.

        • These WM date BW for the power in the melanin. It is a superconductor. That is why they wait until they are older to do it. Until they understand and are further in the knowledge of the cabal.

  13. So what Janet married she married a Mexican and she f*cked Timberlake

    So dating outside her race is nothing new all the Jackson's prefer whites or other nationalities Debbie married s black man but her daughter's love whiteboys

    • Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Rebie all married black folks at one time or another. Yes, Tito's ex was a black Latina but I consider that as black as the day is long.

      • only reason jermaine married hazel gordy was because it was more of a business deal plus hazel waNTED JERMAINE HIS BROTHERS HATED WHEN SHE TOURED WITH THEM BUT SHE WAS THE BOSS DAUGHTER EVEN JOE WASNT GONNA GO AGAINST GORDY LIKE THAT.




  14. Be dating wm font bother me unless they bring up how much better they are than bm and that all black men ain't chit

    White men cheat too
    White men neglect kids
    Whites do drugs and drink
    White men ate gay and some have dl tendaies
    Only difference is skin color and maybe more able to hg ave finances and many might control a family but that's it

    • White men MARRY = wealth transference. Black men struggle with this basic concept. I'm not making a home for a man who's wealth me & my children won't be entitled to when he dies. Nope.

      • I'll take any kind of man who believes in marriage over "black love". I'm very protective of myself & my future kids and will not allow myself to be used/drained in the name of "love"

        • Sarah, I'm happy for these convos. "The world" see's how many black males are just bitter jealous broke simps. Instead of worrying about who bw swirl with they ought to be checking the HIGH numbers of their wealthy brothers taking legacy money over to the other side. You can tell they're broke and bitter cause they fuss with women like bitches on the rag. And by the way, Chris, I know who you are, seen you talking to HSK on FB, yeh. You seem a bit slow like you're on SSI living with your mama, as many simp bitter males focusing on BW swirling, do.

    • Chris, you left out:
      -White men also beat the breaks off their wives, girlfriends & children.

      -White men can & tend to be verbally abusive especially when their wishes have not been met.

      -White men are NOT always generous with their money & possessions.

        • Not sure if you were speaking to me but yes, I damn sure know. I come from one of the most racially diverse families on this planet. As I type this one of my beautiful cousins is going through sheer hell with her British WHITE 20th Century Fox executive husband who beat her so unmercifully that she was admitted to Cedar Sinai (AGAIN) last night. Their children are terrified of their father & calling family members asking us to come get them. They are ready to leave & never return to their gorgeous $3M home & imagine how I feel…every time we've come to her aid she stays with him. Our other cousin is married to Irish WHITE dude who kicks her ass, holds her & their boys hostage in their house at will & he's a CHP officer….so yes, I do know.

          At the moment my family is in one of the biggest rifts ever because of these two white men. One side is ready to send them to jail, one side is ready to whoop their asses & the other side wants to take the kids with us without any drama…that's the side I'm on.

          • Yikes, that is an amazing crazy story Ms. Reg. I hope your family comes out of it okay.

            • Anonymouse,
              I'm taking both sets of kids to hang out for a long weekend. Nobody went to school today. One cousin is requesting a restraining order this morning, notifying her husband's job & "claims to be moving out" (we'll see if that actually happens.) The other one is in the hospital & we're still getting details. He husband is said to be flying to Padre Island this morning but I don't know…I'm not dealing with him & that side of things. He has a death wish far as I'm concerned & is worse out of the two.?

              • God bless, and have fun this weekend. Please be safe. Cops have no taking out the whole family when they want to go out like that. I hope your cousin doesn't have lasting damage.

          • And my swirl stories don't involve violence they involve marriage. Sucks to be related to you.

            • "Swirling" is absolutely disgusting.

              I'm sorry, but you're a really messed up individual if you do that. It's a testament to how messed up in the head a black person is when they actually date/bed CACs. I give a pass to broke black people living in some toilet like Nebraska, but other black people…that's disgusting.

