Who’s HSK Talkin’ About?

Today’s blind item is the quintessential American icon — rich, famous … and no stranger to scandal. Here’s the thing: Though this NBA legend recently anticipated the next three to five years of steps needed to rebuild the Lakers, he may not have foreseen the near future could involve daddy’s little girl goin’ out like a porn star!

“The next big sex tape’s bout to drop … and his daughter’s in it!” ~HSK Source

Word str8 from the streets is spillin’ talk of an E-rated sex tape starring none other than our Hall of Famer’s only daughter! The tipster tells us the XXX footage was recorded back in 2014 with an iPhone during a 10:36 AM morning smash session. Word!

“All three of his kids be sex addicts like him.” ~HSK Source

Now, it seems that set of 16 games he said he was ordered by the Lakers’ Dr. to coach might not be the “worst time in [his] life” after all.

Can you guess the retired NBA point guard we’re talking about?

(uncensored video on the HSK IG account for a limited time!!)


    • black ppl hatin’ Michael Jourdan…and majority of blacks around the country i.e., see Chiraq, LA, Miami, NYC, St Louis, Houston, 1st 48, Live PD, etc etc etc upon etc

        • This is not solely a black thing, poor people all over the world kill each other for scraps.

          Shit white people kill each other on the reg for the right price…

  1. Fuck cookie she looks like the cookie monster. Staying with a lying dl tranny chaser for the money.

    Lord knows what they let happen to their children for them to be so tainted.

  2. No one cares about these people doing that. I mean, unless it’s someone hot or something, it’s whatever.

  3. Kind of odd that magic and eazy e used to run trains on girls that fucked eddie Murphy

    I sometimes question eazy because on yellas album yells was talking bout eazy like they was fucking ain’t heard it in forever weird to me

    It’s said dre was a closet bi back then but lonzo and CLI n tel both said that if dre was bi they knew nothing g bout it

    Choice called dre and yells out

    • They are going to remove this. Any time anyone tells the truth about e that shit gets deleted.

      And they were into men/trannies. You do not catch HIV from hetero sex especially back then.

  4. Another closet case was DJ quik, him and his when crew acted on the DL side sugafree look kind if fruity too

    I don’t put nothing past nobody sorry but amg and hi c made entire albums about eating pussy and second to none is beefing with quik again

  5. Anyone who actually believe that Eazy did not become HIV+ from gay sex is too stupid to live.

    That pitiful story about Jerry Heller shooting him up with HIV tainted blood is idiotic.

    People do not develop full blown AIDS(which Eazy had) in a year or two. It takes between 3 and 20 years even back then. So we are supposed to believe that Heller shot Eazy with the bad blood back when NWA was getting started?

    Magic Johnson and Eazy E were both having gay sex as bottoms period. Back then, we didn’t know what we know today, but with what we know today there is no denying that both men were DL.
    the only men who can try to claim that they didn’t develop AIDS from butt sex are heroin IV drug users like Miles Davis.

  6. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. This is why black folks are still getting hiv in record numbers. Women can give men hiv. Period. Point blank. Use protection fools!!!! Magic did/does fuck with dudes but that’s not the point. Straight men get HIV stop lying to people. Protect yourselves!!!

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