Kanye Took Out Huge $2 Million Loan Right Before Kim Was Robbed

kanye west 2 million loan apartment

Less than three months before Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment, Kanye West reportedly took out a large equity line of credit on his New York City apartment, according to the Daily Mail.

In records filed on September 27, JP Morgan Chase granted the line of credit to him on July 12. Kanye has until 2036 to pay back the funds.

Kanye purchased the New York apartment in the SoHo for $1.2 5million, and combined it with a unit next door to make it larger. He secretly listed the home for sale for $4.5 million in 2013, but no one was interested.

So it’s true, Yeezy is struggling for money despite the klan’s claims that his clothing line of hobo couture is oh so successful.

So can someone explain how Kanye allegedly purchased that 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz emerald cut diamond ring for Kim that had a price tag of $4 million? You know, the same ring that was allegedly stolen during the robbery?

He gifted Kim with the ring about a week ago, but even his $2 million loan can’t cover the cost of this rock:


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Can someone explain to me wtf is going on? Yeezy is taking out loans but buying million dollar rings? We need answers…


  1. Sounds like he got financing for an apartment, which is what most homebuyers do 25yrs fixed mortgage.

  2. Well that is a easy one Sasha because Kim is buying her own jewelry just like her little sister is buying all the things that they say are coming from her boyfriend what happened to Kanye that he have to go get Loan's where did his money go?

    • Kanye was the next reasonable target for her. Notice how the sisters settle for low level rappers and high eating athletes who thing they are getting a prize. After Kanye, there are no eligible black males. She will go after a foreign billionaire because it's not easy living off a millionaire for her equal stature. She and Kanye were most likely equal when they got together. Once married, her money sat in in the bank while he was showing off being man of the house and fueling their ultra rich lifestyle. Even billionaires are not this reckless. She will need to move on from him because he will dry her up too. I bet that basketball player is showing off and being 'the man' splurging on Khloe while she's not using her money. It's how they target these simpleton men.

  3. Well that's a easy one Sasha Kim Kardashian buys her own gifts just like her sister claims that her boyfriend buys hers what happened to Kanye West money that he have to take out loans ? Funny he thought he would be so much better off when he got with them I wish people would take that as a lesson but they won't .

  4. The house of cards is collapsing right in front of our eyes. With the Paris video taken of Kim calm as hell right after the 'robbery' with no scars on her wrist from zip ties and showing no distress … the coven of white whites are now flossing the youngest whore as the oldest one is being cycled out.

  5. I wouldn't celebrate the end of them yet.

    As long as the family is making big bucks on endorsements and appearances, there is no chance that Kanye will go broke. I would wager that the ring that Kanye "bought" for Kim is a loaner from Lorraine Schwartz. She gets the notoriety and they get to show that they are fabulous.
    If it truly was stolen, LS will get the insurance money so everybody wins.

  6. He got a home equity line of credit. He had already bought the apt couple years prior. IF Kim didn't buy this rock for herself, there's only one answer. It's paste and fake as everything else about her. What IS the penalty for insurance fraud?

    • It's not paste. Lorraine Schwartz's high end jewelry design business would never cosign a fake piece of crap just to boost the K's wealth profile. It's probably being loaned or leased.

      • Don't believe it. High end jewelry business develop mock pieces of their originals for ultra high end clientele all the time. Or the client has one made–usually with the jewelers ok. That is the trend of the upper east side and european elites. They rarely wear their real pieces and bc they are around real barracudas who know how to tell diamond from glass– the fake has to be impeccable. The real shit in in a safe, safety deposit box, bank, etc.

  7. This is why I know some so called rich people aint ballin like they want us to think. A truly rich person doesn't have their finances on blast unless they owe the IRS.

    • Those net worth sites are over blown. These guys have property worth millions but don't have liquid money, like Kanye.

  8. What I find to be hilarious is that for years everyone here talked about a white woman getting rich off a black man's fortune and then it being left in a white family after his death.

    Now y'all are happy to think he's going broke, and a white woman may be propping him up.

    Well at least no one has to worry about his money/legacy going to a bunch of dirty, filthy, smelly, hideously ugly beyond compare, dog f*cking white people right?

    • You sound broke and jealous you can't get a ww cause, well, you're broke.

