Future Refuses to Take His L, Still Thirstin’ for Larsa Pippen

future larsa pippen

Future isn’t going out without a fight on his mission to steal Larsa Pippen away from her husband Scottie.

Just a few days ago, Scottie hinted at a reconciliation by posting a picture of his family – including Larsa – with the caption, “Stronger than ever.”

Now that things are going good for the Pippens, Future seems determined to mess up any progress the couple has made.

In Larsa’s latest Instagram photo, Future dropped this comment:


Looks like it’s about time Larsa hit that “block” button.

What do you think about Future thirsting for Larsa now that she’s back with Scottie?


  1. Smdh both Future and Larsa take Ls. As a a man how can you consciously want to sabbatoge another mans family? Only women do that nonesense

  2. It’s not about larsa anymore. This is about male egos and one not willing to admit defeat. Future probably thought he had that A-1 stroke game. How dare she not recognize that? Ha. She is a smart woman to stay with her husband. Future is a whore.

    • I agree but Larsa knew Future is not stable. Cheating while your wife is pregnant…that’s crazy. But I respect her for trying to amend the situation with her husband

  3. No one else sees her post as “code” to Future? This is why he responded in kind… She’s in a very precarious situation…

  4. I don’t do IG or twitter. Can someone explain who posted this statement with her pic…

    larsapippen the heart wants what the heart wants
    future ? Forever.

    If she is getting back with her husband, why post this. Sounds like she is pining for Future. Confused.

  5. Who takes back a woman that cheated and got fukd by another man?Scottie a damn loser.

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