Khloe Kardashian Pregnant by Tristan Thompson


It looks like Tristan Thompson has two babies on the way. Not only is he expecting a baby boy with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, but he knocked up Khloe too!

According to X17, now that Khloe is expecting, she’s making plans to move to Cleveland to be closer to Tristan during her pregnancy.

“Khloe is SO happy. The pregnancy came as a surprise, particularly since Tristan’s ex-girlfriend is currently pregnant, but Khloe got on board with the idea of having a baby pretty quickly.”


On top of that, the Cleveland Cavs star is planning to fly out to LA to ask Kris Jenner for Khloe’s hand in marriage.

Kris is expecting his arrival, and has already bought Tristan a Range Rover as a “welcome to the family” gift. You think cameras will be rolling?

“Khloe and Kris want everything done correctly. They don’t want this to look like an accident and Khloe really wants to show the world that Tristan is her man. She wants to kind of follow tradition and have Tristan ask her mom for permission to propose, in hopes of making the engagement look more traditional and formal.”

I guess that explains why Khloe’s nose is spreading.



  1. Her nose is spreading because she’s ugly and not pouring in that photo. If there ever was a disgusting pair of people it’s this one.

  2. This bitch is barren AF. If she pregnant it’s because she was on some strong fertility treatments much like Kim when her “50 year old” eggs “surprisingly” got fertilized by kanye. This is their permanent line “omg I was just having fun I had no idea I’d get pregnant” meanwhile they were using the guy for a come up all along.

    • Sarah A come up? B*tch please, Khloe has twenty times more money than Tristan. You understand that just because he is on the same team he doesn’t have Lebron money dontcha?

      HE is the one who is fixed for life now. His career will be done in 7 to 8 years but he will always be the father of her first kid.

      It’s time to retire the concept that the KKK’s are after black men for gold digging purposes. These chicks LIKE bm and that’s what this is about.

      • You clearly don’t understand the Kardashians business model. They NEED black men to stay on. To have people speak about them, be cool etc. Study it before going off the rails. I know business, I know what I’m talking about. To make more money they need black men to hang onto. “They like black men” you say? Then why do they even “date” gay black men then? They’re romantically interested in gay black men? Don’t make me laugh.

      • And not all “come ups” are equal. I know you only understand the ghetto chick come up involving a side chick & a dumb athlete but the Kardashians have mastered a higher level come up where they can cash in on our culture without baby mama status.

    • @Sarah-You know that there is a possibility that if she is indeed preggers, it is PMK’s eggs from when she did in-vitro at Bruce Gender’s request for Kylie and Kendall. The “leftovers” have been on ice for years but are still viable. Or she was on an intense FSH regime to help her sluggish reproduction system. Either way this was def. not a surprise or unplanned.

  3. In the voice and words of Huggy Lowdown. Tristan Thompson, u r the bammer of the week..week..week.

    • I miss Tom Joyner’s Show. Use to listen to it starting at 7am West Coast time, now it comes on around 3/4 in the morning and that’s it.

  4. I bet he thinks he’s got himself some grand prize. That woman is poison, bile. She will turn on him at the right moment and drain his very soul. Look what she did to Lamar who by the way should count his blessings he didn’t die like he was supposed to.

    • @anon 10:27, he deserves everything that he is going to get.

    • Maybe Tristan isn’t a crackhead son of a heroin addict daddy like Lamar was.

      If you think Khloe is responsible for the downfall of Lamar Odom, you qualify for the mammy of the year.

  5. I don’t believe it. The Trash Klan are lying vipers. She’ll ‘miscarry’ when the storyline call for it

  6. Why is that handsome man dating a freaking coked out moose? Seriously, what is his real story? Gay, drug addict, mentally disabled?

    • He’s not the brightest crayon in the box. Look at how he holds his mouth…

      • When you are a mouth breather, poor thing. Look at Tyga. They need that device that goes under the chin and around the face and top of head to keep from eating flies.

      • That’s what I’m thinking Anon. I wondered the same thing about James Harden. I know looks aren’t everything but imagine waking up next to her the next morning sans make up. Lordt! Khloe doesn’t even have a nice personality to make up for her strong face.

  7. Their ratings are down in the dumps. When will people realize that this is all for ratings? Too be rich, she is desperate as hell. Also, her behavior is disgusting. Millions of young women watch these women and think their behavior is appropriate. It is not. This world is dangerous.

    • The more I think about it, the more I begin to realize she is not pregnant. All this speculative talk is to generate ratings for their tired hated show.

      • I’m not buying ANY of this. I believe this story was planted in an effort to hurt & humiliate Jordan. Under no circumstances do I believe Tristan is THIS DAMN STUPID. Up to this point I’d given him complete benefit of all doubt. I’ve wrote this “trip down Ktrash lane” off as merely “something for him to do” after all, everyone he knows or knows of has been down the same lane so it’s really nothing new or special. IF any part of this is true I will lose all respect for this young man especially since I know for a fact that he is indeed still seeing Jordan & another girl too….but that hasn’t come out yet so I’ll shut up now.?

          • So, she’s NOT preg? If true I know she’s pissed. She’d have the coon working for her for the next 18 years.

            • I told you guys Ktramp isn’t pregnant. I hope Jordan’s support payments are astronomical ??

  8. LOL! I hope that witch is preg with that coons baby, another coon conquered for his legacy money, another laughingstock simp. Another BM bowing down to kiss the ass and get approval from white males when the wm only laugh and take the money brought back to their communities. Every time a rich bm gets a ww preg, wm laugh and await the money.

  9. OMG!!!! She is so UGLY and he is one of the dumbest idiot’s (besides Kanye) I have EVER seen! I’m done!!!!! These BLACK MEN….are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DUMB!!!!!

