Stevie J Outs Young Dro’s Trans Side Piece!

stevie j young dro tranny beef

Young Dro and Stevie J spent all weekend exchanging jabs, and it all started when Dro posted a photo of him and Joseline to his Instagram account.

stevie j young dro joseline hernandez

In case you forgot, Dro and Joseline had a fling in the past, and many people assumed Dro was the father of her baby, Bonnie Bella. But a DNA test confirmed Stevie was the daddy.

After Dro’s IG post, Stevie was obviously in his feelings because he posted screenshots of some text messages that appear to out Dro as a trans chaser!

After the tea was spilled, Dro immediately backed down and threw in the towel.

Do you think Dro really likes chicks with sticks or is Stevie J spreading lies?


  1. LMAO…I am telling you I am from Atlanta and the singnificant minority of black men are into trannies. Like I said before there is little difference between the women there and the trannies. Why do you think Joseline is so desired?

    • Yet you are the same man who was hating on stevie for all the play he gets on another story…smfh.

      • My point I was making about Steve J was that black women choose the worst fathers for their kids by selecting thugs/Coons and dismissing the “Square Dude”

          • Obviously I was hating on him because I want black women who to choose less violent and unstable black men as partners and give “puss ass”/square brothers like me a chance 🙂

            • No one wants your unstable, crazy, ignorant ass…especially with the hate & stupidity you express against black women.

              • Black women like men who are men. Not boys who sulk because they do not know how to be men.

              • @11:13 – You speak the truth. I for one LOVE a brainy brotha who is not afraid to be himself but also is well rounded enough to not take himself too seriously. that idiot reformist has vibes that would repel any sistah. We can smell those types miles away. Those types thing they are “good guys”, but it’s only disguised under all that repression (which he gets to express on the comment boards)… #AbusersAnonymous #WeSeeYou!

            • AGREE WITH REFORMIST… Every time a brother sees the light and truth.. He is criticized.. Black women only like the most foul

              • Crazy part is that they will chase mainly thugs and then turn around and say black men ain’t shit and expect simps to rescue them SMDH

              • Dude doesn’t sucking your own dick get old?

                And you are a simp because of the way you talk about BW. You are garbage because you hate yourself and you take it out on BW, so you can continue fucking yourself, because no one will ever want to do it for you.

    • Lol, that’s what’s so funny, “Joe”seline is obviously a man but these niggas arguing about which one of them like trannies. Man, these illuminati niggas think they can just tell us any old bullshit and we supposed to believe it.

    • Lol shout out to Crazy Chris. Your posts are always entertaining. Tired of these new people who are always talking about black men this,black women that. Where did they come from? Boring people who have failed in life, complaining on a gossip site,GTFO

      • So visiting and commenting on a Gossip site about trannies is something that successful people do? You sound even more stupid then the people your critiquing. Smdh #twistedlogic

  2. Just ridiculous Stevie like Jose cause she’s a freak and she let him bring trannies in the bed with them plus she ate all her co stars out Mimi, k michelle and the rest of them

    Hope faith like wearing strap ons oh yeah I forgot she used to eat Missy out and that was before biggie died

    • LMAO damn! How you know all of this? You always come with hot piping doses of tea Crazychris!

      All these nasty peoples in the industry love gettin’ down. My cup will be awaiting for the day when the real dirt about the shit that was going on at deathrow gets revealed.

      • Like what dannyboy came out like wgaf you was just a backup singer anyway Jewell said she wa raped

        Michel me was fucking everybody at dearhrow , dre a closet case

        Sometimes I question PACs sexuality

  3. LOL All of these Trannies, video hoes, and gay side pieces might as well just collectively come out and out the entire industry. It’s already an open secret- hell not even secret. The industry is nothing more than a front for prostitutes masquerading as entertainers, and performers.

    • The old breaking a bitch down technique. Let the artist do something humiliating ie sleeping with trannies, sucking dick, or getting penetrated…have it on tape and then blackmailing him or her with it. It always work.

  4. Stevie was taught by the number one tranny chaser puffy

    Mister cee still in denial lol

  5. Stevie J biggest tranny chaser in ATL just a damn story line 4 his boring azz 4 lies & hip hop nigga need 2 set his corny boring azz down somewhere get that child support paid

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