Aunt Viv Accuses Kenya Moore of Fraud


Janet Hubert, better known as Aunt Viv on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” is back at it again and coming for the necks of shady entertainers in Hollywood.

Remember when she went off of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith after Jada asked black people to boycott the Oscars? Well, this time around, Janet is fed up with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore.

Janet was given a role in Kenya’s pilot “Life Twirls On,” and the two have been beefing ever since.

First, Janet claimed Kenya wouldn’t pay her the money she was owed. And now, it looks like Kenya reported an incorrect amount of Janet’s earnings to the IRS.

The IRS has sent Janet a bill for the difference, and she ain’t happy!

Peep the rant:



  1. Keep telling it like it is, they will call you crazy, but the public knows they’re all frauds…

  2. If you pick up a venomous snake and it bites you, it’s your fault! If you choose to deal with stupid, old groupies like Kenya Moore and you lose money, it’s your fault!

  3. Hell Kenya been a fraud!!! It was Season eight I believe that she started a hair care line. U know she had the event and any event especially if U are going to launch it, have sample right?

    Porsha and her best friend Sharmine went to the event. It was so hot in the building that Sharmine was dirty. So Sharmine was testing the product out. No smell whatsoever and the liquid didn’t have a lil weight to it. Come to find out, it was water!

    Sharmine taste the liquid and it was water! How much of a fraud can U been if U couldn’t have the real stuff there instead of water?

  4. V needs her money and does things professionally. She was never about that reality show fake stuff. K is a pro at reality show fakery.

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