Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 22, 2016

who's jacky talkin about february 22 2016

Today’s blind item doesn’t seem to be repp’in his Cash Money roots. Know why? Word from the streets reveal this lil emcee has money concerns on his mind, facing hard financial times. We’re told that’s why dude is scrambling to secure his spot in reality TV. Don’t believe me? Just ask Christina Milian.

“He’s trying to do what Puffy did with Bad Boy, pitchin’ his version of Making The Band.” — Industry Insider

According to our source … because our blind item believed the television networks would be bidding high for his reality show — when they really passed on his pitch — rather than being one of them Hot Boyz, this blind item is a Disappointed Boy.

The drop:

“He’s now depressed because he thought he was going to get a healthy budget for his reality show.”

Now, can you guess the rapper I’m talking about?


    • Word lol im i dont even care if i hear his music like that. Now you know thats not good.

    • He was 11 when he signed with CM. All he knew up until recently (at least 5-7 years ago)is what Baby told him. I'm sure if he knew better things would have been different.

    • He is an adult now…when you know better you are supposed to do better.

      If the old shit ain't working no more, that should tell you to change.

  1. Lil Wayne kissed another man and Christina Milian is in love with him? That is some sick ass shit! Sistas please stop screwing around with DL men.

    By the way, if a man has kissed another man, you better believe he has f*cked another man.

  2. I feel bad for him. Abused sexually as a kid, trust his "daddy", daddy got him turned out on hard drigs, His daddy robbed him and tried to have him killed. I give wayne a pass.

  3. I heard Wayne is really a nice guy and a good dude
    That is why most of the women he dates fall in love with him
    I hope he get things 2gether

  4. What EVIL gives, they can in turn take away, let us all pray for Lil Wayne that he finally breaks free of his slave owners (CASH MONEY).

  5. This coon got his karma! disrespecting black women, for white people's delight big mistake! These same people who built him up, will tear him down.

  6. What Wayne can't get a dating show it will sell since a lit of girls wanna f*ck that ugly MF guess he need baby's permission since hell get the majority if the money h ell do baby need more money hes already living off Wayne's old music plus young thug making him lots of money plus Drake and Nicki us making him a killing

  7. No love for treacherous clowns! Life is serious and repucusions are real…you reap what you sow! Everybody has issues to deal with and they make them in accordance to who they are and what they value…he valued money and fame! When it's time to pay the piper put on your big boy drawers!

  8. Wayne was an exploited and abused child. He has been so messed up by Baby that it's a frickin miracle that he hasn't blown his brains out like so many used and abused child stars.

    And believe it or not, he still thinks of Baby as his surrogate daddy and mentor. He's like a victim of brainwashing. I think it is cruel to laugh at his situation and where he has fallen. He needs love and professional help, but he's a good person, and he can rise above it.

    You know all those years staying high on lean was basically him trying to block all the memories of abuse since he still had to work with and for Baby.

  9. He throwing big azz sweet 16 party 4 his daughter he claimed he brought her 2 expensive rides damn range rover & bmw this stupid nigga is broke smdh Toye bro never lie he said that shidd was being leased lol

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