              There is nothing, and I mean nothing, attractive about CACs. That's just disgusting. Their gross hard ass faces, gross bodies, gross albinism, and etc. is not in any way attractive. You're sick if you like them. Sick. CACs are dumb as f*ck. Dumb. They're literally high-functioning morons. Just dumb. People will call their retardation "racism." They're an entire race of idiots.

              If someone really considers CACs attractive, they need meds. Especially CAC women. They literally look like trannies/men in the face and body. They look like males.

              It's a fact. They're not hot.

              • Hold the f*ck up 10:32! U need to stop while U are ahead! My great, great aunt's and uncle are white. And yes, they grew up poor. But over the years, they live a good life! And for U to bash all white poor people like that is a slap in the face! Now one of my aunt's can't read because she had to go out and work and take care of her sisters and brothers. So for U to make broad statement like that can get yourself in the same predicament. My aunts and uncles are some of the beautiful I know. They don't look like nothing what had said up here on this post. But U definitely have cross the line on that!

            • No, being related to me means I'm the one who rearranged her schedule, jumped a flight home, got with the side of our family who are in agreement on what needs to be done for the 2 sets of children involved & handled that.

              What "sucks" as you put it is the fact that 2 of my cousins are married to batterers who happen to be white men. (Proof positive BLACK men are NOT the only ones who behave in this manner.) What also "sucks" as you put it is the fact that BOTH these women married these men for the wrong reasons & now have school age children affected by the drama. THATS WHAT SUCKS…

              I answered your question & asked nothing of you.

      • Yup – But love to say 70% BW have STDs and 50% BM have aids… Get the book "Dirt" and we'll see what filth roams the earth on two legs.

          • Mama,
            Sorry I didn't get to respond to one of the more recent pieces you wrote. I intended to tell you how "right you were"…something about grandmother's raising their grandkids & now GREATGRAND-KIDS. You were so on the money!

            Let me tell you…
            One of the two cousins I'm discussing here IS heavily insured. The one whose husband works for 20th Century Fox has upped their polices twice in the last 3 years.??? So, you KNOW I look at him sideways anytime ANYTHING happens & this most recent incident is the last straw…for me anyway.

        • Well, if black folks carried large amounts of term life insurance I am sure that there would be more intra-familial murders happening. Life insurance is a good thing, but if the marriage has gone bad, it sure makes it tempting to get out alimony and child support free with a nice nest egg to start your new life with.

        • CACs mainly kill because they enjoy it, not self-defense or within criminal organizations, but because CACs are evil and like doing that.

  15. Well, to be perfectly honest, I think she is pregnant. Look at her face and her boobs. Not only that, according to traditions, ( my cousins are Muslims, plus this they have told me this themselves) they have to be the ones to carry their own children.

    Janet been had her eggs frozen. Those are not donor eggs, those are her eggs. Janet have a C cup size breasts. Her boobs are at a Double D! She also have that duck butt too!

    Never say she can't get pregnant while going thru menopause because each and everyone of y'all is a lie! I have gotten pregnant again about two weeks after my completed hysterectomy. So, quit thinking that women can't, when they can. Why do U think doctors tell women not to have sex after having vagina surgery for six to eight weeks?

    Anyway, after I became pregnant, I had a leap at my doctor's office to get the baby out of my vagina. Again, never under estimate the power of God. After that surgery, I was doing great until July 17th 2009. My life will always and forever will change! Brace yourselves cause I will leave everyone speechless once again!

    That was the day as well is my niece's birthday, when I went to the emergency room and found out that I had regenerate my right ovary and right fallopian tube back! U read right! I grew back my right ovary and right tube back! Of coarse I have receipts to shut your behinds up, but everytime I come up here, a celebrity can't seem to catch a break in life and not get pregnant! Of coarse Janet lied about her first child, but have to realized to factors here. 1) She was getting ready to get her career started and 2) She also wanted her daughter to have a normal life. Hell, I can't blame her on that part.

