Lil Wayne: “Black Lives Matter Has Nothing to Do With Me”


Lil Wayne is back at it again spilling his ignorance nonsense.

Just week after the rapper said he doesn’t know what racism is because a white cop saved his life, he’s now giving his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

In an interview, Weezy says BLM has nothing to do with him. He says since he’s young, black and rich, then obviously America understands that black lives do indeed matter smh WTF?

I think he must have sipped one too many cups of lean before the cameras started rollin’. Even the lady interviewing him looks confused AF.

Peep the video:



  1. I see Lil dusty & crusty is at it again. To be so stupid. Since when is he rich. Well his time is just about up.

    • Like anybody with an ounce of sense gives a rat’s ass about anything Lil Drughead has to say. His opinion about anything means less than zero to sensible people. His big mouth had so much to say when he was basically talking crap about “how BLACKS in general don’t matter to him” now he’s backtracking. He needs to drink his purple drink to death…literally.?

      • It was just hilarious that black folks were getting angry on twitter and other social media outlets the other morning, and were just SHOCKED that he would SAY SUCH A THING! This ought to be another wake up call to black people to stop supporting, and idolizing people who don’t give a shit about you or your “issues.” These rappers are not activist, never will be… They simply exist, for the purpose of spreading death, destruction, and insane levels of ignorance. None of these celebs care about their fans, or serious issues going on in this country.

        I don’t identify with BLM either, so there’s that… :/

        • You fail to understand the deeper reason that why black usa is a cesspool, failing. No BM with common sense to guide the younger males. Me? I wish yall good luck next time there’s a police shooting of a black male.

  2. I watched this interview and it wasn’t so much of what he said that shocked me, it was his clear DISDAIN for black people. He does not f*ck with us and he wanted everyone to know that. Then I remembered solange has a supposedly “problack” album out on which she featured him & he’s on the Birth of a nation soundtrack. I’ve written all these celebrities off. They want our money and hate the hell out of us.

    • Its sad but modern rappers today don’t give a shit, don’t know shiit and never will be shiit. Its why most of them sell out every chance they get. Their music are trash, there are no substance to people like Lil Wayne Music… Hiphop is dead, all the great rappers of the 90s are either dead, retired or too caught up with life to even give a full ear to what is going on… Now we have these feminist raising mother f*ckers like Wayne ugly looking asss that think he better than Tupac, dumb Negroe smoking too much crack. Just because you have a little money and probably these thirsty asss bitches like Christina Millian and Kerrine Steffans wants to f*ck you don’t mean you the shiiit, truth is withought his money they wouldnt look at this ugly ass in a day. Too many of these rappers don’t know shiit. Thats why their music makes no sense.. They don’t speak for anything valuable nor concrete. Dumb mother f*cka!!!!

      • I’m very surprised you’d blame the failure had is Wayne on feminists when y’all are always going on about how important father’s are in the life of a child, almost like a mom doesn’t even matter. Now since moms don’t do anything according to a lot of y’all why didn’t you blame Wayne’s father for how he turned out? Since that’s the “crucial” parent according to y’all?

      • What makes me so angry is that so many little black children will continue to listen to Lil Wayne’s bizarre and stupid rap music. How can we get little black kids to stop listening to Lil Wayne and start reading books about Nat Turner?

        • The truth is that you actually become what your parents emphasize over and over. Kids don’t actually permanently internalize celebs messages if they hear something totally different at home all the time. The problem nowadays is that a lot of black parents aren’t present, don’t actively parent their children and have outsourced parenting to celebs. So the only message kids are hearing is the one offered by famous people. Its not countered by the one at home at all.

  3. i don’t buy his music or anyone’s music that degrades women and blacks! he say’s he’s rich well black people take his money away by stop buying his garbage music. he’s the black KKK.

    • Fuck Lil Cool Aid looking asss, Lil Wayne, f*ck that Negroe… I never purchased his faggut asss music cause I know Birdman is f*cking him in the asss right now.. Dumb Bitch. I WISH WE COULD BRING BACK TUPAC AND TAKE AWAY THESE COON ASSS ARTIST WE HAVE TODAY, THAT DON’T KNOW SHIIIT ABOUT ANYTHING BUT THEMSELVES. Sell out looking mother f*cka!!!!

  4. Gud faggot when they turn on your monkey ass who you gonna call ?? I’ve seen these toms do back flips …. Back in our graces to no avail f*ck him when they take him out or down won’t be no sweat off my brow f*ck him !

    • *correction* if praying mantis lives have anything to do with him?

  5. Wayne is clearly crying out for help. Yes, he has a “color” issue…he’s made that known several times…even saying he wouldn’t have any more dark children.
    Someone in his family needs to reach out to him and guide him towards the light of rehabilitation and restoration, before it’s too late.

    • He looks very high and distorted in this interview
      Even though he sounds ignorant in this interview, I hope he be ok

  6. What I would like to know is WHY are they publicizing HIS opinions when they aren’t relevant to OUR story and our ‘movement’ at this time. It seems like the media wants to manipulate US to feel some sort of way. Maybe HE doesn’t realize (is not enlightened enough) that HIS words are being used for THEIR cause.

    • The M in media stands for manipulation. Most black hollywood celebrities have no idea that their words are being used to destroy the black community. Black celebrities only care about one thing, MONEY!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Why would a ‘serious’ news organization like ABC Nightline even have this clown on in the first place? He has never made an intelligent comment in his life which is why my suspicion is that he gave them EXACTLY what they were looking for. Also, that sistah that they had interviewing him needs to take a long, hard look at her producers at Nightline at what they REALLY think of her. She has busted her ass all these years to be taken seriously as a journalist/anchor and they put her on THIS interview.

