Sharapova-Serena: A Common Factor?


Common wants to know what’s with “Maria Sharapova mak’in more than Serena.” Don’t believe me? Just ask Jimmy Kimmel.

The Chi-Town lyricist brought the issue to the table during a recent performance aired on national television, when he plugged Black Lives Matter, saying “these are the thing we gotta discuss.”

Check the Video:


  1. Uh, nah. That’s not an important issue, and there’s tons of legit reasons why that CACette makes more money promoting beer and whatever other nonsense.

  2. Can’t he just love the injustice away? Seriously, the woman has much money and her era is almost over. Old age will set in and she will have to retire and hopefully in luxury and not poverty, doing some matches for charity and not for a mere pittance to keep the tax man at bay. The IRS seems to be the new slave trappers.

  3. Let’s hope Serena can retire without being caught in a drugs andvsex scandal whites praise black celebs until they expose them then sit back and watch them self destruct

    But only if they feel like you getting too much money

  4. serena needs to demand tiger woods money, and white girl looks fine as hell in her ugliess picture

    • Tiger woods got all that money because he was married to that Nanny. Divorced her and fell right off. White people look after their own.

  5. That white girl is a hairy beast. Her only saving grace is her hair comes in blonde, but you can still see she looks like a silver back when the sun hits her profile.

    She better get it shaved off permanently before her neanderthal roots take over completely.

    • Hold up! No she don’t. She don’t have to shave her hair off. If You don’t know what U are talking about, how about asking someone who knows and have experience with hair. All she needs to do is let it grow out. She can used the shimmy lights which is a purple shampoo to brighten the gray. She can gradually color her hair down to the right color she wants. Shimmy also can strip color from your hair. Just as long she condition her hair after she shampoos her hair.

    • You are def right, the advantage Serenas has over the Neanderthal is that Serena being Full “Human” she will age with grace while lets be honest, most white girls age like shiiit once they pass a certain age.. Their skin develops faster age wrinkles and they often fall off easily, so Serena can def count her blessings. Asians having less Neanderthal gene that Europeans explains why next to blacks, Asians age less than their White counter parts… Being fully human is a blessing.

    • She makes more because of endorsements, NOT because she is a better player.

      That is the point…BS Amerikkka would rather pay some russian blonde bitch to endorse their BS products than a true american champion.

  6. Serena makes plenty of money, and she was raised right, so I’m sure she invested. She’s good, and it’s not that deep anyway.

    The thing is that sponsors will jump on someone like Serena for a number of reasons. There are lots of advantages Serena has over the random Moosesquirrelkavicnakov chick.

    The main reason the CACette makes more is she’s selling to a bunch of greasy perv CACs, and she’s also willing to do anything to get those deals. She also takes any deal.

    However, Serena still has it easier. Nike and etc. will be all over her, and they’re more proud of landing her than the random chick no one cares about. The random chick is promoting foot powder and canned sardines in Bulgaria. Who cares?

    • Serena does not have it easier…if she did SHE would be the one rolling in the dough from endorsements.

      • You totally missed my point.

        Of course the CACette can get more stuff; they’re marketing to male CAC pervs. She also gets more stuff because she’s willing to bang anyone for it, and she’ll take whatever deals.

        It’s not about quantity. It’s quality. Serena gets the bigger brands. She’s much more visible, noticed, talked about, admired, respected, blah blah blah. The bigger brands want a Serena. She’s basically the Michael Jordan of womens’ tennis.

        And Serena won’t endorse canned peas or toilet brushes like the noname chick because she’s Serena.

        • I did not miss the point…you made a BS point, by talking out of both sides of your mouth.

          The point is if Serena were some blonde hairy azz cave beast she would not even have to play tennis to get endorsements. Not all of those bitches have to do something strange for some change, they just have to half-ass it to make it.

          • You did miss my point.

            All of those CACettes are throwing ass on whoever will slide them an endorsement. If you think they’re not, you’re high.

            And they’ll take ANY deal. Do you know what the difference is? Certain brands *cannot* get Serena, but they can afford one of these CAC slores. Many of them want Serena, but settle for the others.

            Those CACettes *have* to take random deals to get anything. They’re not gonna get the high-end stuff; furthermore, they have to hustle because they won’t be around long or win much. Serena does whatever she feels like.

            The difference between their money is a few mill, or a few “favors” that Serena won’t do and the CACette will; or a few crappy endorsements that couldn’t get Serena.

            • No one missed shit. You have said nothing new, nothing enlightening and nothing on point as usual.

              Always trying to defend the misstated nothing you always spew.

              • And Instead of arguing how about learning some reading comprehension. What took you twenty paragraphs to say I said in a few sentences.

              • Oh. You’re a hoodbooger dingbat, or a CAC POS.

                My mistake. I didn’t realize I was talking to a damn fool. LOL.

              • Yes you are a mistake and the king coon fool here.

                Come up with some new shit trick. All you do is say the same BS over and over.

    • Maria still has Nike though. Maria is winning in endorsements. Quality and quantity.

      • The CACette is not winning at anything except whoredom and looking like a male.

        Serena is an icon. Most people wouldn’t know who the CACette was if you didn’t tell them.

        • Lol,
          i think Serena is allegedly doing more too then just endorsement
          check out her instagram page
          she have enuff money so i dont know whats up

      • CACs also inflate the CACette’s earnings to make themselves feel good about ***sucking***

  7. The CACette doesn’t have much more than Serena. It’s absurd to even have the conversation.

    And Serena is worth over a hundred million, and she’s an icon.

    GTFOH. This is a conversation CACs want to have to make themselves feel good about **sucking**

    No1 curr.

  8. Serena is a better player for sure, but Sharpy is not a scrub like Anna Kournikova was.

    Sharpy gets endorsements because most men black and white do not drool over Serena. This is not a black white thing. Martina Navratilova was a far better player than Chris Evert, and in her day Martina could have given even Serena a run for her money on the court.
    But Martina got no endorsements and Chris got lots. Men didn’t lust over Martina.

    • I can promise you that if Serena looked like Zendaya or Chanel Iman she would get more endorsements than Sharapova.

      It may not be fair, but that’s life.

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