    • All of them are simps including Kanye. Even Bruce and Scott. They found out too late but what’t the excuse for these guys. Wait until she drops him. It won’t be pretty.

  10. Motherhood validates some women and another ‘mixed’ baby in the family means she competes on the same field as all her rivals – white women with black men. Seems mixed babies are the ‘in’ thing today in the world of social media. In real life and behind closed doors many of those children suffer because the white mommas got issues! Rich or not!

    • She & her klan prefer black men because white men won’t have them & even if they would the white man would set the terms of their engagement, whereas she knows that she can dictate to these black men and they’ll treat her better than they treat black women. Simple

      • Rich black males are known simps and suckas for gold digging non black women. I can’t blame them for pimping their wallets.

  11. I believe 1000% she’s pregnant…just like I believe I’m pregnant, even though I had a hysterectomy and had my uterus removed in 2002 LMMFAO. That barren bitch is no more pregnant than Tristan is a man with a working brain in his head.

    • Well, I too have a complete hysterectomy, but mines is a different. See, I have Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. I can actually regenerated my ovaries and tubes back. I had already regrew my right side and had to have surgery. Then back in May 11, 2016 I thought I regrew my left side, but didn’t this time. My doctor got me on birth control pills because my body is functioning as if I am still having a period! So never say never cause if God meant for it to happen, it will happen.

        • Thank you! I have mentioned a couple times up here. Go look up Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. What had happened to me that had some stem cells left from my ovaries. Yes, stems cell can regenerate in the female’s body is tonsils, liver, and ovaries, while the male’s it is only tonsils and liver. So, I have to be very careful with my body especially how many partners. So I only have one sex partner.

          • DR1,
            You I believe wholeheartedly without a shred of doubt ever. Playa from the Himalayas don’t believe Ktramp is a bit more pregnant than a man on the moon….ANY MOON??????

  12. Khlobeast Kardashian’s face looks like a botched Slauson Swapmeet botox treatment, with her Harry and the Hendersons looking ass. And I need to replace another bullshit meter because when this “story” broke, my meter broke right along with it. KhloHoe ain’t pregnant.

      • I’m going to whoop y’all up in HSK talking about the Slauson Swapmeet? like we still get to cruise Crenshaw like it’s 85!!!

        Y’all getting a whoopin for that!!!

  13. She legit looks like shawn wayans on white chicks in that second picture. Black man I simply can not with you LMAO

    • LOL
      i aint heard nan nigga clown the fake lips and fake skin tones and fake as as much as they like to clown fake shit.

  14. Even I gotta admit khloe is trash…khloe the worst of all the sister’s… Kim and kourtney though raises thier kids decent.

  15. Didn’t they start dating like in September! Lmfao Khloe the hoey is a dumb ass and desperate af it’s really sad and that dude she’s with is even more stupid he f*cking with the sasquash of the witch coven. He better pray to god he doesn’t bust thru hell

    • Khloe is smart knows how to snag the wealthy mentally weak dumb black males with money make money white witch LOL! IF she’s preg that’s a wrap he’s working every day for her for the next 18 years.

      • The audience here fail to understand the current them of my posts follow the money trail family legacy family money money for you your momma and your grandmama who’s getting the money who’s grandkids will be living large and who remains the underclass?

        • Who the f*ck do you think you are that anyone cares about you or your bullshit posts?

          Someone needs to knock you trickin’ azz off that trash heap pedestal you think you are on…f*cking mental case.

  16. Has Lamar and Khloé divorce been finalized yet

    Swear Khloé got done good head and tails everybody dick she suck they wanna marry her

    Oh well these dumb ass black dudes wanna spend their money that’s them

    • Stop getting life twisted.

      No one wants to marry her for her, only for the camera attention she brings.

      • Still, if she’s preg his money’s locked down to the witches for the next two decades follow the money trail those trash chicks are serious about their money playing suckas.

          • All you basement dwelling apologists for a simp. IF she’s preg he’s a damn sucka period. Sorry, your beloved ‘snow bunnie’s don’t love a simp they love the wallet. You’re ignorant if you don’t think she’s in it for his NBA money.

            • Look bitch, I am female. YOU replied on my post I can say whatever the f*ck I want to say back without agreeing with your punk ass.

              • Say what you FN want and I can tell you’re a hood rat. You used “bitch” and “female” so you’re a mammy. Good luck with that, fat hood heffa. Caping for a BM who don’t even want your ass, LOL some of yall mammies continue to lose.

              • No you are the hood rat trick on here acting like you know something when you DON’T KNOW SHIT!. I cape for what is right and you cape for them white boys who call you n*gga behind your back…stupid ignorant ass bitch!

              • Wah the fat lonely baby mama just cussed me out I’m so hurt. LOL , sucks to be your bastard kid, chick. I can tell you’re a hood booger by that 1950’s shit you say about WM, LOL. You can’t get near Wm and women like me do. Never been called N more than by hood boogers like you. Now, go beat and cuss your kid, Precious.

            • Bitch stop talking about yourself… miserable lonely skamps like you know all about that life that is why you write about it.fix that man looking hag in the mirror , you broke back broke-down cumdump.

        • And if you are talking abt some contract, anything can happen to that clown between now and then to make that deal null & void.

  17. I give these bitches and their mama Pimp of the f*cking Century! The pimp hand is heavy with these hoes…U gone hand-hold a bitch that was chilling with her boyfriend while her husband was on his deathbed(lamar)!!!!!!!

    At one point Lamar Odom was threatening to air out the K Klan with a tell -all . I wish the f*ck he would ! these hoes are satanic practicing (believe it if you want) whore bags with a ton of dirt we haven’t seen.

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