  7. We have to stop worshiping black celebrities! Recently many black hollywood stars have said bizarre and outlandish statements. Tia Mowry once said we have to effeminize little black boys. Last year Lark Voorhies claimed she isn’t black. Stacey Dash has said several bizarre comments that are offensive to the black community. Currently Lil Wayne says black lives matter has nothing to do with him?

    Most of these black hollywood stars are stupid, ignorant, self hating coons! Most if them expect us to bow down to them because racist white hollywood gave them a national spotlight and some money. Most black celebrities expect us to buy their products and support their projects but at the same time, they insult us. Don’t spend your money on them. Don’t waste your time on those sambos. I said it before and I will say it again, black celebrities are modern day house slaves. If you disagree, feel free to debate me.

    P.S. Last but not least, most black hollywood celebrities desperately want to be white! #Lil Kim #SkinBleach

    • Have you failed to notice the black male celebs bleaching and getting nose jobs #LLCoolJay

    • Tia Mowry is half CAC.
      Lark has serious health issues.
      Dash is a rentgirl and/or has an illness, and she’s barely black.

      Lil Kim has endured all kinds of horrible things in her life. Just stop talking about that woman.

  8. Someone’s cutting him a check or threatening him. That’s why he’s saying this bullsh*t. He’s a sellout. It is what it is. Some people will do anything for an easy check.

    Back in the day, rappers were real artists and they would get money through some real estate, opening businesses, or they’d just have fun before getting a “real” job. This was before hip hop officially crossed over as big business. Now, every sellout alive is jumping at the chance to tear down black people for an easy check. There’s no integrity.

  9. Years ago, a statement like this would have ended his career, and nearly every goon in hip hop would have jumped him. Seriously.

  10. f*ck this nasty look gremlin looking mf her azz ain’t rich by no mean hell everybody kno that baby pimp this ugly bitch out took the lil $ this bitch had smdh

  11. Don’t forget Lil Wayne said the following statement, “Beat the p*ssy up like Emmett Till.” All of us must stop spending our money on this coon! All of us must stop listening to his satanic music. Dare I say it, any black celebrity who makes offensive statements towards the black community should get their asses kicked; starting with Lil Wayne.

  12. HA. Where are the bitter down low hoteps? LOL. What do they have to say about this coonery? NOTHING! Lil Wayne just told yall ninjas he’s a sell out and don’t give a shit about BP!

  13. Gone are the days of black pride with celebs. Too many are caught up chasing a check so they can flex and floss temporary material things they’re a bad financial decision away from losing.

    Never in a gazillion years would a joo publicly talk against their own people…for no amount of money… because unity is ingrained in them from day one.

    On the other hand, blacks have been rocked to sleep thinking integration has leveled the playing field — when in fact it’s done more damage to our communities (in a lot of cases) than slavery.

    I blame it on selective amnesia…we remember what we want, when we want as long as it benefits us. There’s big money in Coonin!

    What? You’re less aggressive, non-threatening and able to be trained to push the AGENDA forward. There is nothing like it. Add to that a captive audience that never challenges shit and you’ve got it made.

    Lil Wayne and other coons like him need to be banished from the black community by all means necessary. Don’t support their music, concerts, SPONSORS or anything connected to them. They need to feel the wrath of our buying power.

    And yes, somebody needs to reach out and touch his ass too.

    • Back in the day, in the ’80s he’d have been beat down by brothas by now. No loyalty towards race and community now. It’s a wrap.

    • Wayne has seizures on the regular and won’t be living long due to using too many drugs yall should check it out Dr. Boyce he made a video about this topic he’s righteous unlike all the other simps on YT. He talked about how they shut down Waynes’s soda contract after he dissed Emmit Till!! He went deep.

  14. It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men — Frederick Douglass

    • His daddy is probably long gone. Wonder how his mama feels about his statements? I’d be embarrassed to call him my son saying what he did.

  15. here go the good for nothing bitches yappin.

    BLM only uses black men as political currency they dont support black men. Its a feminist/lbgt movement. nothing about em is real the speed in which they created protest alone told you they were funded it wasnt organic.

    wayne is right IMO. and he isnt the only one to say this so why the hate.

    • Yup and the po po who shoot ninjas for sport are right. And they aren’t the only ones to say so. So don’t worry about anybody protecting your tom ass. More and more BW daily are waking up to the fact most bm are unloyal simps worthy of getting popped. Good luck cheesing to white folks hoping they don’t kill you today. Sucks to be you.

  16. Tia mowry up on Disney and ABC it’s common for Disney to molest kids

    Lark voorhies another kid actor started out with disney

    The majority of these kid actors started out being molested no shock they raising their kids to be gay

    • The police is the modern black man’s idea of what his father should be.

      Sounds just as stupid and the bullshit you write you idiot.

    • gremlin looking ass mf
      syrup drinking, tight jean wearing, tounge ring wearing fake drag ass queen mf.

      • If your comments are any indication (and they are), clearly you do too.

        • Hey jail bro, hows life in mamas house? You know you never moved out. And when was the last time you paid rent for any BW? I just did, as an early Christmas gift.

        • She does …self-hate is a MF. especially for those who can’t see past theirs.

  17. Fuck all these blacks who turn on their own for a dollar

    Fuck all these women both black and white raising their sons to be gay

    Self hate you gate bm that bad you put a dress in his kids

      • im not talking about the parents who are putting their sons in dresses

        yes Angelina, and Sandra bullock im talking about your dyke asses.

        and that wigger gwen Stefani back when she was going through her fake wack hip hop phase.

    • Fuck you for calling out women only for a job that is supposed to be shared by both parents.

      If the father is not there handling his part, the problem lies with him just as much as it does the mother.

  18. The thing about this is it isn’t the first time he’s said stuff like this, and he would have probably said it more times if he didn’t get his skirt pulled.

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