Waka Flocka Revokes Obama’s Blackness


Waka Flocka is the latest entertainer to speak out against President Barack Obama.

In a series of tweets, Waka said he can’t wait until America gets a black President because Obama doesn’t count!


Of course he received backlash, so he made a follow up tweet to try and explain himself.

Do you believe his explanation or is he just backtracking to prevent his followers from dragging him by those dusty dreads?


  1. America will never have a black president who looks out for black interests. There just aren’t enough black people in America to make that happen through a vote.

    • Oh there are plenty of black people to make it happen. We just have to get out and vote and become part of the solution.

      • Bitch listen. This is math. Y’all are a MINORITY. A candidate needs more than half the country’s vote to win. And despite what your small mind wants to imagine, NO white person is voting for a president who looks out for black people. Liberals or right wingers. NONE.

      • Black people in America are not winning an election BUT they are a huge consumer base & they can start funneling their money towards people and institutions which advance black causes. That means no buying black cooning celebs music or merchandise. Black women, men and gay men who worship kardashians need to stop. Don’t watch BET or buy “black” magazines owned by white people. Patronize black doctors, black business establishments, black accountants, black lawyers etc. Only spend money at white establishments if you can’t get the product from black people. Stop thinking of palestinians & other people of colour as your “brothers” because they are not. That is how you get a little bit of something in America. Celebs and politicians should know that if you insult black people their will be monetary consequences. Now there aren’t any, just marching & tweeting.

          • This is what black men are nowadays, women start to have a SERIOUS INTELLECTUAL Convo and the only thing you can contribute is “hair, weave”. Go to school and get off the blogs bitch.

          • You’re busy frequenting korean hair stores for gossip & your drag outfits instead of being like men of other races and getting jobs & an education. Disgusting! Black men who know too much about womens things worry me. My own father doesn’t even know where me or my mom get our hair. Doesn’t even care. You know why? He’s too busy being a MAN and taking care of business!

  2. these blascks love whites too much these days.

    how can you fight for blacvk rights and liberation but the majority of blacks love and prefer to marry whites.

    too many of these blacks to name but the majority of these so called activists are in it until they get money or get what they really want a white person.

    ask Sidney portier, harry Belafonte, james brown, james earl jones, cornel west, earth kitt, angela davis, maya angelou, and Josephine baker.

    ask tina turner as well who had to date fags like mick jagger, and davids bowie so she can be accepted as the white queen of rock.

    yes ike was pimping her out to those white rock stars.

    • All coons and negro bed wenches should step in front of the camera and admit that they desperately want to be white. Then they should bleach their skin like Lil Kim.

      • I agree with Waka, CC and NBA on this. There is no way Imma sellout my folks!

    • Exactly and waka needs to shut the f*ck up with his slow ass isent this the nigga that was talking bad about black women not to long ago and something about only liking Spanish and white women. The chick he’s with now ain’t black herself

  3. Obama was a wimp everybody was dissing him and his wife yet he said nothing.

  4. Barack Obama is to Hillary Clinton what Samuel L Jackson was to Leo DiCaprio in the movie DJango Unchained. #massiswesick

  5. How can Obama revoke something that he himself doesn’t have? Biracials are not black, yet black people still uphold him as a “Black president.” Barrack also hasn’t done jack shit for the black community, so there’s your black president.

    • TTS,
      You said the EXACT SAME THING I’ve been saying since the day Barrack Obama became president. He was doing what he was allowed & told to do. Helping blacks in ANYWAY was NEVER on his task list. The only blacks he helped were those he employed.

      Villarigosa did more for Mexicans as mayor of Los Angeles than President Obama did for blacks ANYWHERE in America…IJS.

      • Yup! I remember Villiargosa and his Aid for the hispanic community in LA, when I lived in California. Obama hasn’t done shit positive for blacks,or america in all of his 8 years.

      • I forgot to add- the reason Villargosa kept true to most of his promises towards the Hispanic community is because Latinos held him ACCOUNTABLE. They didn’t just let him slide by, and keep making empty promises just because he looked like one of them.

    • I don’t know why Americans expected Obama to do anything more than what the other Presidents have done for us. All you needed to do was look how he left Chicago to see he wasn’t going to be the Messiah Blacks hoped he would. He no different than the other Presidents only looking to help the wealthy and the powerful. We regulars are nothing more than pawns in the game.

  6. He’s right! Obama didn’t really have interaction with black folks until he went to Chicago. Reared by whites in Hawaii and Malaysia. He has no clue as to what being a black American is about. Just a pliable shill used by the Democratic plantation massas!

      • Crazychris spill the beans! Michelle Obama used to f*ck Jesse Jackson? I do know for a fact that Condoleeza Rice was f*cking George Bush; both of them. I do know for a fact that California State Attorney General Kamala Harris used to f*ck former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown!

        • Michelle used to work for the rainbow coalition before she married you know Jesse and his bisexual friends ran through her

  7. My brothers and sistas, President Obama recently signed off on the Amerikkkan government giving a $38 billion dollar military aid package to Israel. How much money has President Obama given to black people? Don’t worry I’ll wait!

    • Why can’t Obama’s bitch ass just TRY to pass a law against these crooked ass cops??? Can we at least get that?

      • Oh I forgot. Obama is a cop and crime pays. It pays real phucking well. And Obama ain’t black.

  8. Would someone please tell Wacka that it ain’t cool to be frontin like he a dope boy. Wacka, sit yo bunkin ass down!!!

  9. The black vote is low in this election cycle. Looks like Trump’s plan to depress the black vote is working, SMH.
    Maybe the Latinos can come to the rescue.

  10. Well Barack can go back to the lgbt and play disco classics when he gets out next year

  11. Waka Flocka’s perfectly correct though. Obama is a biracial, with a white mother and Kenyen father. If anything, he’s the REAL African American. However because the majority fo black folks were and still are asleep, we just accepted him as one of our own without question. Obama never was for black people, nor represented out interest. This is why it constantly bewilders me when I see blacks supporting, and upholding democrats and democratic values. The democrats are largely responsible for the failed polices that have destroyed the black community. Just because “they” throw you one who looks like you, doesn’t mean shit will change.

  12. Waka Flaka is RIGHT! Obama is 1/2 WHITE + 1/2 “Black” THIS DOES NOT EQUAL BLACK… 1 drop rule black idiots still don’t get it. Sheet wearing black folks still don’t get it. Obama helped the Mexicans more than he helped Black people. Mexicans are mixed in origins and so is Obama – makes perfect sense to me! Kudos to Waka Flaka for daring to say the truth.

  13. true he got a white mama therefore he has white mitochondria dna so he has no cell memory of any black ancestors. the females are the ones who pass on the mitochondria dna

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