Who’s Jacky Talking About?


“He’s one of the biggest tricks ever!”

The first of today’s two blind items is lookin’ like the latest hot thot sizzlin’ on Hollywood’s bidding block. You know, being that the breezy season is far behind her — and the streets are whispering that she “most likely picked-up” a smash proposal for $25K.

“I’ve seen a lot and he’s a super trick. I heard he offered ____ twenty-five stacks for her to f*ck him.”

Which brings us to blind item #2 … He’s a masked mystery man who’d have no problem passing himself off as “the Black version of one of them Duck Dynasty dudes”. That’s because his face hasn’t seen the light of day since 2008 …

“She ain’t trying to be a basketball wife — but you know she didn’t walk away from that paper, right?”

The Drop:

“If she did take the money -,he would have asked her to be her regular and we’ll see them taking pics as a couple. If and when you ever see them two together remember it’s a hooker with her client.”

It would seem that Moses, Jr. ain’t the only one that see this NBA baller as a dude who rides dirty. Now, can you guess the point guard and the onetime loyal heaux I’m talkin’ about?


  1. This is definitively James Harden and Tran. Who cares. They all share and trade that nasty bug and should leave the regular citizens alone.

  2. Jacky’ s writing style has changed to confusion. I told u all he was cloned. Lol. But seriously, this is confusing.

  3. Is James Harden a point guard? This reads like its him, but I don’t think he’s a point guard.

  4. According to Calvin Watkins of ESPN. Mike D’Antoni said that James Harden would become the Houston Rockets’ full-time point guard this season. “He’s more or less responsible giving rhythm to the team, that’s what a point guard does,” D’Antoni said. … In fact, watching him orchestrate the Rockets’ offense is nothing new.Oct 2, 2016…..

  5. It could be any basketball player, they all spread it wide and then complain..

  6. Hmmm… I would have never pegged James Harden to be a trick. He has a “stingy” look to me. I guess you really can’t trust your “lying eyes”…

    • He messed with Amber Rose, Khloe and I beleive at 1 time Trina
      Yes, I think he is a trick cus they dont date cheap men

  7. This would explain why she’s supposedly worth a few mil. Don’t know about K-Pop cosmetics being all that and I know those BET/TV One movies don’t pay like that.

  8. Huh? Koocbie Kat and James Harden? Huh? That don’t match up for pay! I can’t see that picture ! That looks all sorts of mix matching, thingamajig, whatchamacallit, sub minus with a negative zero of how in the hell this happen?

    • Dang DR1… you killing me, Ma!! But yeah I feel you…I can’t keep up with turnovers.

  9. After Breezy exposed her sex acts she had nothing to lose and took herself to a higher and more profitable level allegedly.

  10. My showbiz colleague told me Russell Crowe wanted to take Karaoke on a date, but apparently she wanted him to pay. He was shocked she got down like that and said no. She messed up, that publicity would’ve been worldwide increasing her value for international tricks.

    • Exactly. She’s a low class escort. She’s not smart enough to do what Eve did and turn the client into a husband. She messed up big time and since she loves the attention and small time coinage that she gets from d-list simp-nigrum, she will soon find herself worn out and ran thru like Lisa wu. What a dummy!

  11. “That’s because his face hasn’t seen the light of day since 2008 …” this clue doesn’t match Harden. It also mentions a “masked” ?? Is this a baller that had a facial injury and wore a face mask. I can’t figure this out.

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