      LEGACY MONEY is real but conquered simps don't understand cause their own dad ditched them. The Koven will be making Elvis and Mike Jackson money off Kanye's dead ass don't get it twisted and he's not being propped up, Kim donesn't loan him money, are you crazy?

      • All of this! These bitches benefit if kanye dies. Just like MJ was broke before he died & now Paris Jackson & her white siblings are eating his billions. A lot black people do not understand wealth transference or their worth. Hollywood is built on black "cool" & blackness but none of those black people are getting any of that money. Its white people benefiting because we don't understand how wealth is transferred.

        • Slow black males are too petty to understand finance and how the family legacy is transferred. Family legacy passes from THE MALE/LEGAL FATHER.

          You'd assume slow and poor black males would want their sisters and female family members to swirl marry to bring MONEY INTO THE FAMILY.

          WW are marrying the rich BM and taking that money back to their WHITE families! Also, I never diss wp as being smelly, etc. how can I do that and I swirl? Also I'm not promoting a black love agenda cause black love is dead in the usa.

          • Exactly. Black love often does not work if the black woman is not willing to put up with crazy shit no white woman is expected to put up with. You have to be willing to do everything for a black man for their version of black love to work. Basic things like how a black woman is expected to pick up the slack when her black man doesn't work or support their kid but black men know they have to have their finances in formation when approaching a white woman. Or how black women are "golddiggers" which is really code for "you don't deserve/are not entitled to the nice things we'll automatically gift white women with."
            Black men's money is almost always going out of our community. From Tiger woods to Dr Dre its easy to understand why the black community doesn't have much.

            • Everything you said. I'm glad that Nate Parker, Luke Cage and Donald Glover, 50, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, Kanye and Kobe of course, swirl, what they represent is how legacy money travels and how they all make money off of BP and take it back to non blacks.

              Have you ever seen any of their non black women come to their defense? Do you see white celebrity wives talking about police brutaily and marching for BLM? Hell no, they're busy at the bank cashing the black male's check.

              Vanessa Bryant sat at a press conference and got a 4 million dollar ring when Kobe bareback a white slut in the ass who'd F'ed 3 other men the same day. BM getting big pimped and love it but it still doesn't give them the power and respect they crave from wm, that's why many are on the down low, they love wm more than I do.

  9. Kim and Kanye are in over their heads. Her story is collapsing and he is being exposed for the brat who was given too much too soon. He really should not have dropped out of college. A home equity loan is no big deal, but it does have to be repaid.

  10. Kanye will have money when he dies. Just like Michael Jackson was broke while living but his value went right up when he died. The Kardashians will still make money off him. And you forget that Kim & her model sis weren't much of a thing in the fashion world before kanye. Its because of him that kendall got jobs & him and kim were on vogue. Before that, Anna wintour wouldn't touch kim with a 10ft pole. Remember kanye was a much bigger celebrity before he got with this hoe. Black people actually liked him & black culture is a high priced commodity. Think to yourself: The more popular black men she gets with the more popular she has become. These men made her. And its the black community that keeps this shit alive believe it or not. The moment all black people disinvest from this is the moment this will end. I can assure you that white people are not checking for these heffers. The little white girls who like Kylie & buy her shit only do it because she's a white girl who supposedly runs with black culture now (lips booty & a black man etc), little white girls just curious about black dick. When they grow up & find a respectable white man they immediately forget about the klan.

  11. Sarah got it right. Black culture is profitable but we ain't getting paid for it. These illiterate broads f*ck and flaunt black men like it's their fetish! That's why it's so disgusting to most people, black and white.

  12. He's down fall, was d!cking down that plastic b!tch in the 1st place, he will pass up a beautiful brown sugar, for some gone-off milk! That family are going to bleed him out, hang him out dry, kick his chipmunk ass on the curb!

    When white women are concern, black men need to be more smarter!

    • Sis, what you and other BW need to do is date like a black male they don't give a f*ck about race loyalty they ditch their kids like hot bags of garbage for bw to raise. I don't have kids and I date like a black male, LOL. I got no loyalty for unloyal male hoes.

    • the only thing a white bitch's "magick" can do for a black man is disintegrate and faggotize him xD lol

  13. Sounds like Tyga is teaching him a thing or two. When are all of these people going away? I hear it's slowly wavering, and this "heist" screams of how desperate they are… Can't wait for North West's tell all in 2036

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