[VIDEO] Madonna’s Blonde Ambition To Bump Idris Elba Goes Bust?

“I’ll kill any b*tch who’s waiting behind me.”

HSK Exclusive – It looks like we can all squash word of Idris Elba supposedly hooking up with Madonna. Know why? From the insider word we’re getting, Marge would be nothing more than a 58-year-old thot playing groupie to the 44-year-old actor/kick boxer!


“If I’m gonna be honest, I’m too old for that man.”

Rumor of hook-up between Idris Elba and Madonna recently began circulating, flooding the blogs after Marge took to her Instagram account to let it be known that she was ring side during Idris’ kickboxing match premiere.


Peep the video above!


  1. I just don’t know what this is about. I just don’t know who these ppl are. Except for Madonna who has not been relevant to me since the 80s.

  2. She got some kind of hold or power over the industry and that kiss of hers is said to have ruined careers. I know dRake aint been the same since she slobbered in his mouth even though he acted like he hated it. Sports a beard ever since then and just collaborates with folks on their albums.

  3. I love him, but would think less of him if he hooked up with this one. She nasty

  4. Uh he does nothing for me looks like a bum most of the time and he’s a babydaddy so, no … and GTFO he and she banged long time ago when he used to DJ for her, LOL!!

  5. They call on the Material girl when they want to move up the ladder in their careers
    Idris is no different

  6. Since working with the amazing people at The St James Theater (The Other Place as its known to most people) I heard about this just after I’d return home over the weekend…

    -Madonna went to Idris’ debut fight. She was in the front row & made sure everyone present knew “she was apart of Team Idris.”

    -Madonna & HER people leaked this in “Is Madonna Dating Idris Elba?” mess not the other way around.

    -I remember being shocked to see Idris doing a DJ set in Ibiza last year & thought how crazy that was because he was already very much an acting star. We found out on that trip that not only had he been DJing way before he became an actor but that he’s actually very passionate about it & is pretty good. Dude can rock an event. He wants to break into the the circuit/level of DJ AM was (RIP my love❤️) & Steve Aoki…(my latest DJ crush) dudes who are are known to have made millions as professional DJs.

    -Apparently Idris went NOT only to a party with Madonna after his fight but they also went to a very popular restaurant in London where “they were seen kissing” ?which is not unusual for Idris because as private as he is he’s also quite a free spirited guy. Kissing on Madonna most likely met nothing more than “something that happened in that moment.” He was kissing a friend of ours at Cas Gasi like he’d known her forever. Not any big deal at all.☕️️

  7. Maturity looks good on a man , We need to place more status in not who you f*ck but in who you refuse to f*ck . At this stage Madonna is no better than a ghetto hoodrat . How can you look a decent woman in the eye after being with her .

  8. I’m sure the bitch was getting death threats, let’s just keep this shit real! Lmao ??????

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