    Back to me, the doctor who know me every since i was three years, was the one saw it on the ultrasound. I was diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. This syndrome is where a female has left over spongy tissue called stem cells are left where the ovary was and didn't get all the remnants when they removed the ovary. Yes ladies,your ovaries, your tonsils and your liver have stem cells . On the men, it's the tonsils and the liver.

    Ok, after we found out I can regenerate my body parts, I have to take birth control pills for the rest of my life! Why? Because the place where my ovaries were are still acting as if I have ovaries releasing my eggs that's why. Never say never when it comes to the human body. Also, a baby can live outside of the uterus. All that baby needs is a blood supply to survive. Again, never say never.

    In conclusion, I simply wished y'all can look at the overhead of a woman being pregnant especially a celebrity. If U want to know more about Ovarian Remnant Syndrome, my suggestion to each and everyone of U is to look it up. This condition is vary rare. Trust me, it's nothing to play with when U have it. Again, I do have my receipts to back my condition up, so if anybody wants to try me, please, don't! I will have your feelings hurt as if your own Mama beat your soul outta U for calling her something that should never be repeated ever again especially in her presence.

    • Wow, over to Google for me to search for Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. Thank you , DaRadiant!

      • Chile, When I found out my black ass had done regrow my right ovary and tube, I flipped the f*ck out!!! Now, I have to take Azurette birth control pills, Ibuprofen 800, Dilaudid, and 4 benadryl tablets. Oh, let's not forget the Phenigan for nausea and vomiting. But a baby can be carried outside of the uterus! That umbilical cord attached to an organ and there U go! But my black ass have to be extra damn careful! God, makes no mistakes and I ain't no fool either to try him! But yeah, I have Ovarian Remnant Syndrome and growing back body parts! Of all people, my crazy ass is the one who has it! Smh!#TrueStory

    • You're correct about Janet freezing HER eggs. She said so years ago in an interview that she wanted to do it because of her career. Another thing folks have to realize is that we aren't privy to the stuff as wealthy folks are.

      For example, who believes the average HIV patient is receiving the same meds Magic Johnson is getting?

      AND, according to Smokey Robinson, he and his then wife, Claudette, desperate to have children after a LOT of miscarriages, sought out a then-highly-experimental solution: As Smokey tells it in his autobiograpy, in 1968 a Detroit doctor implanted Claudette’s fertilized egg in a surrogate, who bore the Robinsons’ son, Berry, named for Berry Gordy. In 1970 the same doctor invented a cervical brace that allowed Claudette to carry daughter Tamla to term.

      Average folks didn't know a thing about surrogates, in vitro fertilization, etc. until YEARS later.

  16. well all right Da'RADIANT shut they mouth' s girl…!!! errybody always want to act like errybody is the same,which obviously aint true and yall need stop hating on Janet if you dont' want a child late in life that is you!STOP HATIN ON FERTILE WOMEN! JEALOUS HOES

    • That's an interesting story, but a baby is not in the vagina it is in the uterus which is removed during a hysterectomy. So it would be impossible to have a baby inside you after a hysterectomy even if your Fallopian tubes and ovaries are present and working.

      • U can have a baby outside of the uterus. Didn't I say U only need is a blood supply? That what keeps a baby in the womb alive is blood. I should know. I just had a leap done. Now like I said I have reciepts so take it from me. U do not want to be in my situation. Be thankful U don't have to go thru what I am currently going thru, especially growing back body parts like me.

      • Also, U will be surprised what your body can do when U don't know and I didn't know! But my black ass had a leap done because the embryo was giving me so much pain! Fuck that shit!

  17. Y'all women are weird man.i come here after a few years and see nothing but arguing and name calling!! Pages and pages of it lol .

    I came here to see some good ole strange celebrity f*ckery and y'all are f*ckin the comments up!

    If y'all really hate each other, you need to exchange contact information so you can shoot the fade in Person.no more babbling then!

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